Rafael Nadal And Andy Murray Are Bitter Rivals… On PlayStation

Rafael Nadal And Andy Murray Are Bitter Rivals… On PlayStation

Alright, full disclosure here — I am a massive Andy Murray fanboy. Go easy on me, when it comes to sport he’s all Scotland’s got! We suck at Football, we suck at Rugby Union, we even suck at golf now. So when I heard that Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal were in full on beef mode over a game of FIFA on PlayStation, I immediately sided with Andy!

A bit of background — apparently when Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal are staying in the same hotel during tournaments, they often invite each other over to play FIFA or Pro Evo on their PlayStation 3s. Recently they had a match to settle the score once and for all, but there’s controversy over who was the winner in the end!

“Normally we play PlayStation outside the court when we are in the same hotels in the tournament,” said Nadal, in a post-match press conference.

“Now he really don’t want to play (any) more. He lost the last few times. Well, no, seriously. Well, seriously, that’s true. He lost almost every time. He played with his friend Danny against Monaco and me, and we won.”

Apparently Nadal teams up with Juan Monaco, another player on the tour, whilst Andy Murray plays with one of his coaches, Dani Vallverdu.

Murray called shenanigans on the fact that Nadal recruited Monaco specifically because he’s good at FIFA.

“(Nadal) actually isn’t very good at PlayStation,” claimed Murray said. “His partner is very good. He plays with Juan Monaco, and Juan Monaco is very good.”

Apparently Nadal beat Murray two games to one, but according to Andy, Nadal had nothing to do with the victory.

“Rafa’s not that good at PlayStation, but he plays with Juan Monaco. As a team, they play well.”

Come on Andy — if you can’t beat him at Tennis, at least beat him at FIFA for God’s sake!

I find it hilarious. Andy and Rafa actually grew up together as teenagers training at the same tennis school in Spain, so they’ve known each other for years. It’s awesome to watch them bicker about a game of FIFA across press conferences. I’m sure it’s all tongue in cheek, but it’s awesome nonetheless.

Wimbledon 2011: Andy Murray jokes that he is better at Playstation than Rafael Nadal [The Telegraph]


  • Murray’s got a tough draw ahead (Cilic -> Ferrer/Delpo (DAMN!) -> possibly Tsonga) but I think there’s really no excuses for him NOT making the final this year since he’s ranked higher than all the players I just listed. Your thoughts?

    • Well if he gets through Cilic he should be able to beat Del Potro (their record is 5-1 in favour of Murray) or Ferrer (their record is 5-5 but 4 out of those 5 for Ferrer are on Clay). I’m just hoping the Swiss Maestro can defeat the Joker. Murray Fed final would be cool.

      • If Murray does get to the final, I just hope that he’s gonna show some heart unlike his previous three Slam final appearances. If he can play like he did against Djok in this year’s Aussie Open semi-final, that’s a MAJOR step forward.

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