Reader Review: Gravity Rush

Reader Review: Gravity Rush
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BlueMaxima is our most prolific Reader Review writer. He plays the PS Vita games so you don’t have to! I’m only kidding! I’m actually very keen on the game he is reviewing today, Gravity Rush. I’ve heard nothing but good things. Click on to see what Mr Maxima thought of the game…

Gravity Rush

Gravity Rush is one of the first original IPs for the PlayStation Vita, and it has a huge role to fill. Will it rise to become a landmark title that can show the value and power of Sony’s new console, or will it fall by the wayside?


In a (Gravity) Daze: The main mechanic in Gravity Rush is the ability to fly through the air in any direction through an open world. And it’s on a portable device. And it is absolutely incredible. It’s possible to spend several hours just floating around exploring the huge overworld, finding gems to upgrade your dozen or so abilities and plenty of challenge missions. The challenges and story missions are anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes so it’s easy to pick up and play at any time – perfect for a portable game. This game is designed incredibly well for what the Vita is.

Style That Resists Downfall: Gravity Rush looks visually incredible, with a huge overworld that loads in nearly seamlessly. The cities look great and have plenty of decoration. Several story missions often break the style with out-there levels such as in an inferno or in space which are just as nice to look at. The soundtrack is often amazing, with some of the overworld themes never becoming boring even after an hour of searching for every last gem.

An Uplifting Story: Throughout the main game you’ll learn about plenty of different characters in this world slowly sinking to its inevitable doom, and for the most part it’s incredibly enjoyable, with a few twists and a fairly long set of missions to play. The unfortunate downside is that it ends rather quickly and leaves a lot of questions unanswered, but it’s a really fun ride while it lasts.


Falling Control Accuracy: For a fair amount of the time, the controls work fine, but when you get into challenge missions which require a lot of precision, they tend to slip up. Gravity sliding is the worst of all, with a lot of slamming into walls and random jumps. Stasis fields (picking up objects/humans) can sometimes refuse to work at all. Your ground kick combo is mostly useless, and gravity kicks tend to have an unreliable lock on that can be thrown off by a creature flapping its wings or moving a single step. The camera can often be a pain when shifting directions multiple times and small movement objectives for things like races can tend to be a lot smaller than they appear on screen. Most of these issues can be worked around but it’s missing a layer of polish I would have expected in a game based around gravity shifting.

Even with the issues with the controls, Gravity Rush is an absolutely incredible. A landmark title with amazing gameplay, presentation and story values, and is definitely a must-buy if you own a Vita, and it might even be the title to convince you to buy a Vita in the first place. I hope to god you’ve gone out and bought it already.


  • The gravity slide stuff absolutely bakes my brain. I can’t tell how I’m supposed to tilt the system to make it work, it’s very unintuitive for me. I generally loathe tilt-based controls for the same reason, actually moving the system / controller around to do those things just feels wrong to me and I can’t get used to it at all.

    • A lot of the time I just used it to move fast in a straight line quickly…and if you have time to put your fingers on the screen and slide you probably have time to float, angle, fly where you’re going and fast fall.

  • Loved it.
    Apart from the Gravity Slide, which took a lot of effort to master (if you can call it that), the controls work out well once you figure out how best to exploit them.
    Those dragonfly nevi were a massive pain it the butt when Grav Kicking from a distance, but if you fall towards them first to close the gap and then go for the kick they won’t have time to dodge.
    I thought the story was a bit naff from time to time and some of the interactions had terrible dialogue and pointless misunderstandings between characters.
    Highly recommend it though. Have the platinum trophy and 100% on the Spy/Military DLC.

    Worst experience with the game was trying to play it at 2am after a night on the town.

  • Just finished this game, loved it. I’ve spent so long just flinging myself around the huge world collecting gems.
    The core ‘gravity falling/flying/sliding’ mechanic is inherently clumsy or imprecise – thankfully the game is very forgiving.
    The only issue pops up in the optional Side Challenges – which are only bad because they’re also timed.
    I decided early on to be satisfied with Silver – never stressing about going for Gold.

  • this game is brilliant, except for the sliding. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one to have issues with that.

  • I find the sliding hard myself, its the main thing stopping me getting gold in several challenges but I find that anticipating the turns & steering a second or 2 early helps. I do wish the game had a sensitivity setting for the jumps, I tend to fidget a bit when sliding and somtimes that triggers a jump I don’t intend.

    Fantastic game overall though, out of all the vita games I’ve played thus far, its down to this or Uncharted Golden Abyss for the title of favourite

  • I absolutely loved the game, but just a heads up for those who care about the story, it doesn’t end. You have a fun ride throughout the game, then it ends on a climax with a lot of underlying plot unexplained.
    They’re clearly going for a sequel or DLC in the ending, which I wouldn’t mind too much if properly priced.
    Spent about 18hours in game, found all the Traveller skit, completed all the side missions from vanilla + Military DLC (minimum Bronze, some Silver and Gold).
    ps. Agree that Gravity Slide is a hard and very annoying ability to learn. Makes it so you can’t play it lying down in bed :p

  • Did any of you guys try the demo first? Finished it yesterday and was kind of underwhelmed. Maybe if I didn’t have such high expectations I would have been more ‘whelmed’… The whole gravity mechanic was fun and all (of course) but I’m not sure it’s enough. That could be because all I did was float around and then kick a few things. Is the wider game worth it for the missions and gems and upgrade system etc?

    • The demo was really limited. And was more similar to playing the side challenge games than a story mission.
      The size of the world is huge in the final game – and the story telling really shines.
      The demo doesn’t really demonstrate what the game is like. It is hard to demo Open world games.

      Maybe watch some actual gameplay videos to get a better idea of how the game plays if you’re not convinced by the reviews above.

      • That’s pretty much what I was hoping to hear. I was convinced and then the demo threw me but the reviews above started to convince me again. Might go for it after getting the Uncharted platinum and needing to sink some more hours into a Vita game. Esp considering I’ll never be good enough at Marvel v Capcom..

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