Help Rescue Tasty, Tasty Grandpa. Feel Good About Self

You may remember Tasty, Tasty Grandpa from Tracey Lien’s developer series right here at Kotaku Australia. It was a game that was supposed to be finished in month but expanded in scope to the point where the team now needs an extra programmer to get things finished. And that’s where you come in…

Craig Duturbure, the creator of the project has set up a Pozible account (the Australian version of Kickstarter) in order to try and raise funds to make sure the game gets made. He also made a pretty spectacular video which you can view above.

Up until now the team behind Tasty, Tasty Grandpa has been working for free — including Tracey — and I’d hate for all that to be for nothing. Usually it’s been my own (personal) policy to not donate to these sorts of things, because I feel like I should try and remain objective and all that nonsense, but considering the fact that Kotaku Australia has been following the progress of this title since its inception, I almost feel as though I owe it to post this, and donate myself. I want to see this game get finished.

If that makes me a big fat stupid hypocrite then so be it. Also, the video is really good. That was a big motivating factor for me.

You can donate to the Tasty, Tasty Grandpa cause here.

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