Resident Evil 6 Demo Available Today (If You Have A Copy Of Dragon's Dogma)

I'm curious about Resident Evil 6 because I want to believe. I want to believe that Capcom can pull the series back on track after the slightly shonky Resident Evil 5. Today we've gotten word that if you bought a copy of Dragon's Dogma, you can download a demo of Resident Evil 6 today on Xbox LIVE.

The demo features three different levels with the three different protagonists from the game. Leon Kennedy's mission is set in a leafy university, Chris Redfield heads to China, and Jake Muller and Sherry Berkin have a mission set in Eastern Europe.

It's pretty cool to get such extensive access to a high-profile game this early. Pretty keen to check this out.


    Resident Evil 5 was a great game. I don't understand all the hate it gets.

      I thought it was a step up from the older ones game play wise, my issue wasn't so much with the story, as it was with the characters, so stereotypical, boring, they'd spit out terrible one pun related one liners at every opportunity like a kid wrote it.

        "HELP ME!"

        The character dialogue script was a load of horseshit.

      I agree. The gameplay was a polished version of RE4. It was all a bit cheesy, but maybe people forget what Resident Evil 1 was like, or never played it. I rarely finish games, but I finished RE5 about six times because of how well designed the replay function was. I hope RE6 has the same thing.

      "Don't..... OPEN that DOOR..."

      "Master of unlocking" (which got a nod in RE5 with the "master of removing" achievement)

      "Jill sandwich"

      I thought the forced co-op was abysmal and the setting was the furthest departure from "Resident Evil" yet. I enjoyed it, but it's without doubt one of my lowest rated RE games.

      I like co-op, but I also like playing games on my own without an incompetent AI wasting all the ammo.

    Might have to check this out when i get home. Didn't mind res 5, played it through and had a good time. I think i liked it better than 4 actually.

    Oh man, I can't wait for the complaining to begin. Especially from people who haven't played the demo!
    (the regenerating health doesn't function like you think it would)

    I had a play last night. Classic capcom releasing that Leon campaign demo as is. Its the Revelations demo from Mercanaries all over again!

    I hate this timed exclusive crap. I have both consoles but I bought DD on PS3, but I have to wait until September because Capcom decided to be Microsofts bitch. I love that on the inside of the case it says "get early access to RE6 DEMO" lolz. Yeah right, 2 months later than M$.

    I played it last night. Disclaimer: I hated RE4 and the demo for RE5 because they're not like the old games, which I adored.

    Leon's campaign: most like original-style RE except it kept taking away your control every five seconds in attempts to be 'cinematic', it was infuriating. LET ME WALK AT NORMAL SPEED. LET ME AIM WITHOUT THE STUPID TORCH POINTING IN A DIFFERENT DIRECTION. RAAAGE JUST DO WHAT I WANT.
    Chris' campaign: wants to be Army of Two with Zombies but the camera is so close and clumsy it's really painful to do anything. There's a reason the dudebro 3rd person shooters take place in open environments, it's to avoid these camera problems.
    The other people I don't know campaign: A giant zombie guy with a robot arm? wtf happened, RE? What happened? Gave up when the camera got me killed.

    So in summary, terrible camera. Terrible. Horrible. Awful. Makes it utterly unplayable.

    So I guess if you liked RE4/5 you'll like this.

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