Resident Evil 6 Will Feature Over Four Hours Of Cutscenes


    Nice, Resident Evil 5 was playable in under 4 hours!

    Oh god, i can imagine the lame arse story and dialogue! At least MGS4 had brilliant characters and a half decent script.

    Man i'm over the Resident Evil series, it's just got nothing going for it anymore.
    It controls terribly as a shooter, they've kept all these ridiculous throughback staples (at least they did in 5) - things like the stupid glowing items and dumb plants, it's not scary anymore, the story is convoluted and ridiculous.....

    Imagine how many annoying and dated quick time events they are going to fit into 255 minutes.

    The last thing I need in Resident Evil are more opportunities to watch Capcom's traditionally appalling dialog. This strikes me like Gears of War 2's over-abundance of cutscenes - badly written, badly acted, and - overall - detrimental to the experience. What happened to allowing environments and in-game character interactions telling stories? Didn't anyone learn anything from Half Life and Half Life 2?

    This game will be 4:15 long, I'm calling it. You spend 15 minutes riffling through menus between cutscenes.

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