S**t Just Got Real In Valve's Movie-Maker

We've already reached the point at which Valve's Source Filmmaker is generating too many awesome movies to watch let alone share.

But let's live in the bubble a little bit longer so that we can experience the awesomeness of this re-creation of Michael Bay's finest moment: The "S**t Just Got Real" scene from Bad Boys II.

OK, now let's watch the original scene in all its cheesy glory. Fun fact: When they were shooting Bad Boys II, they had to close down one of the most-used causeways in Miami. I was living in the city at the time, and it was this monster inconvenience for anyone who had to get to Miami Beach. I remember when the first ads for the movie finally aired in the theatre, everyone in the theatre booed afterwards. Ha!


    Bloody awesome series! We need a third one already.

      Give it time, it's coming in the next year or 2 iirc!

    Why won't Will Smith just fuck off and die?

    No, wait, sorry. It's supposed to be Rolf.

      If you know then tell me, cause i don't know why ;)

    I guess the only way we're going to get HL3 is by someone else making it and Valve buying it off them.

    Um, 00:04 just looks sus! Wach it a few times and you'll see what I mean.... Shit just got real, god no...

      *watch... now my post is what seems sus, hahaha

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