Scottish Team's Bankruptcy Means FIFA 13 Faces A Financial Decision, Too

It's a simple truth: A club that is relegated out of a league appearing in EA Sports' FIFA runs the risk of getting relegated out of the video game, too. For the more popular sides, this usually isn't much of a threat, and in any event many of the biggest leagues run two divisions deep, so a one-year slipup isn't going to result in an exile.

Rangers F.C. is quite a different story. It's one of the Scottish Premier League's two most popular clubs, but it won't be playing in the SPL next year because the club's financial troubles have, essentially, forced the liquidation of the old club and the formation of a new one, albeit one using the old colours and name. Next year, Rangers have been assigned to the Scottish league's third division, which does not appear in FIFA.

So if EA Sports still wants to feature one of the world's most popular clubs, it's going to have to cut a separate deal, possibly one that includes the blessing of the Scottish Premier League, too.

An EA Sports spokesman told The Independent that "we will take [the league's] direction regarding the 12th club," to appear in the place of Rangers. As for Rangers, it's true that FIFA has a pool of "other clubs" that are popular, but their full leagues don't appear.

This morning I asked EA Sports if FIFA 13 was looking at putting Rangers in that other-clubs pool and the label declined to answer that. Yesterday, a spokesman told the Independent that they haven't made a decision whether to pursue a separate licensing agreement.

EA Sports can and does strike deals with individual clubs all the time — they announced a special partnership today with Tottenham Hotspur — though it maybe helps that's the favoured side of Matt Bilbey, the general manager in charge of EA's football products. Conceivably including Rangers wouldn't run the label afoul of its licence with the SPL, but it's interesting that that club's financial woes faces FIFA 13 with paying extra itself or also disappointing fans.

Rangers shunned by Electronic Arts' Fifa 13 game [Independent]


    Who cares, scottish football is painfull to watch!!!

    No chance to play the "Old Firm" in FIFA 13 would disappointing. It's fun to beat Rangers!

    I hope they make it into the "Other" section, at least. SPL needs that rivalry.

    is that a screenshot!?!

      They should definitely be moved to the 'Rest of World' section simply because of their sheer popularity. Although the Old Firm no longer exists at least until Rangers can pull themselves back up to top flight!

    Celtic should just move to the EPL like they've hinted at, or at least the Championship. Without Rangers the SPL is a one horse race.

    As most of their senior players have left and their squad may be largely made up of Under 19s this season, I can't imagine they'd be a competitive team against any other teams in the game. Plus there's still the possibility they'll be kicked out of the SFA completely for playing illegally registered players for most of the last 10 years.

    They should just put all 4 of the scottish divison clubs in fifa it
    would be brilliant to go queens park or albion rovers

    Shouldn't be in the game. I'd rather EA spend the money to pay for one J-League club license or maybe a Uruguayan club. Plenty of poeple will make Rangers with FIFA Creation Centre. Rangers have been mismanaged and are poor role models so don't deserve any promotion til they get their s--- together.

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