See The Biggest Scorpion Ever In The First Screenshot Of Wasteland 2

inXile Entertainment, the developer behind the Wasteland 2, has published the title's first prototype screenshot on Facebook. The Kickstarter-funded game, which amassed almost $US3 million in contributions, is being built in Unity and while presented in 3D, will take on an isometric view that's sure to please old-school gamers.

It kind of reminds me of "Van Buren" the Fallout 3 prototype Black Isle Studios was working on before the developer blinked out of existence (video right).

This is an interesting moment in big-name projects financed via Kickstarter. Until now, Wasteland 2 was the perfect game, for the simple fact nothing of it existed except for the flawless idea in the mind of every backer. Now, we have an inkling of the direction it's going — at least visually — and the fact it's not more faithful to the original will rub some the wrong way... you just have to look at the Facebook comments.

The majority are positive and understanding of the fact it's a screenshot of a prototype and subject to change. Unfortunately, a select few are taking it a bit harder:

"Just looks like isometric Rage."

"I had envisioned something a little less cartoonish... I know the story and game play should be amazing... but honestly this looks like something that I could play on my playstation."

"Yes, it is too colourful. If you don't think so, you probably were never a fan of or have never even played Fallout 1 & 2 — this has nothing to do with the atmosphere of those two games."

It's going to be fascinating watching how backer expectations fluctuate as more media is released, especially for those who coughed up larger sums. Personally, I think it looks fine, but then, I don't have anything invested.

Image: inXile Entertainment Video: No Mutants Allowed / Interplay


    "“I had envisioned " - Well there's his problem right there. For the 'THIS ISNT FALLOUT 1 AND 2' complaints? No! It's WASTELAND. I get it's the precursor to the Fallout series? But Christ there's Fallout 3, Tactics, NV...

    All this reeks of is entitled gamer syndrome. I get some may have contributed but in no way does it look bad. Infact, it's filled me with a lot of excitement!

      It dose seem a bit to bright though

        I, for one, welcome the triumphant return of colour. :P (Although I remember the concept art during the campaign was pretty diverse, for every bright and colourful location there's probably a dark a mysterious one too.)

        Been to the desert at all? It's not dark there despite common belief. It's pretty damn bright.

    ^ what he said

    if you had an already predetermined colour palate in your head before you backed the project then you should probably prepare to be seriously disappointed when actual important aspects of the game come to light.
    You backed their vision to play it surely? What does the colouring matter?

    I see now that brown shooters aren't the fault of development companies and publishers, it's because gamers have an aversion to colour. First Diablo 3, and now this.

    Needs more death animations.

      Also needs more cowbell!

    “Yes, it is too colourful. If you don’t think so, you probably were never a fan of or have never even played Fallout 1 & 2 — this has nothing to do with the atmosphere of those two games.”

    If you think it's too colourful, you 'probably were never a fan of or have never even played' THE ORIGINAL FUCKING WASTELAND. Morons.

      Better example: a speed-run:

      There are a lot of ignorant folk out there think Wasteland is somehow based off Fallout. Can you believe it? Yeah. And EQ is a WoW-clone.

    Im starting to wonder if people have overtuned their monitors. Everything is colorful and bright... hmmm...

    You wanna see colour, check the wasteland 1 screenshots!

    I found this link perusing the facebook comments.
    some guy recoloured it to look more gritty and realistic...
    I seem to remember someone did something similar to the diablo 3 screens

    I lol'd at the 'isometric RAGE' comment...

    I imagined someone somewhere calling Doom 4 a 'Demonic Halo' when the first screens come out. Good times.

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