Shameless Gaming: Time To Reduce Your Pile Of Shame!

What is Shameless Gaming? Well, I’m glad you asked! Shameless Gaming is Kotaku’s version of Dry July, a month where we ignore new releases and play through our video gaming pile of shame together. We take all those unfinished, ignored games, the ones we cast aside, and we give them the attention they deserve! Join in!

They are the games that lost their way. The games you forgot about. The games you tossed aside when Mass Effect 3 was released, when Skyrim hit stores. These are the games that gather dust on your shelves.

These are the games that make up your pile of shame.

And make no mistake, my own pile of shame towers high. Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Dead Space 2, Max Payne 3, De Blob 2, Child of Eden, Dark Souls… all incredible games. Maybe I spent an hour or two with them, when they were initially released, but then I got distracted. Probably by Trials. And I never went back.

Until now.

Now it’s time to reduce that pile of shame, finish the games you started. Throughout the month of July I’ll be taking part in Shameless Gaming, dropping weekly posts on my own progress, but I’m really keen to see all you guys and girls getting involved. Last year we had a real solid group of folks getting stuck into some Shameless Gaming, and I’d like to see us do the same this year.

So what games are you looking to knock off your pile of shame in July? Let us know in the comments below.

Similar to 2011, I’m trying to prioritise. This is not a competition, but I do intent to maximise my own schedule, and try and finish as many games as possible. For that reason, I’m starting off with the games I was painfully close to completing — games like Max Payne 3, Child of Eden. Then I’ll move onto longer term projects like Dark Souls [shudder] and Assassin’s Creed Revelations.

But wait, there’s one more twist in the tail! I’m taking Shameless Gaming to a new level (I promise that’s the last time I’ll write about taking thing to a new level. As you may have already read elsewhere, this month I’m also attempting to undergo a bizarre new sleeping schedule, giving myself a whole bunch of extra time to play video games. If I can stay awake…

You can read more about that here.

And be sure to check out Kotaku reader Trjn’s account of Shameless Gaming. You can find his site here.

Shameless Gaming, reduce your pile of shame! Together! Let’s do this thing!


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