Shameless Gaming: Time To Reduce Your Pile Of Shame!

Shameless Gaming: Time To Reduce Your Pile Of Shame!

What is Shameless Gaming? Well, I’m glad you asked! Shameless Gaming is Kotaku’s version of Dry July, a month where we ignore new releases and play through our video gaming pile of shame together. We take all those unfinished, ignored games, the ones we cast aside, and we give them the attention they deserve! Join in!

They are the games that lost their way. The games you forgot about. The games you tossed aside when Mass Effect 3 was released, when Skyrim hit stores. These are the games that gather dust on your shelves.

These are the games that make up your pile of shame.

And make no mistake, my own pile of shame towers high. Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Dead Space 2, Max Payne 3, De Blob 2, Child of Eden, Dark Souls… all incredible games. Maybe I spent an hour or two with them, when they were initially released, but then I got distracted. Probably by Trials. And I never went back.

Until now.

Shameless Gaming: Time To Reduce Your Pile Of Shame!

Now it’s time to reduce that pile of shame, finish the games you started. Throughout the month of July I’ll be taking part in Shameless Gaming, dropping weekly posts on my own progress, but I’m really keen to see all you guys and girls getting involved. Last year we had a real solid group of folks getting stuck into some Shameless Gaming, and I’d like to see us do the same this year.

So what games are you looking to knock off your pile of shame in July? Let us know in the comments below.

Similar to 2011, I’m trying to prioritise. This is not a competition, but I do intent to maximise my own schedule, and try and finish as many games as possible. For that reason, I’m starting off with the games I was painfully close to completing — games like Max Payne 3, Child of Eden. Then I’ll move onto longer term projects like Dark Souls [shudder] and Assassin’s Creed Revelations.

But wait, there’s one more twist in the tail! I’m taking Shameless Gaming to a new level (I promise that’s the last time I’ll write about taking thing to a new level. As you may have already read elsewhere, this month I’m also attempting to undergo a bizarre new sleeping schedule, giving myself a whole bunch of extra time to play video games. If I can stay awake…

You can read more about that here.

And be sure to check out Kotaku reader Trjn’s account of Shameless Gaming. You can find his site here.

Shameless Gaming, reduce your pile of shame! Together! Let’s do this thing!


  • My pile of shame extends back at least a decade. It will take many years of playing nothing but old games to finally get through them.

  • My Steam favourites list has become my pile of shame. Considering starting alphabetically and moving down it. After I finish Skyward Sword first though.

  • I will be partaking!

    I made a spreadsheet a few months ago, so I will be selecting some long overdue games from that last and ploughing through them. Metroid Prime 3 is one in particular that carries over from last year’s SGM.

    But part of my pile is also getting all the platinums in Trials Evo, so, well, that could wipe out everything else :/

    • Thanks for reminding me about Metroid Prime 3, when I played through the trilogy I passed every game except 3… I stopped in the middle. They’re great, but playing them back-to-back got repetitive.

  • I plan on going down my steam list alphabetically, I attempted this last year and got up to D. So that’s where i’ll pick it up this year, Dead Island!

  • Absolutely partaking in this. I’ll be finishing the Witcher 2, Dead Space 1 + 2, Flight of the Amazon Queen, Splinter Cell: Conviction on hard mode.

  • Hmmm, been doing that myself in an effort to curb spending – managed to ignore all recent sales too. Hard to measure how much is “enough” attention for games though – is it all the achievements (shudder), or one ending, or all the endings? Is there a secondary pile of shame for the pile of shame?

    • As Trjn would (probably) say, and probably will, it’s all about satisfying yourself that you’ve completed the game. Maybe that means 100%ing it, finishing it on the hardest difficulty, or just plain finishing it. It’s once you get to the point where you can say you’re satisfied with it.

      Maybe you just want to clear some untold stories off your list, or you want to really challenge yourself, or just marathon your way through as much gaming as possible. All is considered within the spirit of Shameless Gaming Month.

      • Yep, fair point, it’s pretty easy to get a gut feel for when you haven’t spent enough time with a game. For me, that’s ME3 (got distracted by Minecraft) and DE:HR (got distracted, no, overwhelmed, by Skyrim).

  • I do not think I’ll be able to pull myself away from D3 long enough to participate… 2 classes to 60, 3 to go!

  • I want to partake and will endeavour to beat a tonne of games, but really as this is uni break for me, it is really the only time to get work done.

  • I’m aiming to finish Quantam Conundrum, Metro 2033 and Skyrim. I would also like to start LA Noire, Alpha Protocol or Darksiders, depending what mood I’m in.

    • I should also mention my pile of shame has about 70 games unplayed. Steam sales are the the devil.

  • My list is very very long, I think I’ll start with Wind Waker though. I really want to finish that game.

  • I have got in a good start so far, yesterday I finally continued Uncharted and completed it. I don’t know what people thought playing it in 2007 but the controls seemed like a big bag of asses.

    I did enjoy it overall though and last night I started Uncharted 2 which in terms of control responsiveness is infinitely better, it makes me sad putting off playing these games for so many years!

    I also ordered Uncharted 3 GOTY edition however I didn’t realize it was a pre order so I am also downloading it so I can actually play it when I finish Uncharted 2.

    Which one do you guys think is best in the series? I have trouble believing something can top what I have seen of 2 so far.

  • Would partake but I’m in the USA for most of July and August. So no games for me! But plenty of drinking and sight seeing.

  • Last year I only knocked off three games in July, the FEAR trilogy. F3AR was actually new at the time, so I’m not sure that even counts.

    I don’t really have a plan. I am just gonig to make an effort to finish games. I have Prototype 2 started so I plan to finish it. I might then go back and play some games I didn’t really give a chance.

    Two games I will not be touching are Assassin’s Creed Revelations and Akham City.

    AssRev bored me. I couldn’t stick with it. I don’t consider a shameful title because I gave it an honest try and it failed to impress me after AC2 and AssBro.

    I won’t continue Arkham City because I’ve had to play the first 4-5 hours twice due to losing a save and now I’m just over it.

    I will however consider the following:

    1) Bastion: I have made a lot of headway on it since getting a wired 360 controller for my PC, so I should be able to knock it off this month fairly easily. Maybe even tonight while my wifep lays Future Soldier.

    2) Prototype 2: I got a start on this over the weekend and I’m feeling a lot more optomistic about finishing it. Once I am done with it I MAY go back and give Prototype another chance, but probably not. I MAY try to 100% it by getting all the achievements, but that depends how I feel about playing a new game+ on hard after I have finished it once.

    3) Darksiders: I got this bundled with a new 360 I bought last year and haven’t played it yet. I watched a friend play it for 4 hours and while it *looked* boring, I keep seeing people saying they’ve gone back to it and kind of appreciated it. I’m interested in Darksiders 2, so I should give this one a real chance.

    4) Alan Wake + American Nightmare: I played Alan Wake for all of 20 minutes then wound up going to bed early because I was a bit sick that evening and fell asleep during the opening scenes. I later returned it after my wife finished it because we needed the $80 that week more than we needed a new game. I received a DLC code for the games on demand version when I bought my new 360 (as per Darksiders above), so I’m stuck with it. My wife has 100%’d it, then bought American Nightmare and 100%’d it. My goal is not so lofty – just finish the story on the easiest difficulty.

    5) LEGO Batman: I got a preowned copy from EB for $3 (because why not, it’s $3) and haven’t played it yet. I will have a go at it at some point, but it’s lowest on my priority list.

    While my pile of unfinished games has grown since last year, I am generally feeling better about it. There’s some games that when I force myself to look at them, I feel there are good reasons to not go back to them.

      • lol @ “AssBro” /childish.

        As for SG – I haven’t even taken the plastic wrap off LA Noir… Skyrim was banished into the “this is too big for my brain” pile; Borderlands had about one hour of playtime and Fallout three got the boot after only a few hours once Rune Factory: Oceans arrived. That’s embarassing.

  • Wind Waker
    Skyward Sword
    Assassin’s Creed: Revelations
    The Witcher 2
    Grand Theft Auto 4 + Episodes
    Ace Combat Assault Horizon

  • The Dig’s been in my unfinished pile of shame for about fifteen years. (!) Finished it yesterday and loved almost every freakin’ minute of it. A couple of odd design decisions in there. (Why can’t I pry the panel off with the shovel instead of the tusk, damn it! :P) Too bad LucasArts didn’t make any other serious adventures. I thought the ending wasn’t in line with the rest of the game’s tone either but definitely good times a-plenty.

    • I think it’s generally accepted that the stupidest puzzle in The Dig is the one where you hold down a stone footplate with a stick. You don’t wedge it in, it’s not heavy enough to hold it down. It just lays there on the floor with one end over the trigger plate, and trigger plate unimaginably goes down.

      Other than that, it’s gold. Love that game.

      • Unmarked hotspot puzzles are freakin’ evil, man. Missed that footplate. Was the only time I looked up Universal Hint System the entire way through. (There’s something similar in Full Throttle at the petrol refinery.) The voice acting was so impressively good, Robert ‘Terminator 2’ Patrick was outstanding!

  • I’m in too. But i did buy a newish game for my birthday yesterday and will be starting on that first. Silent Hill 2 and 3.

    Skyward Sword, AsscredRev and Uncharted 3 – right near the end.

    Skyrim, Demon’s Souls, God of War 1 and 2, SMG2, Heavy Rain and countless others i haven’t started yet.

    • Happy birthday for yesterday, man. Heavy Rain’s the sort of game that you’ll get through extremely quick assuming it appeals to you. If it really appeals to you prepare for the nightmare of getting all the different endings. 😛

      • Cheers man. That ‘Press X for Jason’ part will be weird to play. My older brother used to wander off all the time at the Shopping Centre when we were kids. Yes his name was Jason.

  • First game I ever bought and never got around to playing was Sim City 4 which is not too bad given i’d been buying and playing games for nearly 20years by that point. There have been a number of games to build up the list since, it seems the older I get the less time I have to play anything but I think I’m getting better at self control, not buying a game with the intention of playing unless I know I can set aside the time to do so (awesome limited editions make this particularly tricky sometimes). These days I mainly stick to handhelds because I know I’ll get a chance to play them on public transport, non heldheld games, I’d be lucky to play half a dozen a year, the number is probably closer to three or four so I try to choose wisely 🙂

  • Currently working on Lego Batman 2 (don’t judge), then I’ve got to move on to Mass Effect 3 and Deus Ex, probably in that order. (Was saving ME until the DLC came out.) That should keep me busy enough.

  • I really don’t want to think about it…

    360 alone scares me, let alone Steam, PS3, Wii, DS, PSP, PS2 and so on and so forth…

    All acheivements in Borderlands is one I’m aiming for before Borderlands 2 comes out.
    Need to finish Gears Of War 3.
    Have Shadows Of The Damned, Lost Odyssey, De Blob 2 and countless others unplayed.
    Have a 30 minute into save of Dead Space. 2 hour in save of Dead Rising 2. Half way through Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

    Curse you pile of shame! Cuuuurse yooooou!

  • Skyrim the main game I feel I should go back and give another go.
    Apart from that I’m fairly well caught up. Oh Dead Space and Assassins Creed Brother, but really didn’t enjoy the few hours I played of those.

  • I decide to go with a theme for shameless gaming month: Developer/Publisher in trouble. Thus the list is (with company in question in bracket)
    1. X-Men: Destiny (Silicon Knight)
    2. Kingdom of Amalur (38 Studios)
    3. Saints Row The Third (THQ)
    4. L.A. Noire (Team Bondi)
    5. de Blob 2 (Blue Tongue/THQ)
    Rather sad really.

  • Main game I want to get through is FF13. If I can finish that I’ll feel like it’s been a successful month.

    • I wouldn’t even bother finishing it. The biggest regret I had with that game was NOT quitting while I was ahead. The ending wasn’t that great either.

  • Going to try and knock of the Atelier Arland trilogy. Bought the first one pretty much just because I liked the art style. Bought the second cause I liked the first and figured I’d eventually beat it. Then bought the third last month for completionist sake.

    I’ve already been going through the first the last few weeks. I’m nearing the end although it’s both a bit easy and tedious at times (I also feel like I’m missing or failing to trigger story elements at times as there are a number of story threads that start but never go anywhere). I hear the second game has some significant gameplay improvements so I hope to finish the first off by the weekend so I can move onto the second.

  • Already tucked into Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet & Transformers: WfC a few weeks back to try and get a head of the curve – but then I got back into Diablo 3 and BF3 and the pile is still huge.

    At last check the pile was sitting over 30 (when including STEAM and XBLA) so I’d love to get this down below 10 before the end fo the month. Fingers crossed I can resist the urge for one more roun of BF3 – or one more grind of through heaven.

  • My full pile of shame would probably take me a half to 3/4 of a year to get through if I eschewed social interaction, disconnected the internet and quit my job. For Shameful July though, my plan is:
    Agarest: Generations of War (On first part of Third Generation)
    LoZ: Ocarina of Time (On the Shadow Temple)

    Play Through:
    Atelier Meruru
    FF XIII-2
    Analogue: A Hate Story
    Juniper’s Knot

    My Stretch goal:
    Complete Vanquish, Trine, Bastion

  • Short list: Bastion and SOTC.
    Medium list: LA Noire, Deus Ex HR, Alice: Madness Returns
    Long list: Xenoblade, The Last Story

    Progress so far: one complete playthrough of Bastion last night, want to stick with it for NG+.

  • Here’s my backlog. Thankfully, its not very big.

    1) Silent Hill 2
    2) The Witcher 2
    3) Metroid Prime 3
    4) Valkyria Chronicles I
    5) Dragon’s Dogma
    6) The Last Story
    7) Pandora’s Tower

  • My main goals for this month are to finish:
    Metal Gear Solid 3
    Metroid Prime 3
    Dillon’s Rolling Western
    Super Mario 3D Land

    If I can at least knock out a good chunk of them, I’ll be happy. I’ve already started and finished Metroid Other M and Bioshock (I started Shameless Gaming Month early :P). If I manage to finish them all, I’ve then still got Mass Effect 2, Deus Ex: HR, Tomb Raider Trilogy, Pokemon Conquest and lots of Humble Bundle games waiting for me.

    Should be good!

  • I’m not even counting the Steam list, because there’s so many games that I wound up with because a random publisher pack had two games I wanted and that was cheaper than buying just the two games… This year, I’m doing PS3 games. Finish off Flower, play Infamous 2 this week and try to finish Good path, and then Mirror’s Edge, Heavenly Sword and Resistance…

  • 1.) Red Dead Redemption – The slow pace irritated me

    2.) LA Noire – Same problem as Red Dead…that and the game seemed very linear…didn’t really seem to matter what you did…always felt that the choices didn’t really matter

    3.) Binary Domain – Started it on the 360…never got around to finishing it

    4.) Vanquish – Got half way through on the PS3 and never finished it…I think I was kind of sick of 3rd person shooters

    5.) Need for Speed Hot Pursuit – Just could not get into it…shame because I absolutely loved Burnout Paradise…but I could never get into the handling mechanics of this…so it remains on my shelf unfinished

    6.) Driver: San Francisco – Got sidetracked by Batman Arkham City…still have it on my shelf waiting to finish

  • My current shame pile 🙁
    Game of thrones genesis
    Zelda twilight + Skyward
    Valkyria chronicles 
    Sins of solar empire
    Portal 1+2
    Saints row 3
    Batman arkham city
    Company of heroes
    Arma 2
    Witcher 2 Dark mode
    La Noire
    Ghost Recon
    Walking dead episode 2
    Diablo 3
    Humble bundle
    Don’t think I need to spend money on games for a couple months haha

    • Sins of a Solar Empire doesn’t actually have a campaign, It has sweet multiplayer though. Make sure you play Rebellion.

    • Mark and I have been planning to do Shameless Gaming Month for a while now, after it turned out to be a bit of a success last year. Dean (the guy that posted the Reddit link) is a friend of mine that cross-posted the original Shameless Gaming Month article on his site and has done a few pieces about it himself.

  • I might go for some specialised attempts:
    Dead Space with only the pistol.
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution without killing anyone.
    Dark Souls, pure mage character build.
    The Dark Brotherhood quests in Skyrim.
    All of which will require starting each game all over again.
    Wish me luck!

  • 1 Pushmo
    2 Link’s Awakening (I just need to finish the final boss)
    3 Mario64 DS
    4 Okamiden
    5 Resident Evil Revelations
    6 Age of Empires Age of Kings

    Wow this is going to be quite a month, just hoping Picross or Advance Wars get in the way….

  • Can we turn this into some kind of charity event – like the money you save from buying new games you donate to charity?

    • I’d love to find a way to do that but one of the reasons this is in July is because nothing is coming out.

  • Re-picked up a 3DS last week. Not a great start in knocking off my backlog.

    The first 3 games on my priority list is to knock out ME1, 2 & 3. I’m really shame these 3 games ended up in my pile of shame list. SHAMEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

  • I’m gonna try my hardest to finish a few games, but I don’t want to rush them for the sake of finishing them. There’s no point playing them if I’m going to do that.

    I’ll be playing:
    Dungeon Siege 3
    Dead Space 1+2

  • Got quite a few on mine, but my main list is as follows.

    Assassin’s Creed 2
    Dead Space
    Back to the Future
    Resonance [only a week old isn’t shameful is it?]
    Alan Wake

    However, my pièce de résistance….

    Neverwinter Nights


    I’ve had it since launch day. And have all of the expansions and CEP.
    Though, the thing is, I have actually put 250+ hours into that game easy over the years, most of that being online. So, I do feel like I have experienced and loved a lot of it. For some reason I have just the most fragmented progression through the main storyline. And I certainly feel terribly guilty carrying this burden.

    Tomorrow marks the 10th anniversary of my having purchased the game….. I know a way to celebrate! :p

    • +1 to this … have played NVN to death, couldn’t bring myself to finish NVN2 though .. the addiction isn’t there anymore …. However definitely looking forward to the Neverwinter MMO announced at E3 this year.

  • We bought Playstation Plus this month and there are just too many free games to download and play!

  • My list that i intend to tackle. However i have many many more from good to average to bad. As others have said. Will take years of not playing new games to catch up with my pile of shame. Damn Trials Evolution set me back about 3 months. I can’t play anything else.

    1. Witcher 2
    2. Bastion
    3. Borderlands
    4. Skyward Sword (maybe)

  • Infamous .. finish the story
    Diablo3 ..get another few heroes to lvl60, my DH to inferno clear
    FF13 … last 3 trophy
    Start FF13-2 (still in shrink wrap)
    Lego Harry Potter 1-4
    Wipeout 2048
    Little Deviants
    Mass effect 2

  • Kingdoms of Amalur is my main one I need to kill. I stopped playing as I entered the desert. The story was just getting to fantastical(?) and way too many quests you found are just fetching for an item or killing certain amount of monsters. The combat was pretty fun though so maybe that will keep me playing. Also just ordered Catherine off of ozgame for $32, so hopefully that goes alright.
    Also ordered a wired xbox controller for the pc so can plow through a bunch of steam games without the mouse and keyboard

  • Finished arkham city today! Yayy. Still not sure what i should move on to next. Either pikmin 2 or mass effect 2 i think.

  • Well, I play Skyrim… Um…

    Once I’ve bled that seemingly inexhaustible vein, I’ll move on to The Witcher 2 (not really grabbing me after 5hrs) and Dead Space 2 (too much Fighty, not enough Scary). Then I’ll restart my ultimate Mass Effect run I’ve been promising for 6 months.

  • Hmm I have far too many to go through, so I’ll pick what I have been wanting to finish.
    Kingdoms of Amalur,
    Assassin’s Creed 2,
    The Witcher 2,
    Skyward Sword,
    Arkham City,
    Then maybe some Bastion, Dead Space or Dead Island.

  • Already made a crack on this in a way, having just finished my last 3DS game. 13/13, all beaten. Although now thanks to the eShop sale, I’ve got another four non-real games to beat. As well as that 3D Classic Kid Icarus one I guess.

    Still got about 150 unplayed games across DS, GCN and Wii though. And beyond.

  • I’ve just finished shadows of the damned, very fun game. To keep with the theme it’s lollipop chainsaw the no more heros: heros paradise then I’m thinking binary domain and the first assassins creed

  • My shame pile is… horrendous seems appropriate enough of a word. Currently consists of:
    Skyward Sword
    Deus Ex: HR
    Jak and Daxter Trilogy
    Red Dead Redemption
    Super Smash Bros Melee
    Super Mario World 1 & 2.
    Mass Effect 2
    Bioshock 1 & 2
    Sly Trilogy
    FF13 + 13-2
    Pokémon Black

    These are just the ones I can think of without actually looking D;
    Although to be fair, I’m half way through most of the ones listed 😛

  • Ugh I’ve got Dark Souls (40 hours in, switched to Skyrim), Disgaea 4 (I want to platinum this RNG b!tch! 550+ hours in and only got about 60% of the trophies – all bronze, no silver or gold yet), Deus Ex: HR (just want to finish it on Hard, got stuck on one of those awful bosses), Heavy Rain (great premise, kinda lost interest though I would like to finish it), Just Cause 2 (1 trophy from platinum!), Ace Combat AH (love it but getting the crap kicked out of me by one of the missions), ICO collection (still in wrap), MGS Collection (put some hours into MGS3 yesterday – still awesome!).

    I think I have more but I wouldn’t put much of a dent in the above list in July even if I quit my job, dumped my gf, family and my friends and cloistered myself away all month 🙂

  • Mine is pretty bad, but I think I’ll be able to get through them all, I’ve got:
    Dark Souls
    Batman Arkham City
    Jak + Daxter
    3D Dot Game Heroes
    LA Noire

    Hopefully I can knock some out…

  • Oh god I would have so many games in this list, Just Purchase Arma 2 and the starter pack for tribes though so i will be playing those for a bit, must beat diablo 3 on inferno and have a heap of other games yet to complete 30+ ps3 games 50+ 360 games 160+ Steam Games 50+ Wii Games, not to mention all the other pc games I have on disc and DS/PSP/Gamecube etc. games oh and Dreamcast games lol. something like 300 games I have never completed, i tend to get a game go through about 50% of it and move on either because I find a game on sale or I get bored and forget about it. Hell most of my Steam games I haven’t even installed or played bought them because they were so damn cheap but had a lot of other games. I must remember this when I’m bored and have no idea what to do! lol

  • Forgot to put this in lol, I think a big part of it is when I finish a game i feel like i will never go back to it, but by putting it aside i end up not going back to it anyway and missing out on the rest of an awesome game, I really must stop doing that, kind of a psychological thing that the game won’t mean anything to me once it’s over.

    Most recent game I actually Finished was Max Payne 3 but only one normal and I haven’t got all the golden guns so it’s not really finished but I beat the story and a few others, 90% of the games I play though get shelved, but i never get rid of them. Good idea time to go complete some awesome games :).

  • I’ve spent the last few years ticking games off my list that stretched back to the early nineties. It’s getting pretty short now and to be honest there aren’t a lot of contemporary games shouting to take the place of the old ones on the list.

    Next up; The Last Express.

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