Shameless Gaming: Week 2

What is Shameless Gaming? Well, I'm glad you asked! Shameless Gaming is Kotaku's version of Dry July, a month where we ignore new releases and play through our video gaming pile of shame together. We take all those unfinished, ignored games, the ones we cast aside, and we give them the attention they deserve! Join in!

As you may have noticed, last week was a pretty intense one for me. Trying to survive on one-two hours of sleep a night wasn't fun, but it did give me a lot of free time. What I wasn't prepared for was how much of that time I spent trying to stay awake, and how little I spent actually gaming.

One of the minor reasons why I did polyphasic sleep was to allow more time for gaming during Shameless Gaming month. The plan was to knock off a whole number of games while everyone slept. No 'let me watch The Block' distractions. No need to do household chores, no need to talk to people.


But it didn't really work out like that.

Don't get me wrong, I spent a lot of time playing video games. But I didn't enjoy it, which usually resulted in me turning the game off and walking in bizarre circles in an attempt to not fall unconscious. Part of the reason was the game I was playing: Max Payne 3. It's a game I enjoyed in short bursts but found desperately repetitive for longer periods of play.

Particularly towards the end of Max Payne 3, the game becomes a real grind, shooting down wave after wave of faceless goons. You're practically forced to substitute Max Payne's spectacular slow-mo antics with the same dull fire-from-cover techniques you've used in every other Rockstar game ever made. I just got so frustrated. This combined with sleep deprivation did not make for a fun gaming experience.

It felt like a terrible grind. Sometimes I would have to stand up to play in case I fell asleep.

It's a shame, because I enjoyed the first two-thirds of Max Payne 3, and I understand that the sleep deprivation played a huge part in my frustrations. I'm so close to being finished with the game, so I'll probably wrap this up now that I'm fully rested and move onto either Fez or Mass Effect 3.

How are you guys going so far?


    Finished Serious Sam 3 on the weekend and now busy with Just Cause 2 which will take me quite a while to complete.

    I am a completionist. If a game shows me a % complete, I have to get that number up to 100%. Burnout 3? 100% complete. Arkham City? 100% complete. Super Meat Boy? 100% Complete.

    So, truly finishing a game takes a while for me. That being said, my list is down to 1 game: Metro 2033. I bought it during a Steam sale, played it for a bit, and then moved on to other things (I think Super Meat Boy, actually). So, yeah, provided I can be bothered finishing that game any time soon, EMPTY PILE OF SHAME.

    Technically I have not finished a game this month because I played Walking Dead episode 2 on June 30th... and that probably wouldn't count anyway because it's an episode, not a full game. That was the last thing I "finished".

    In all fairness to me and my abysmal effort, I did bring work home with me a few days last week and didn't have time to gaming between dinner, work and sleep. On Thursday I had to attend a work-related seminar, but since I won the door prize, an iPad, I consider it time well spent. For everyone else? Not so much.

    This week however I face no such obstacles (that I am aware of). I made a substantial dent in Prototype 2 and expect to polish it off this evening. Next on my my to-do list (in order of intended play) are:

    - Alan Wake (finish story once, no achievement hunting)
    - Alan Wake's American Nightmare (finish story once, no achievement hunting)
    - Bastion (finish story only, no attempting to get first place in proving grounds)
    - LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (finish story mode)
    - LEGO Batman (finish story mode)

    I have no intention of doing everything in Alan Wake, I've seen my wife finish those games on the Nightmare difficulty and NO thank you. I would like to 100% LEGO Star Wars considering I already got 100% completion in Parts 1 and 2 on the PS2 (not sure why I even bought complete saga on the 306, TBH), but I probably won't. I haven't even played LEGO Batman yet, so I have no idea how long it would take to finish let alone 100%. The proving grounds in Bastion are a pain in the butt so they can go to hell.

    Once these are done I might go back and finish the rest of the achievements in Prototype.

    There are more unfinished games but these are the ones I have a true motivation to genuinely play because the either deserve my attention (Alan Wake) or I feel a niggling sense of annoyance that it remains unfinished (everything else on the list). I think given my play habits the above is a fairly realistic list of what I can get through this month.

      Alan Wake is pretty great in Nightmare mode. A lot more panicky, but not too frustrating. Not saying you should play it that way if you don't want to, especially not on a first try, but having to choose between fighting and running in that mode was a lot of fun.

        I'm sure that's 100% true and might be something I want to consider in the future, but for the purpose of Shamelsss Gaming month I want to remedy the fact that I never actually played it back when it came out.

    Wish there was still a bit of clarity on whether we're talking about beating the main game, getting all achievements, or even getting to top rank for multiplayer. It's just that I can make an easier list if it's just for completeing the main game. For achievements it's a lot larger because I regularly go back to games to clear them up.

    Anyways, still working my way through the main story of Skyrim. 150 hours and I've only recently learned Dragonrend.

      It's whatever you want it to be, man. It's just about going back and playing old games you abandoned for no good reason, and playing it until you feel you're satisfied you're done with it. That could mean 100% completion or just beating the story. There's no hard rule on what counts as "complete".

        Yeah, but I'm satisfied with both. I like completing the main campaign, playing multiplayer, and getting all achievements. Just much easier for me to list.

        Even when I like getting all achievements, a lot of achievements can't be obtained (even with boosting) or I play a game that I don't like but still feel like I should get a lot of the achievements. I didn't get them all but got a large amount in Homefront. I still need to go back for Ninja Gaiden 3, which I thought wouldn't be so bad that I couldn't get them, but after crying at one point in the game I realised I might not be able to suffer through the game anymore for the rest.

      Whatever it takes for you to class the game as Done, and not 'I need to play that some day' or 'I need to get back and finish that some day'. Entirely personal.

      It really is just whatever works for you. If you're happy to say that you're done after blitzing through the single player on the easiest difficulty, that's fine. If you want to go through and 1000gs/Platinum trophy, then that's fine as well.

      There are far too many games with far too many completion criteria (that vary from person to person) to have anything more than the vague "whatever you're happy with".

      If you're satisfied that you can say that you have finished the game, that's all that matters.

    I have a perilous list of amazing games on steam I have yet to tackle. Amnesia, Bastion, Fable 3, Toki Tori, Penny Arcade and the games that came with it... And that's just a touch. I don't exepct to make much progress. ><

    I finished Shadows of the Damned, which wasn't on my list, since I bought it on June 30.
    I have also increased my Pile of Shame by 2 since the start of July, so I'm actually at -1 at the moment.

    Bastion and Shadow of the Colossus down. Well into Deus Ex: Human Revolution now. I am Batman.

    I'm nearing the end of Ocarina of Time (Doing Ganondorf's castle) which means I'm making progress in my list. Record of Agarest: Generations of War has been going a little slower. After hitting a couple of boss fights with sudden difficulty spikes and an element of luck to win, I've only just hit Generation 4 so I'm thinking I'm gonna drop Atelier Meruru from my list. I'm also hoping the fact that a few missed items in previous generations (meaning I don't have access to half the abilities and weapons) won't mean I hit a point where I can't progress without multitudes of grindage.

      Thanks for the reminder! Will get on to finishing Deus EX: HR as well as ICO & Shadow Of The Colossus. Also gotta wade through the rest of I Am Alive which shouldn't really take too long.

        Sorry, supposed to be @Beavwa

    Got through Torchlight over the weekend. Not a big fan of clicky dungeon crawlers and probably would have left if to move on to other stuff if it wasn't for shameless gaming month.

    Probably be moving onto Bioshock on PC and keep chipping away at KOTOR 2 on xbox which I am really getting into.

    I finished Max Payne 3 yesterday. I had plenty of sleep and it even then it was a bit of a grind at the end. Glad to have finished it. I thought the graphics were amazing and I have high hopes that this means cool things for GTAV, but I got bored near the end!

      I think the Ocarina of Time (or the Macarena of Time as I called it back then) was one of the first games I owned and never finished. That and Turok.

    Finished Amnesia and Stacking. Next game should be RAGE so i'll try getting through that one.

    So far this month I have knocked off the following games I never got around to finishing:

    Uncharted 2
    Gears of War
    Gears of War 2

    I am doing Uncharted 3 tonight and I have ordered Gears of War 3 from the UK, I am also considering finally playing Bastion this week as well.

    Its been years since I have passed this many games so close together.

    Didn't feel like playing StarCraft much this weekend. Only did a handful of the Terran missions. The plot is quite different from what SC2 says happened.

    Ended up playing Limbo last night, just wanted something short from my Steam library. Seemed to fit the bill. Managed to get most of the way through the game and will finish it later tonight. Not really sure what to make of it. Kind of neat. Very morbid. Can't help but laugh at how over the top some of the deaths are.

      I also found a copy of Just Cause 2 that I had bought a while ago and completely forgotten about. Still in the shrink wrap.

      Might have to play that. Just because it seems right.

    I am playing LA Noire, i bought it last year, played the first few cases when Cole was just a cop but for some reason i never played it again until a few days ago, i am liking it so far, it's starting to become a bit repetitive but i am going to stick it out to the end.

    I'm just a wee bit disappointed by Dawnguard, so I think I'll swap to Spec Ops and see if I like that better than any of the CODs.

    Managed to score bronze on the final Extreme track on Trials HD on Friday night I think? Immediately went to buy Trials Evo, only have 3 tracks left I think.

    As for others, I'll be moving on to Limbo next, and then it's a toss-up between Amnesia and LA Noire.

    Finished but not from Pile of Shame:
    Lord of the Rings War in the North

    Finished from Pile of Shame:
    Saints Row the Third
    Halo: Anniversary
    Uncharted 3
    Metal Gear Solid 4

    I still haven't finished anything :( I've been playing my 3ds all month, and I bought an eshop game that I've bee enjoying.

    Yeah, I'm doing well.

    I've bought a few more games. Am I doing it right?

    Managed to complete Impossible mode on Dead Space on the weekend so the platinum is done and 1 game down on my pile of shame. Next up is AssBro

    I'm still working on Saints Row The Third. Gonna try and plat it.

    Also 2 trophies from Borderlands Plat, so there's that.

    Still on the list: Oddworld Stranger's Wrath (finish story)
    Motorstorm Apocalypse (finish career)
    FFXIII (fight final boss)

    I can't stop playing Penny Arcade Ep3. Yeah it's a new release, but it's just so good.
    Also, how do I refer to my digital pile of shame? Pile is kind of archaic in this sense.

    Fable 3 first play through on 2 player mode with my GF. Not done as I want to go back and see if there is a way to be good and still have enough money to pay for an army.

    I am too tight to buy new releases so most games I play are already in 'pile of shame' status for everyone else by then.

    Played Just cause 2 Multiplayer last night from 9pm till 4 am, glad they've switched off the beta, first time I've done online gaming since RTCW nearly destroyed my life, um wife, ha ha.

      Is multi an official thing or a mod?

        Its a mod, in beta: good fun, but a little random as theres no real objective as yet.

    Just finished Resistance: Retribution on the PSP. Fun game but inconsistant in its difficulty. Next is either Resistance: Burning Skies on the Vita or Heroes of Ruin for the 3DS. Also grinding my way through Dragons Dogma :)

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