Shameless Gaming: Week One, Getting Started

What is Shameless Gaming? Well, I’m glad you asked! Shameless Gaming is Kotaku’s version of Dry July, a month where we ignore new releases and play through our video gaming pile of shame together. We take all those unfinished, ignored games, the ones we cast aside, and we give them the attention they deserve! Join in!

Too many choices can be a terrible thing. If your pile of shame has started to become mountain-like, it can be hard to pick a game to start playing. Far too often, the easiest choice is to play an old favourite or nothing at all.

Trying to sort out your games can make things easier. There are many sites out there that let you catalogue your collection: Darkadia, Backloggery and How Long to Beat.

My preference is for the simplicity of Darkadia. If you’re after a bit more versatility, Backloggery might be the site for you. How Long to Beat provides a wealth of information about game completion lengths, which can be very handy.

Before this month began, I entered my collection into Darkadia. Then it was just a matter working out which games in there stood out as ones that desperately needed to be taken out of my pile of shame.

The first choice was the easiest. Half-Life 2 has been in my pile of shame ever since The Orange Box came out. Portal had proven to be a strong distraction, so I had never managed to play more than half an hour of Half-Life 2.

Similarly, StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War were fairly simple choices. StarCraft II was one of the games that I finished during last year’s Shameless Gaming month. While I wouldn’t dare try my hand at the multiplayer, macroing my way to victory in the campaign to learn more about the lore and get a feel for the game just seems right.

Shadow of the Colossus had the misfortune of being released at the end of the PlayStation 2′s lifecycle and many people never had a chance to play it. The HD re-release that came out recently offers another opportunity to play it, and I’m going to take advantage of that opportunity.

The final game that I’ve picked out is Dead Space. There’s no real reason behind this choice. I just thought that it might be fun to play a horror game, as it’s not a genre I typically play.

According to How Long to Beat, that’s almost 90 hours of gaming to get through this month. I have a sneaking suspicion that it will take less time than that, yet it’s still much more time than I would normally spend gaming in a month.

This will take some effort.

As soon as July started, I started to play Half-Life 2. Simply playing about with the physics engine is remarkably fun. Buckets were almost put on heads, dolls slid down slides, guards were assaulted with boots. It may not have been the point of the game but I was having fun.

Then I unlocked the gravity gun. Things only got better from there.

It wasn’t long before I finished Half-Life 2 and soon I’ll turn my attention to Half-Life 2: Episodes One and Episode Two.

Now I’m going to focus my efforts on Shadow of the Colossus, which I’m making steady progress through, and StarCraft.

Having a game on PC and a game on console to alternate between should make it easier to continually progress. If one game is starting to become a little frustrating, or just not as fun as the other, switching to it will hopefully keep things fun and interesting.

More importantly, I’m just going to keep finding my own fun. If I can put buckets on people’s heads in Dead Space, I’ll never get past the first chapter.

Be sure to check out Kotaku reader Trjn’s account of Shameless Gaming. You can find his site here.

Shameless Gaming, reduce your pile of shame! Together! Let’s do this thing!


    Oh Elly, you've met me in real life and you still get my name wrong :)

    Thanks for putting this up.

      Stop trying to steal Trijn's glory, man. :P

      I usually complete most of the games I play before moving onto the next so I only have Borderlands and Dungeon Siege 3 for newer sort of games. I decided nows a good time to finish off some old school adventures I've had for a long time but haven't actually completed. So far I've finished The Dig and I'm going to play Beneath a Steel Sky on the weekend.

        Trijn's such a glory hog!

        Is Shane to blame for you finishing The Dig?

          Sughly guilted me a few weeks ago actually in the ScribbleTaku comments.

          It's something I had been meaning to get back to any way. That sense of shame sealed the deal. :P

      was just about to send some tweets about that... hehe...
      Trijn was writing articles before it was cool man.. give him a break!

    This years Shameless Gaming has been much more productive than last years! I've finished off Metroid Other M, Bioshock (though I did start both a little earlier than July 1st :P) and got all the trophies in Journey. Working on Mass Effect 2 and Tomb Raider Legend at the moment. Still got a few more to go, but it's been fun!

      That's a hell of a start. I'm not too fussed about starting early. This is more about finishing games and having fun than strict rules about deadlines and whatnot.

      What was it like playing Journey for the trophies? On my first playthrough, I didn't get a single trophy until the credits so it never crossed my mind to even try for them. Seems the sort of game where chasing trophies doesn't seem right.

        You said that before when I mentioned it but I still had fun getting all the trophies.

        Most of them aren't too grindy or collectabley but if you intend on getting a white robe (infinite flight) you'll get a trophy for it anyway. There's also some trophies that led to hidden things I wouldn't of normally found. While they aren't particularly 'amazing' they were cool little things I never noticed.

        Yeah, pretty much what Greenface said. You don't really have to go too far out of your way for the trophies, so it doesn't feel like too much of a chore. Things like 'take a week break between journeys', 'meet 10 people' and 'find x secret' were all I was missing.

        It was awesome getting a white robe though. Got a nice PSN message from one player who stuck with me through the entire game as well (I was showing them where all the secrets were :P).

    I don't think I participated last year (didn't do it as part of the community but I might've just played old games anyway) but so far this year has been going well :)

    Beat Renegade Ops, Space Marine and inFamous 2 and I'm working on Resident Evil: Revelations and The Last Story again after giving up on them a while ago. Going to start MGS3 today and try to beat Halo: Reach and RAGE. Woo!

      loved Renegade Ops, never got around to the DLC though. (DLC for a downloadable game is excessive, I tells ya. :P)

        It was a surprise hit for me. I literally had no idea about its existence and I wasn't even interested in it even when it was offered as a 'free' PlayStation Plus subscriber game. So glad I gave it a crack though and it's a lot of fun, especially co-op :D (more fun when you beat them on the scoreboards :P)

    This just reminded me of all the games i have sitting uncompleted or unstarted that i need to get back into to. Stalker: Clear Sky/Pripyat, Metro, Crysis 2, CoD5, at the last like 30 mins of FF-13-2 just need to get around to actually passing it. This sounds like a good enough reason then any other to get back into them and pass them away.

    This is the worst article today and you should feel ashamed of yourself.

    Trjn is the worst thing about this site.

      I think i want your babies zap.

        Don't get ahead of yourself, Rocketpony. He meant Trijn, not Trjn. Two completely different people.

          you mean he doesn't hate you. Man now i have to search for like 30 seconds. This is becoming bothersome.

            I have enough hate to go around.


          Every time you write something all I read is "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" and I feel like throwing puppies.

        I get that a lot. I'm pretty awesome.

    Well, I just had a go at adding the games in my collection I could remember off the top of my head to Darkadia. I think I need a shameless gaming decade to cross them all off. Either that or lower my completion threshold to just finishing campaign mode or similar...

    Last year i finished like 8-9 games and this year i'll be lucky to get through 2 of them.. but I will try! Amnesia is first and I will try getting through this tonight or on the weekend. Then I think Stacking will be next as I was really enjoying that when I started.

    Love how Trjn has become the father of the movement.. We SO need shirts made up about this. I'd wear mine all month long!

      Stacking's art direction blows me away, feels like you can reach into the TV. Definitely the best Double Fine downloadable game visually atleast. (Amazing game too, but I think Cosutme Quest has my heart.)

      I'm too young to be a daddy!

      If you want shirts, I can send high res copies of the pineapple logo for you to get printed up. That's about as official as that's going to get :p Might want to have more than one though, it'd get a bit smelly well before the month is up.

        Nah, it's easy to get a month out of a shirt, wear it normally for a week, wear it backwards, then turn it inside out and repeat...don't forget the deodorant.

          Ah yeah, the good ol' undies trick... everyone does that right?

            Forwards, backwards, inside out forwards, inside out backwards.

            And don't forget the sunscreen.

              If you wear a g-string, you can wear it 12 times (TWELVE TIMES) before needing to change!
              Forwards, rotate 33°, rotate 33°, reverse, rotate 33°, rotate 33°, inverse, rotate 33°, rotate 33°, reverse inverse, rotate 33°, rotate 33°.

              Now THAT'S efficiency, folks!

    Finished Journey a few nights back and last night I finally finessed Dark Souls!

    Off to a good start, Batman Arkham City is next on my list...

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