Shigeru Miyamoto Discusses Wii U Metroid Possibilities, I Tremble With Excitement

I'm still patiently waiting on my new 2D DS/3DS Metroid game, but it looks like Shigeru Miyamoto is a step ahead of me. He's thinking about Metroid on the Wii U and how that might work.

"With Metroid it's very easy to imagine some interesting implementation for Wii U," Miyamoto said, talking to IGN. "I think that having another screen with the gyro built in really gives you a lot of interesting opportunities for development, and we can bring a lot of our games to life in a completely unique way with that.

"I feel like the possibilities of the GamePad for Metroid could be really fantastic. There's certainly a lot that you could do there for that game."

I think this quote could be taken one of two ways. You could be positive and think, 'Yay! There'll be a Metroid game on the Wii U', or you could say, 'What?! They haven't started developing it yet and Nintendo is still chucking ideas around instead of being halfway through development on the next Metroid?!'

I'm a glass half-full kind of guy, particularly since Metroid has been known to skip entire console iterations before. I'm just happy Nintendo is considering another Metroid game post Other M. I'll be very interested to see precisely what direction the series goes from here on out.

Miyamoto Discusses Metroid on Wii U [IGN]


    I think a Metroid game on the Wii U in the style of Other M could work well. Just replace pointing the Wiimote at the screen with raising the tablet to enter first-person.

    Can't wait to see what happens with Metroid though. Hopefully it's not completely dead.

      No, not Other M, no game could work "in the style of Other M".

      If they want to try Metroid in 3D again without the first person elements of the Prime games, Nintendo needs to look at other open world adventure games for inspiration.

      I'd ask them to mostly look at Arkham Asylum, seeing as that was essentially a Batman Metroid game anyway.

      Or you know, they could just make a beautiful 2.5D Metroid on the Wii U, heck even give it to Retro again, cause they've proved they can design a hell of a 2D platformer.

        I actually quite liked the gameplay of Other M, and many people agreed with that. Seemed the main gripe about Other M wasn't the gameplay mechanics, but the character Samus herself and how she was portrayed.

        Having said that though, I agree that it's probably time to innovate, but where they can take it I really don't know.

        It's funny you mention the Batman games, as one of my mates constantly refers to AA and AC as "Batman Prime" and "Batman Prime 2". Not that taking inspiration from Metroid Prime is a bad thing, because I still hold those games (especially the first two, but the third is no slouch either) as among the best games ever made.

          No even the gameplay was dull and in complete betrayal of the rest of the series (of course not a tavesty on the same scale as the horrid character destruction Samus saw in the game), I mean I liked the core combat mechanics, but the environment was too contained and linear to be considered a Metroid game.

          Seriously, you very quickly realize how the game just makes you go through the motions. Cutscene> corridor > room of enemies > corridor > save point > corridor > slow walking bit > cutscene > where's wally minigame > boss and rinse and repeat (though they sometimes mix it up by switching the last two).

            I thought the style was perfect (except for missile aiming during boss fights) - much closer to the NES games than Metroid Prime . I agree about the maps, but that's something that could be fixed whilst retaining the third person style.

            I thought the level design worked quite well to be honest. Yeah it could have been better, but I enjoyed the return of a third person Metroid game. Was it perfect? No, but the hybrid gameplay I don't think was given enough credit. And while backtracking wasn't as huge of a deal in Other M as it was in previous games, there was still enough there for it to feel like Metroid.

            I'm not saying it was the best Metroid game out there (as I said Metroid Prime holds that spot, and it's gonna take a hell of a game to knock it from that perch), but it held its own if you ignored how Samus was portrayed in it.

          I actually really enjoyed Other M. Once you get past the "it's not the same!!!1" phase, it's a good game in its own right. It was actually one of the best games I played last year. I wouldn't say no to another Metroid game in the same style.

          I still don't think the anniversary treatment it got was fair. It really disappointed me.

        +1 for loveing other M. I get why some didnt like, but I for one enjoyed every second of it, and have played every Metroid to date.

    I'm still kind of sad how Nintendo of Japan seems pretty intent on ignoring the Prime series, mainly because it means the chances of us getting another proper first-person Metroid game are pretty slim.

    Hopefully the criticisms from Other M means they won't try that approach to the series again, both from a gameplay and story perspective.

      You think you have it bad, look at how they ignore the main series, almost 10 years now since Metroid 4 cam out and in all of that time you guys have had 3 games.

        I hope the series won't become neglected like Mother or F-Zero.


    A first person Metroid on Wii-U could be fantastic - scanning, obviously, comes to mind, but that's only the tip of the iceberg. Having your map permanently displayed on the gamepad, tilting the pad for morph-ball movement; say, for example, you scan an enemy and it's weak points are displayed on the pad for targeting - the possibilities are endless. It doesn't even have to be in first person for these features, but I entered Samus' world with Prime and so that's my automatic definition of "the best" Mteroid experience.
    I'd be perfectly happy if they mix up the style for a new one - so long as it's by Retro, I'm not fussed. They're said to be hard at work on a Wii-U property so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    FFS! Another kiss arse Miyamoto article. This guy isn't a god. There are better developers out there, actually making more of an impact on games. The guy hasn't done anything new for 20 years.
    I do like Nintendo games, but I get really fed up with people treating them like gods. Zelda is fun, but it's bland in comparison to Uncharted or Assassins Creed.

      Uncharted's design has got absolutely nothing on Zelda. Even the "bad" Zelda games like Twilight Princess boast far more creative design than the Uncharted games ever did. The Uncharted games are very good and are very well made, don't get me wrong, but they are linear affairs of climbing and shooting bad guys squeezed between cinematic set pieces and cutscenes.

      You can certainly make an argument with Assassin's Creed (maybe not so much the first one, but definitely AC2 and ACB), but not Uncharted.

        You're joking right? If it wasn't for Miyamoto gaming wouldn't even exist.. -.-

      Oh god.
      I'm praying this is a joke.
      You just picked two of the blandest wall climbing simulators to prove a point.
      Crawl into a corner and stay there.

        Oh god.
        I pray that you DON'T ACTUALLY believe Uncharted or Assassin Creed to be a 'simulator'.

      I don't get why you're angry. It's not like the Internet has finite space and this article is taking up space that could be used for articles on other developers..

    I just hope that they don't make Samus into the person she was in "Other M." That would be bad D=

    Bring it on!

    why haven't they released HD remakes of Super and Fusion yet? full 3D backgrounds, advanced lighting effects, pretty Wave beam Colours. I'd settle for that.

      Because HD'ing sprites is next to impossible unless you redraw all the assets, in which case you'd might as well make a new game.

        I'd still Settle for HD remakes if they chose to spend their time doing so. wouldn't even Phaze me.
        Bam! that just happened!

    My only gripe from Other M was the mundane story. Once you got over the FP to 3rd Person gameplay, it really wasn't that bad.

    Be awesome to see what Miyamoto comes up with, after not being involved with Metroid for such a long time :D

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