Skyrim: Dawnguard 30-Day Xbox 360 Exclusivity Has Now Exceeded 30 Days

Skyrim: Dawnguard 30-Day Xbox 360 Exclusivity Has Now Exceeded 30 Days

Wondering when you can get Skyrim‘s downloadable content Dawnguard for your PlayStation 3 or PC? So is Bethesda.

“We have not announced Dawnguard for any other platform, nor given a timeline for any such news. If we have news, I promise I’d tell you,” Bethesda vice president of marketing Pete Hines wrote on Twitter yesterday.

But in May, Bethesda told me that the Xbox 360 would have a 30-day exclusive on the DLC. Dawnguard was first released on June 26. Today is July 27.

I’ve reached out to Bethesda to ask why the Xbox’s exclusivity period has exceeded 30 days. I’ll update if they respond.


    • It’s already out on Xbox so they’ve got all the content created and they’ve had 30 days to port it over to pc/ps3.

        • Texture files on PC are .dds. On Xbox, they’re .ddx, so the textures, of which there are many, need to be the right format.

          Not that converting a bunch of textures is tough work for an amateur modder, much less a game studio made up of many professional developers.

  • Seriously, last time this PC player pays premium for Bethesda loyalty. Next game they release I wont be buying till 2 years later when its $5 for the GOTY version… It will still look better 3 years old on the PC.

  • Bethesda dun goofed. I hope they realise how many people they’ve pissed off with this.

    They announce “well we didn’t actually say it was coming out on PC or PS3 at all…” on the day that everybody was EXPECTING IT TO COME OUT. Really bad PR.

  • They fucked up on this one. A delay is fine, but now saying it’s not announced at all for other consoles? Seriously? What are they, stupid?

  • the longer the delay, the more this will hurt their bottom line as better games come out from mid august on wards. besides this is bethesda and we all know that dawnguard has a lot bugs on the 360 that will not be fixed at all for when the ps3 and pc versions are eventually released.

    And the only reason why the PC version has not been released is because bethesda uses steam instead of shitty G4WL. If PC users were forced to use G4WL i garentee that PC players would of been playing dawnguard back when it was released for the 360.

  • Seriously, it had a 30 day exclusive – doesnt mean they intended to release it the day after the exculsivity finished. As far as we know they finished and polished the 360 version first to get it out and are using the following time to polish the PS3/PC version.

    They never announced any date nor did they ever say this content was coming to either platform. It will get here when it gets here and im sure it will be sooner than later.

  • You would think given the popularity of the game they would be churning out DLC, license to print money.

  • I’d rather these guys fix Skyrim first. Everytime my Level 42 King of Nipples jumps in the water near Windhelm my PS3 locks up.

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