Skyrim Is 50% Off For The Next 12 Hours

Thanks to a Daily Deal over at the Steam Summer Sale, popular roleplaying game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is $US44.69 for the next half day. You can also get heaps of Bethesda games. [Steam]


    Unless of course you happen to live in Australia, in which case it's $14.69 more, despite the exchange suggesting it should be closer to a total of $29.25.

    Ahhh it's that warm and fuzzy australian retail feeling again. Looking forward for Dawnguard to become available for PS3.

    Another opportunity for me to plug Green Man Gaming. They'll sell you a Skyrim Steam key for less than Steam, normally. It's $60 now, but that's a non-sale price so currently Steam is cheaper. But when GMG have a sale, you might get a price on Skyrim similar to what Americans are paying for it on Steam.

      GMG Sale FTW!! I got LOTR: War in the North for $10. Even if Steam have 75% off it'll cost at least $15, that's only $5 less than GMG sell without a sale.

      Was worried for a second. THought that was going to be some greenwashing propoganda about saving the planet by buying games digitally :P

    And again if you live in Australia the following packs dont exist



    Yeah, or you could go to and buy a boxed copy for $36.99.

    I'm a big fan of the Steam sales... but c'mon.

    Or you could buy a boxed copy from ozgameshop for $36.99. Your call.

    are you so stupid kotaku Australia that you have to post US prices and packages that we cant get? god damn you guys suck.

    Dlo it is the Australian price. Price quoted is 50% of $89 US. In US store price is $30 Us.

      But the Bethesda pack that is linked to isn't available in Australia. Kotaku fail.

    I was one of many who picked up Skyrim from Green Man Gaming for $29.95 about 3 months back now. Steam is so overrated. Check your prices people, just because steam have it on sale doesnt mean its a good deal!

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