Smash Bros. Creator's Studio Closes Down

Project Sora, the studio headed up by Smash Bros. Masahiro Sakurai, has been dissolved.

The company's official site states that as of June 30, Project Sora is no more. The company's homepage will continue to remain up until July 31.

Project Sora [Official Site]


    That's awful! They put out, what, 2 awesome games and now this!? WHERE IS THE HEART

      Not even that. Remember this studio was formed by the Smash Bros creator, it wasn't the studio that actually worked on Smash Bros. Masahiro Sakurai founded this studio after SSBB shipped.

      The only game they put out in that time was Kid Icarius Uprising, though they were apparently supposed to be working alongside Namco on the next Smash Bros.


    I thought they were working on next Smash Bros.... and Kid Icarus was awesome game to me

      Nah man, he's putting together a team of Namco guys or something for the next Smash.

      Plus one to the awesomeness of Kid Icarus. Shame the studio was so short-lived, though I guess that was the intention all along.

    Doesn't look like a studio that was much fun to work at anyways tbh..

    Is that picture of their studio? How did they work on such teeny tiny monitors?

    It's sad to see this though. Although it does sound like this studio had a specific purpose, so I guess it's not horrible news.

    Kid Icarus Uprising is one of the few '3DS games' I actually play... my 3DS is usually playing a DS game or something on the virtual console. It's a shame they had to close down. Hopefully they'll be able to form back up under a new name and continue on.

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