Smite's Latest Hindu Deity Is Decidedly Unsexy

Despite mild controversy surrounding the upcoming free-to-play online battle arena game's depiction of Hindu gods, Smite isn't quite done yet. The latest deity to join the online god battle is Bakasura, and he's pretty damn creepy.

Bakasura is an Asura, one of a group of power-hungry deities that are often used to represent moral and social evils, like greed or gluttony. According to mythology, Bakasura was essentially a demon that convinced the raja of Ekachakra to supply him with daily food delivery. He'd eat the food, the delivery men, and then he'd still be hungry for more. If developer Hi-Rez Studios hadn't made him so damn creepy I'd say he'd make a great mascot for Pizza Hut.

Bakasura is about as far from the four-armed sexpot Kali as one can get, so I wouldn't expect spiritual leaders to get bent out of shape over this one.


    He's kinda like a stealthy cho'gath.

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