So There Might Be A New PS3

According to a Federal Communications Commission filing, there appears to be a new PlayStation 3 on the horizon. The model numbers are CECH-4000A and CECH-4000B; the current model number is CECH-3000. Thus, this new model would usher in the 4000 seres.

The FCC label position on the CECH-4000 PS3 is different. While the filing does not specifically mention dimensions, there have been rumours (via Eurogamer) of a thinner machine.

During the end of the PS2's lifespan, Sony released a super compact (and cheaper) PlayStation 2. While the PS3 already got a thinner version, it's certainly seems plausible that Sony would release a super slim.

PS3新モデル「CECH-4000」シリーズ近日発売?FCCに登録 [Pocket News via Amaebi]


    Would not mind a slimmer cheaper version. About time I actually got myself a ps3.

      I just paid $230 for one the other day at kmart. Don't think it could get much cheaper than that any time soon.

      Good time to get one if you still havent

    Super Slim? Nah, it'll be PS3XL for sure.

    I totally called this a week ago :P

    PS3 games are starting to look dated. If you are already a PC gamer, then the only reasons to get a PS3 is because that's what your friends play or you want to play the exclusives (some of which do not look very dated at all and fare well today, like the PS3 Ratchet and Clank game).

      As a GAMER, I think your missing something. A true gamer has no sides, and knows no fanboisem. They play any game, and if they like it, they KEEP playing till there bord/finshed it.

      Thus, haveing a PS3 is esenital to a gamer. As is a Wii, for that matter. a 360, you can go without, as exlusives on it genraly end up on PC.

        Yep, just like Halo 3/ODST/Wars/Reach/Anniversary/4, Trials HD/Evolution, Gears of War 2/3, Forza Series all ended up on PC :P
        Okay, so the Xbox doesn't have as many big name exclusives as other consoles, but (for me at least) it's still worth getting one.
        I would like to get a PS3 though, to use as a game consoles and blu-ray player.

          Generally all multiplats play/look better on 360 but Im keen to get a ps3 for a few exclusives/blu ray

        I agree Jagji56, however you cant help but have a preference. not necessarily take sides, but a preference. I bought a 360 on launch and got rid of it right around the time Halo 3 was released. bought myself a PS3, and a year later got a WII. In the recent Dick Smith sale, i bought myself a 4gb 360 slim, a 250gb HDD, and a Kinect Sensor. In all honesty, i have a truckload of games for my 360 (about 30ish?) including GoW 1, 2, 3, Halo 3, ODST, Reach, and Anniversary, a heap of XBLA stuff etc... I found myself using it for about 3-4 days, and since it has turned into a streaming foxtel set top box.

        My Wii only gets a workout when i have friends coming over, and we want to fire up a party-type game. I cant bare to do any serious gaming on my Wii. My PS3, has clocked up more hours then i can count... I always remembered preferring the 360 controllers for FPS games over the PS3, but now that I own both im not so sure.

        Its not like I'm a sony fan boy... ive owned many different consoles in my time. from a Sega Master System, to a Mega Drive & 32X, to a Game Boy, to a Sony Playstation, a Sega Dreamcast, Xbox 1 (i couldnt stand the PS2, but loved my xbox :P) to the current gen.

        This is just an observation. If I had one seemingly fanboyish but actually legitimate criticism to make, would be the Xbox-Live service, having to pay $79.99 a year to simply play online, and no added incentives. even to use foxtel, you need to have Gold. SEN at least gives you every available network feature, for free. even when you sign up to PSN+ for $69.99 (which i highly recommend people do) in no time you build yourself up an entire gaming library that is yours to keep for as long as you are a PSN+ member. Upon joining you get about 20 free games, and every month new games are available. This week for example we have Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

      Because graphics are all that matter.

    Just get a ps3/360 for exclusices and a pc for multiplats.

    Seems legit. The PS3 "slim" isn't really all that slim, it's a little bigger than the original PS1 was. Components on par with the PS3's performance can easily fit in small enclosures now. Just look at the latest smart phones, or the A5 chip in the Apple TV.

    A cheap, slim version would buy the PS3 a few more years of life, giving Sony the space to be last-to-market with a PS4, if they want to bide their time.

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