Some Of The Worst Pikachu Drawings On The Internet

There are many talented artists online. You see some of the stuff on DeviantArt, and you go, "Wow, there are many talented artists online." But what about the untalented ones?

Over on Japanese forum 2ch, a thread popped up in which people showed off their awful Pokémon drawings.

Many of them are bad — that's the point! But some are so bad, they're good.

Be proud awful artists! Surely your work isn't as terrible as this.

ピカチュウ描いた評価ヨロ [キニ速]


    You've clearly never been on Deviantart if you think these are the worst.

      That is very true, most of Deviantart is full of people who are not even close to being artists. All they do is post half-arsed photo-manips using Photoshop Filters and call it art???

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      We call that "going straight to the source"

    That last one with the hairy legs!!!! XD

    The last one is awesome.

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