Somehow, I Don't Think This Is How Half-Life 2: Episode 3 Will End

Until Valve comes out with the third episode of Half-Life 2 (or Half-Life 3, perhaps), our imaginations will have to do as a source of possible endings for the long-running saga. This short clip shows us just one possible outcome, which is oddly familiar, yet completely unlikely.

If you're worried about spoilers — don't be. Unless you've never seen an episode of a certain cartoon series, or are the world's foremost Team Fortress 2 die-hard, it's all good. Just enjoy a quiet chuckle, followed by an hour-long, forlorn glance at the gaping hole in your Steam library just below Half-Life 2: Episode Two (which, incidentally, is on sale for $US4 right now).

How HL2: Ep. 3 will end [Steam Workshop]


    I thought it would have been Gordon under there.

    I take it this was shot with the Source Filmmaker? I can't wait to get a handle on that...!

      You can get it now, the beta is open to all!

    Excellent. Just brilliant

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