Something In This Image Will Probably Be In Medal Of Honor's Multiplayer Trailer

Medal of Honor's community operation is out there trying to drum up lots of activity on its Facebook page, promising the release of the Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer trailer once they reach 100 per cent of ... something.

We're told we'll get there if we vote, like and comment on every poll and cover photo for the game's official Facebook page, though since the goal isn't exactly articulated, my guess is that this thing has already been scheduled to release sometime this week.

They'll drop another screenshot when they reach 90 per cent of this mystery total, but my guess is this one was deliberately chosen because it provides some clue of a feature to be showcased. The vehicles? The tank? The big supply drop? Is this a hint about a map itself? Dunno. The image given to us by EA was called "Location_Unknown".

While our ability to accelerate the delivery of said multiplayer video remains dubious, you can keep checking the Facebook page for updates as to when it might happen.

Medal of Honor [Facebook]


    I'm still not convinced that the "Like to speed up the process of something we've already completed!" idea is a good thing.
    Set a release date, and get us hyped up that way instead.

    Anyway, the screenshot looks damned purrdy at least!

    medal of honor still exists?

    Could have sworn Rising Sun was never finished.

    Its clearly that dodgy looking tree behind the vehicle, looks like taliban to me...

    It might not be a supply drop in the picture. It could be just boxes

    The answer is obviously butterflies.. but seriously, there's something not quite right about that pile of rocks in the foreground...

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