Sometimes, Video Game Outfits Just Look Goofy

Popular Capcom video game Sengoku Basara is being turned into a Japanese TV drama called Sengoku Basara Moonlight Party. The show stars Gackt and hunky dudes like Kento Hayashi, Hide Tokuyama and Kouhei Takeda — all wearing silly costumes.

These outfits would not be silly in a Sengoku Basara video game. But this isn't a video game. In real life, the get-ups appear utterly ridiculous. That's the rub — these characters are based on historical figures. (Check out how they looked in real life.)

"I can only see this as some sort of joke," a Japanese net user wrote on bulletin board 2ch. "Did someone lose a bet?" asked another.

Between saying these simply looked like pricey cosplay, like something out of an adult movie or just awful, the general consensus was that the outfits were lulztastic. "I'm not familiar with the games," wrote one 2ch user, "and these outfits are actually so awful that I want to watch the show."

Sengoku Basara Moonlight Party gets its costume party started on July 12 when its first episode airs.

【ドラマ】 実写版「戦国BASARA」のキャラクターがひどすぎると話題に [痛いニュース]


    Hey... I saw two episodes of the anime for this. Enjoyably awful. The best moment was when one guy stood bolt upright on the back of his horse whilst it ran up an 80 degree wall to invade a castle.

    Is this really about video games looking goofy or asians?

      Asians. It's an Ashcraft masterpiece. It's all he knows.

    Soooo... it took them THIS long to realise that things that might look cool in anime don't exactly translate over into the real world well?

    Oh man...the anime was supposed to be over the top and just silly, but these costumes.....
    They've crossed the boundary of silly and moved into the category of painful...yikes. I've seen non-professional cosplayers do a better job. You'd think if they had a movie budget, you'd think they'd spend a few minutes at least adapting the costumes.

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