Sony Shuts Down Online Play For Two MotorStorm Games

Sony Shuts Down Online Play For Two MotorStorm Games

MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, released in 2008, and its PSP counterpart MotorStorm Arctic Edge (2009) are losing their online play features on October 1. An announcement on Sony’s UK PlayStation site said servers for those two games and SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3 (also PSP) will be closed on that date.

I really enjoyed MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. It was Support for Online Game Features []


  • I’m really saddened by this, I’ve had some brilliant times playing online on Pacific Rift, and met a couple of friends through it. I was only playing the game yesterday, but I’m gonna have to back and play online before the servers go dark for good 🙁

  • It is for this reason exactly that I HATE that games are increasingly coming out without server code /direct IP built in…..
    I still play many games that are approaching 10 years old. Online/LAN play is what keeps them alive! Removing features you paid for as a means of getting you to buy the next version? Dirty business if you ask me……

  • Man… a very sad day. Motor Storm RC on the Vita was one of the very best games in the collection. Very, Verys Sad.

    • Well there is no unlimited servers in this world. Eventually they have to cancel off some old games to bring in new one. Would you like to have more servers for all stars battle?

  • pathetic. I really enjoy Pacific Rift. This is why there needs to be dedicated server code built into games, it also shows that Publishers just see these things as products to be shelved whenever they decide.

  • Did anyone ever stop to think that the reason that these servers are being shut down is because it’s not financially viable to keep them up? If your game is not selling, and people don’t use your service, then it’s going to be shit down!
    Even P2P play would still go through SEN/PSN, so it would still be costing Sony money.
    Not saying its not sad, but come on, let’s be real about it. This happens for a reason, and of your complaining and don’t play the game regularly, then you only have yourself and others like you to blame.

    • The problem isn’t game companies shutting down servers because they aren’t making money off them. We understand and have no problem with a company shutting down a server, they shouldn’t run them forever.
      The issue is that these games’ multiplayer function is totally and utterly dependant on these servers! We don’t want servers to not turn off, we want our own server code so that multiplayer is not treated like a service which is out of our control.

      • Yes, the problem is money. Every game goes through this stage.
        This tends to mean that a new game is in development or the series is getting tossed.

        In Motorstorms case, there was only a few thousand people on Pacific rift at any given time and thats not worth spending the big bucks on anymore.

        There is no other reason. Games come and they go and if they are loosing money by leaving the servers then thats game over, and servers on Consoles are expensive to have up and running.

        And Motorstorm Pacific Rift and the Vita motorstorm did not sell well at all so there wasnt much reason to kerp the servers open.

        The 360’s games arent doing well in terms of Active players either. This always happens at the end of a Console Generation, servers tend not to last too long at the end of a generation.

  • I literally brought Pacific Rift an hour and a half ago. :< Hopefully it'll still be fun on my own.

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