Sounds Like Assassin's Creed III Is Getting A TON Of DLC

We were sent this image (below) over the weekend, reportedly a little note sent out by Ubisoft to GameStop stores patting them all on the back for their stellar efforts in bugging enough of you into preordering a game that they hit a quota.

After that's done, though, we're told that Ubisoft has formed a team specifically to create post-release DLC for Assassin's Creed III, and that there'll be enough of it to warrant some kind of "season pass" being sold for the game which would presumably entitle purchasers to a discount rate for buying all of it at once.

No mention of whether it's singleplayer, multiplayer or both, but seeing as the series has had some success releasing decent singleplayer DLC with Assassin's Creed II, hopefully it's something more substantial than just maps and skins for multiplayer.


    Luke did you not read the paper properly? Its post launch EPISODIC dlc. Which means single player.

    they really shouldnt put important plot stuff in DLC......

    like a certain detail...concerning a certain charachter...

      They'll probably do what they've done with the previous ones. Cut a section of the game out (usually around the 3/4 mark) and sell that.

      And then not market said DLC at all so barely anyone actually plays it and finds out said important character detail...

    Colour me not surprised. When was the last (non-nintendo) major release without serious DLC?

    Bonus content for preorders. Episodic DLC releases. Season passes.

    Yeah, you can keep this one.

    Will do what I've done since ACII and wait 9 months for a GOTY Edition with all the DLC and 'exclusive pre-order' shit in one package for twenty bones.

      and then twelve months after that you will be able to do it all again for Assassins Creed 4

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