Source Filmmakers Unmask The Pyro

We all enjoyed Meet the Pyro. It was worth the wait. Except fans still had one question. Who is the man behind the mask?!

Well, wonder no more. Thanks to Valve's new Source Filmmaker, we now know exactly who (or what) is beneath the Pyro's mask.

But be warned, what you are about to see may disturb you.


    I have a feeling that this comment section is about to get flooded with - "L4D3!?? Where's Half-Life 3!?? GAAAAAABBBBBBEEE!!!
    Aw well, more zombies for me, thanks, Pyro?

    L4D3!?? Where’s Half-Life 3!?? GAAAAAABBBBBBEEE!!!

    yei more zombie killing!

    That's actually kinda awesome.

    This has to be the troll to end all trolls.

    This isn't officially from Valve is it? Still, it will sure heat up fanboys soon enough :P

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