Star Wars: The Old Republic Will Now Let You Try The First 15 Levels For Free

If you've been curious about Star Wars: The Old Republic but haven't felt like spending money to find out if you like it, today's a good day for you.

Beginning today, SW:TOR has a free trial available to new players. The trial lets players create characters in any class and play them normally through level 15. That will take most players through their starter planet and off to the next planet in their stories, essentially completing the prologue and introduction of their characters' tales. Characters created through the free trial are also eligible to participate in PvP zones.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a story-driven MMORPG. The current level cap is 50 but, as is common, levels 1-15 move much more quickly than levels 30-50 do. Players who have previously participated in a free weekend or have played with a buddy code are eligible for the free trial. Players who have cancelled or lapsed existing subscriptions are not.

Love it once you've gotten your feet wet? You can keep the characters you made for the free trial after purchasing the full game. Hate it? Nothing lost.

Announcing the Star Wars: The Old Republic Free Trial [Official Site]


    Can I continuing playing and doing missions once I hit level 15?

      Probably but the system doesnt allow you to go to new plantes until you have finished certain class quests, so you would be stuck on the same planet.

      Well according to the FAQ:
      The trial period expires upon redemption of an official Game Product Registration Code, purchase of a product subscription, or redemption of a Game Time Code.

      There is no mention of hitting level 15 and not being able to play anymore from what i can see.

    "free" and "EA" dose not compute

      So i guess you didn't hear EA talking about the future of gaming being Free-to-Play?

        EA also talked about the future of gaming being charging FPS players real cash to buy bullets whenever they run out mid-game.

    Free to play altogether might be interested.

    Finally. Considering I started Star Trek Online and got bored with it by level 13, this will probably suit me just fine.

    This game suks. Just a wow clone in every way except story telling

    This game suks. Just a wow clone in every way except story telling

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