Street Fighter LEGO So Good You'll Think It's Official

Custom LEGO builder Julian Fong has, after over a year of hard work, put together a set of Street Fighter LEGO minifigs that look for all the world like actual, official pieces.

They're not, of course, he's painted and customised themselves, but the level of detail, craftsmanship and adherence to LEGO's own style is remarkable.

Those wishing they were official...Fong has also submitted the minifigs to LEGO's Cusoo program, so there's a slim chance that, one day, they may actually be official.

Street Fighter 2 minifigs - complete roster [Flickr, via Brothers Brick]


    Damn how good does Akuma's hair look???

    Yup - If they were available I'd buy them - he's needs to add in the extra for each of the specials. Red and vlue Hadoken transperant bits would look sweet.

    damn he even got chun li's thunder thighs just right xD

    Zangiefs hair. lol I want to put that on all my minifigs

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