Street Fighter X Tekken Puts Its On-Disc DLC On Sale At The End Of July

Street Fighter X Tekken Puts Its On-Disc DLC On Sale At The End Of July
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A dozen new fighters in Street Fighter X Tekken will go on sale July 31, Capcom said yesterday at EVO 2012. It’ll cost 1600 Microsoft Points/$US19.99 to unlock them from the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 disc where they reside.

Now, those with a PS Vita may still wish to wait, as its version of Street Fighter X Tekken will offer the 12 additional fighters, plus all of the costume swaps for the 38 others on the main roster, for free. All DLC can be shared between PS Vita and PS3 versions of the game.

The 12 new fighters were originally planned to release later this year after the PS Vita version arrives October 2.

What do you get? Well, the roster includes Blanka, Sakura, Guy, Cody, Dudley, Elena, Jack, Bryan Fury, Alisa, Lars, Lei and Christie. Anyone who registered as a competitor at EVO gets all of this stuff for free, too.

A rebalancing patch will also roll out (for free, of course) on the same date. It includes a hitbox size reduction for Ryi, Ken, and Akuma’s Tatsumaki Sempuu kyaku, and addresses for Rolento’s jabs, Xiaoyu’s crouching hard kick phoenix loops and Raven’s crouching HP loops. The auto-block gem also has been re-balanced.

“I know the 12 DLC characters have been a contentious topic since they were discovered on the disc, but your reactions have been heard,” said Brelston over on Capcom-Unity. “We can cite our reasons why they were on the disc all day — compatability for all players, save HD space, download bandwidth etc – but in the end you have to hear what the community has to say. The dev teams are listening, and promise to incorporate that feedback into future titles — fighting or otherwise.”

12 DLC fighters coming to SFxT on July 31, balance patch included [Capcom-Unity]


  • I’m just gonna wait for the inevitable 2nd version of the game… plus 20 bucks? That’s taking the piss…

  • …why didn’t they make them available the day the game was released? Or at last the day they were discovered?

    • Because they’d already locked them in as a timed exclusive with the Vita version previously, and they couldn’t make money off it otherwise. This is Capcom we’re talking about here.

  • That’s ridiculous. If it were 800 points it wouldn’t be so bad, but 1600 is far too much for any extra dlc that should have been free to begin with. No thankyou, Capcom.

  • Just another reason I refused to buy the game – and why I won’t be picking it up later. It’s the only way to combat this type of shenanigans – don’t pay.

  • Sorry capcom, once bitten twice as shy. I ain’t buying your games anymore (& after playing the resi 6 demo this seems like an even wiser choice).

  • i don’t agree that they “should be free just cuz they’re on the disc”, since its obsurd to think that the majority of DLC isn’t made BEFORE a game is released. But i feel like they’ve come too late. i haven’t played the game in ages, and right now, couldn’t care less

  • The fact that Blanka is in the DLC is the thing that annoys me the most, it’s not like he is an extra or an oversight. He should most definitely be in the game from the start. It’s one thing to release stupid DLC with bonus content that people might want, but removing a character like him from the main game and then hitting you up for it is just a slap in the face.

    And for that slap in the face, Capcom can get fucked.

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