Suck It Wolverine, Here’s The Deadpool Game’s Announcement Trailer

Suck It Wolverine, Here’s The Deadpool Game’s Announcement Trailer

Let’s see: Voices in his head? Crude humor? Breaking the fourth wall? Swearing? High Moon and Activision are sending a very strong message that the Deadpool video game, just announced at San Diego Comic-Con, has everything a fan of the character will want. Really, though, is that Nolan North voicing Deadpool?

No launch date was yet announced, but we’re betting on sometime in the winter of 2013.

Video: IGN


  • Anyone else think this looks horrible. Such forced humor. And boob jokes? Was expecting Dave mirra or leisure suit Larry to walk in

  • This looks…. surprising good. If they nail a good combat system it should be great, DP is a fantastic character that is incredibly suitable for a game.

  • Given the track record of High Moon Studios, I’d say we’re in for a treat. Transformers: War for Cybertron was a faithful representation of the franchise, and a damn fine game to boot.

  • Nolan North was Deadpool in:

    Hulk Vs.
    (Ultimate) Marvel vs. Capcom 3
    Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions

    Kind of makes sense that he’s Deadpool here too.

  • North has played Deadpool a couple of times before, it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s him again.

    I think the reason this doesn’t work for me is a context thing. In comics, he’s ridiculously over-the-top; more violent and insane than anyone else. In games, he’s barely around the middle – the violence doesn’t feel ridiculous, it feels like “another really violent game”, he doesn’t sound like he’s making fun of sexist characters, he sounds like he’s just another sexist video game character. Out of the context of the greater Marvel universe, he doesn’t contrast to anything.

      • +1
        minus the 15 years wait/expectations, i’m interested in this one. graphics look like they belong on the previous generation rather than the current, but they could turn it into something if they focus their efforts in other areas (unlike DNF).

    • The reason it won’t work is that Deadpool’s humour is really only good the first time around, because it’s based on shock and non sequiturs . If you have to repeat a section, it’s gonna get irritating, instantly.

  • Sounds like he’s using a little bit of “Chuck” as a base, as well as the over the top fun of the comics. Looks like fun, and High Moon is a good outfit to make the game.

  • Deadpool is awesome, and I welcome the spotlight on him, but I hate the voice. It lacks the sarcastic/satirical/mocking edge deadpool is all about. In my opinion he’s supposed to sound like a dark version of Spiderman. Lots of witt, jokes and one liners, except about stuff like dead babies and burning orphanages. I honestly did get a duke nukem feel from the trailer, which I felt was somewhat over the top.

    • Gah! Stupid phone. Deadpool is great in UMvC3 and deserves a game more than any other marvel character.

  • Having not read a comic book since the mid 80’s I don’t really have a frame of reference but looks pretty cool.

  • Hmm. I dunno, something seems to be missing.

    I don’t know if it’s just the video game format (video games always tend to come out looking more visually awkward than other mediums, simply due to their nature and the priorities of the developers) vs comics, but it just doesn’t seem to have that deadpool magic, and the pure manic glee in the violence. I think my issue is that it looks like a deadpool skin slapped on a generic realistic shooter/brawler. I’d like to see a more stylised and exaggerated look, with lots of hand-keyed cartoony animation instead of mo-cap. And I agree that his voice doesn’t quite sound right. I always thought he should sound (and act) similar to The Flash from the Justice League series from the early 00s.

  • This trailer really doesn’t do dead pools humour justice, there are a lot of times when its well thoughtout and not just boobies and one liners although there are a lot of them.

  • As a die hard deadpool fan I HAVE JUST JIZZED it looks EPIC but seriously NOLAN NORTH AGAIN!!!! Here’s a message for you Nolan STOP HOGGING THE VOICE ACTING peace out mofos suck it wolverine

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