Tablet Owners Play Games More Often Than Smartphone Owners

I would never have guessed this based on watching people on the train every day. A Gartner study suggests that if you own a computer, a mobile phone and a tablet, it's the tablet that will get the most gaming action.

Gartner surveyed 510 people on three continents to come up with that figure. It's worth noting that gaming was far from the most common use for tablet devices, something you can see in the chart above, and that no consideration was given to consoles. But I wouldn't have thought that tablets would be more popular than phones. People are weird.


    My PC is used exclusively for gaming and coding now, my tablet for Google reader and web browsing, and phone for email on the go, or reader when I'm on the run and need to fill a few mins.

    Proof that there is no other real world use for tablets other than for fun

      Please tell me how you arrived at the conclusion so I can explain exactly why you're wrong.

        Only 40% of tablet users DO NOT game compared to 62% of laptop users. I wonder how many of them use their tablets to code, create websites and graphics, you know, real work. I personally have not found a single useful thing to do on my iPad 3 other than answer emails, surf facebook and games (only one of these 3 activities is marginally working, 50% spam, 30% waste of time emails, 20% real work)

          So you personally don't use your tablet computer for "real" work, and the majority of tablet owners play games on them at least once a day, they're not good for anything BUT "fun stuff"? A logical fallacy dervied from a biased interpretation of the results.

          Even though, as the article states: "It’s worth noting that gaming was far from the most common use for tablet devices, something you can see in the chart above".

          "I wonder how many of them use their tablets to code, create websites and graphics, you know, real work"
          I love how these are the only things you can apparently concieve of that equate to "real work".

          I could check my work email from my iPad. That would count as work rather than "fun stuff", since email correspondence takes up a good chunk of my workday. Everyone I deal with has sent me email from a portable device like an iPhone, Blackberry or iPad at least once.

          I can write letters on my iPad.

          I could review CCTV footage on my iPad.

          iPads are popular among execs visiting from the head office in the US, as a kind of digital clipboard. Hell, walk into an apple store, they check you on on their iPads at the door when you want to visit the genius bar so they folks upstairs have all your details by the time you go up to talk to them. Sure, that's apple making a point of utilising their apple products inside their retail environement, but it's still valid.

          And that's just iPads, which given how locked down and idiotproof they are, are pretty limited compared to what other more powerful tablets can do. While the iPad has some practical applications, it is a toy by comparison to what else is available. But saying that's all tablets are capable of is just poorly reasoned thinking.

            iPads are popular with execs because they like to jump on any and all bandwagons. Just like an exec of a company I used to work for thought our company should have a Second Life presence, even though the majority of our customer base would not be caught dead playing that game.

            Note: The majority of our customer base are retirees. We'd catch more of them by having a presence in the local lawn bowls club than Second Life.

            Relax bro. For two generations of iPad I could not personally work out why I would need/want one other than for play. I only just bought one recently to entertain my 4yr old (which it does do very very well).

            Chillax, I have one too. I'm saying, sitting it side my side next to my work laptop, I cannot see a real legitimate use for it, considering it costs nearly as much as my work laptop. It's a toy in comparison

              And you incorrectly assume I am anything but amused by a failure of logic on your part. I've owned an iPad for a total of 23 hours and didn't pay a cent for it.
              It's a toy, but that doesn't mean it has no practical applications.

                Like several other commenters here, I also code for a living. I'd never dream of using my iPad for anything professional (numbers excluded, that apps the bomb), but my laptop is 17", way too big to use casually on anything but a desk. The iPad excels at home, it's light, portable and can stream to my TV and stereo. It can even remotely access my laptop.

                It's the only tool I've ever been able to create anything aesthetically pleasing with.

              Kind of like saying your sports bike is a toy compared to your station wagon :) both vehicles, but it's not appropriate to compare them. The fact that tablets are a new category of device seems to be a very difficult thing for a lot of people to understand, especially people who use computers in their profession.

          Here's a lesson in statistics. Results aren't necessarily mutually exclusive. The graphs show gaming activity on any given device within any day within a week's period. Gaming and working aren't mutually exclusive activities, one can game and work on a device but in that graph their response would contribute towards gaming activity.


        Tell me, what real work do you do on your Ipad? Be honest

          I'm not quite sure what you mean by "real work"? In a work context I use my tablet for email and managing a team through pivotal because I like physically separating that from the machine I use for maya and unity.

          The anti-tablet mentality of nerds cracks me up. Yes, you like computers. No, the other 99.9% of the world does not.

    Eh, makes sense. I think most people who have a tablet probably have a smartphone too. They probably do all the facebook/twitter type stuff on the phone just to pass the time, but when they want to commit to doing some gaming you go for the bigger screen, the item with more games available on it, etc.

    That said, my wife is in love with our new iPad. She'll probably use it exclusively for everything now.

    You know why? because so many people have tablets that dont actually need them. school kids have them. For what?

    From the text of this article and the pic of the graph (which is possibly lacking info), isn't the point that of people who own all three devices, more will game every single day on their tablet than will game every single day on their other devices. Not that tablet owners play more than smartphone owners - the people surveyed are all both. And it doesn't even qualify that information with something like the difference between playing Plants vs Zombies for 5 minutes every day on your tablet versus playing a 2 hour session of a game on your laptop twice a week.

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