Take A Look At Mass Effect 3's Next DLC

To go with the mere announcement of new Mass Effect DLC from earlier today, a leak has turned up what looks like details - and images - of the new weapons and classes available.

The "Earth" DLC seems to contain five new N7 classes, three new weapons and a new game mode, Platinum.

New classes in Earth DLC confirmed by Gibbed (now with pics!) [BioWare]


    Wow, are people still playing this game?

      It's good for a game or two when you have 25 minutes to kill.
      Anything more than 3 games in a row and it gets to get tiring quickly.

        The average match goes for 20 minutes, so after an hour some people get bored.
        Not me, though. I love it!

    For the love of god Bioware I know you've got a freakin' boner for multiplayer at the moment but can you PLEASE give us some ****ing Single player content????????

      did you skip over ME1 and 2?

        No I played the shit out of them... WHEN THEY WERE RELEASED. Then their SP content, then all the SP content for ME2 which was quite a bit... now ME3 has been out for a bit, we've seen a fair bit of multiplayer DLC and as yet nothing, nada for singleplayer. Something, anything would be nice...

      Why would they bother with single player DLC? The game has come to its conclusion, everyone who would play it already knows the ending and DLC wouldn't have a 'mass effect' on the ending at all. Try using some common sense instead of your childish attitude.

      It's coming. It might even be announced at SDCC.

      Also there's no reason to get that worked up.

      Pretty sure they just released the Extended Cut DLC which extended the SP endings as well as unintentionally left in scripts for their Leviathan (and the recent VA confirmation) as well as the planned Omega SP DLC. Not to mention the Prothean DLC which is already out as well. Oh, not to mention BW having to shift their whole SP DLC schedule around to release the Extended Cut DLC first otherwise the ravenous trolls would have put up the massive "DON'T BUY ME3 DLC TILL WE GET THE ENDING WE DESERVE" signs.

      theres two team, one multiplayer and another single player, obviously multiplayer dlc is much easier to pump out

    Dont play multiplayer and the dlc will stop.

    I still haven't played the single player....just MP

    The multiplayer was fine, but extremely limited in terms of replayability. I was happy to play it while I waited for the EC, but now that has fizzled out as a great big nothing, I have zero motivation to play MP. Won't be downloading this.

    Holy crap, the Phantom as a playable class? My choice is made!

    lost interest after EC. not only that, all these are either re-skinned DCL from ME2 (terminus armour and kasumi) or altered cerberus characters (phatoms, Kie Lang etc). they didn't even try with the female amour. not impressed at all. don't even get me started on the weapons

    man they are really milking MP aren't they?

    I am of the angle that new MP DLC is quite enjoyable. It's a nice thing to do to with a couple buddies for a while and, to their credit, Bioware puts out some consistently entertaining new characters. I even enjoyed playing a Vorcha Soldier. That's right Vorcha *Soldier* of all things. Want to try out that ex-Cerberus phantom there.

    So when are we going to get to use all these awesome new weapons in SP?

    EA are shit etc. etc.

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