Taking The Pokédex 3D Pro For A Test Drive

The Pokédex 3D Pro hit the Japanese Nintendo eShop for the 3DS. In the above clip, YouTube user NintenDaan1 takes the app for a quick test drive. Priced at ¥1,500 (US$19), the app is a Black 2 and White 2 Pokédex packed with info., 3D models, quizzes, and an AR mode. It will hit the West later this fall.

In the clip below, YouTube user LucarioPlayer14 puts the app, which isn't Japanese language only, through its paces. He notes that the app is handy, but the price "seems kind of outrageous for something we can look up on the internet." Note that the AR mode, however, isn't exactly something you can do on the internet for free. Noted!

Pokedex 3D Pro - First Look [YouTube]

Pokedex 3D Pro Preview and Review (Any Language) READ THE DESCRIPTION! [YouTube]


    Anyone who even looked at the previous version (that was free) will realise that this is a huge waste of money.

      I don't know about that. The previous one didn't read out the names and I don't think it had all of the Pokémon in it. As a Pokémaniac, I'll be buying it, even though I was extremely happy with the free version.

    not a chance in hell I'm paying $19 for that

    I'd have struggled to pay $1 for the first version... $19? As the guy says, all this stuff is on Bulbapedia anyway, unless you want to spend hours ogling 3D pokemon models...

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