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    How were our weekends?

    Also, Saint's Row 3 has completely captivated me. The soundtrack is amazing, and the whacked out nature of the content seems to be *just* right. It's batshit insane, and I love it. Perhaps I'll finish a second game before the end of the month after all, eh?

      My weekend was filled with working and Might and Magic Heroes 6! So good! Hooray for having Monday off!

        Let me be the first to say, I hate you just a little bit right now.

    Good morning new TAY!

    Had a lot of fun at Rocketman's birthday Meat over the weekend! Also went and saw Brave the day after. My first time going to the cinema by myself and it was surprisingly fun. The movie was great as well. Not the best Pixar film, but still pretty solid.

    On a gaming related note, today is the last day of the Steam sale, right? So I should just go buy anything that hasn't been on massive sale that I'm still eyeing? I need to pick up a copy of Skydrift for myself! (it's a great plane-racing game with power ups and such, give it a look!)

    Lastly: thankyou Nob, you spaz. I mean... for gifting me SPAZ. :P

      First time going to the movies by yourself? Whoa! Clearly you're not as pathetic as me. :P

        Going by yourself isn't pathetic, it's awesome. I often go to the movies with my husband and his brother but I'll sit down the front by myself. I like being closer and hardly anyone ever sits in the first few rows unless it's superpacked. So it's like I'm in my own loungeroom .

        Also, if you go by yourself you don't have to risk them ruining it for you by talking to you or crunching in your ear or constantly checking their phone or any of the other annoying things people do at the movies. Plus, you get to pick the movie you want to see without worrying if anyone else wants to see it too.

          Good points all round! (Except for sitting up front, that's just madness, my friend. :D)

            I love that everyone else hates it up the front, it works out perfect for me.
            It's my kind of madness. :P

      WAIT! Beavwa DIDN'T gift it to you first? Oh man I've been waiting for this day.
      *pulls a lever*
      *streamers and balloons gall from the roof followed by a banner with the words "Nob (finally) won one"

        Oh he did, I was just too polite to say.


        I've been leaving it open for you since you got those balloons ready.

      Dude i went by myself and watched a movie on friday aswell, mine was way worse because i saw that new snow white movie.

      i am perplexed while going to the cinema is a activity people do together to be honest. Its not like you talk to them when the movie is on.

        The only benefit really is having someone to ramble with afterwards talking about the plot points. I guess that's what the internet is for. :P

          I usually just go, yeah i liked that when we walk out, then let it stew in my brain for a while until i decide what i liked and didn't. ITS A COMPLICATED PROCCESS

          That's the best part of going to the cinema for me. But at least now I'm not going to hesitate going by myself if none of my friends want to see my movie.

          (I had a gift card as well and smuggled supermarket-bought skittles in so it was basically free :D)

      Also the best part of my night was when heather and hollie started cutting your food. They felt so bad. Im suprised it wasn't to salty with their tears. Glad you had fun buddy i enjoyed you being there.

        If I get a free drink out of it I should let more people cut my dinner up for me, haha.

    I woke up grumpy and tired this morning...only to be greeted when I opened my computer with a huge pop-up from Steam telling me Ser Nobulus had gifted me Grimlock on Steam.
    Thanks Mr. Headshot! You saved my kids from my grumpy mood! :D

      omg! Prepare for awesome! Grimroc is a throwback to the good old days of gaming! So many secrets! Awesome fun!

        speaking of good old days of gaming, I'm fighting the urge to buy Ultima 7 from GoG. Should I just cave and do it?

      You're welcome Mrs Strange. I thoroughly enjoyed that game.

      Also, it appears I have this weird disease that makes me calling Grimrock Grimlock. :P

        You mean he didn't gift you a giant robotic dinosaur /o\
        I've been considering it but think I have enough new games already so might get it next round. I hope you enjoy it, apparently it is so exciting that you end up spelling it Grimroc :P

        Grimlock is far superior to puny Grimrock. GRIMLOCK SMASH!

    Morning everyone. Watched Ted last night, pretty funny. Still captivated by TDKR want to see it again and again, but it will be cheaper to just wait for the bluray.

      Bah, waiting is for shmucks :P
      I'm going to see it a second time tomorrow night.

      Damn fine movie, I'd like to see it again in cinemas but might wait and watch all three back-to-back on Blu Ray.

    Anyone notice RAGE went from $90 to $30 on Steam over the weekend

      It actually changed earlier than that. I wasn't interested in the game but it's good to see that they're actually reducing prices

      Yep. Got the flash sale for 10 bucks overnight.

        Same. $10 seemed like a reasonable price.

          For 10 dollars its ok, but the download to me is excessive for what it is...

    Including me there's 3 people in this lecture :P

    It starts at 9 so good turnout so far!

      ha ha post-holiday lectures. Always empty :-)

        It's also not a very popular unit so I wasn't expecting much

      I don't have to go until tomorrow! Suck it, Greenius!


        My final semester doesn't start 'til *next week*! Bring on the sleeping and gaming :)

          Damn! Oh well, it's my final semester too! High five!

    Mornin' TAY!
    Purchased a new computer over the weekend. Hopefully it should arrive Thursday or Friday at the latest.

    Once I have that up and running, I can DayZ and record at full detail, pending my crappy Internet connection.

      Dude myself and faction are going to see if we can find each other on a server and just roll with it. We should get a TAy clan going and roll some noobs :)

        Yeah, there's a fair few TAYbies that have it now.
        It'd be pretty great if we could find a server we can all consistently go on, but based on numbers, it'd probably have to be an American server. Apparently (and from what I've seen) the Aus and NZ servers are always close to capacity.

          I still havent installed it but the game seems like mad fun the more people you have who you know.

          I grabbed Arma 2 Combined Operations the other day, let me know and I'd love to join in!

        D: ... What, what did I ever do to you?

          we have to lose on our own :P
          sorry frond i still love ya

            I would say that I'll troll the next game by playing eve but SHE IS ACTUALLY GOOD NOW! What do?

      oh gawd its 17gbs to download all up /o\

    Morning everyone.
    Final day of Steam sales, my wallet can breathe easier....

      Tomorrow it can breathe easier. Today it still has some work to do.

    I am back from my amazing adventure to Sydney, I just wanted to thank everyone who made my trip awesome and really fun. You guys rock and made it really hard for me to want to go home. :)

    I knew in advance that Nightwish were coming on these dates (husband has connections. :P ), and I knew there was some Sabaton news incoming as well, but I never expected Sabaton to be supporting Nightwish instead of coming out here themselves.

    They're only supporting Nightwish for the Sydney and Melbourne legs though. And one headline show in Melbourne. Guess I'm going to Melbourne then. Thank goodness it's in the school holidays or I'd be really sad and angry right now instead of excited. :P

    Discovered this morning that my PC can run Portal 2 with all the settings cranked up with little difficulty. This integrated graphics chip keeps on surprising me.

      I think it's moreso Source engine, but either way, hooray!

        This is probably true but I hardly expected even that from it. I've probably missed out on a lot from the assumption I couldn't run anything.

      My laptop can run Portal 2 perfectly, then I try Quantum Conundrum and it stutters like crazy!

    Someone talk me out of buying Arma II for Day Z. You've got 5 hours

      I bought it last night - $14 or something like that.... Did that help?

      I've heard it's a pretty cool guy!

      Will it run on your computer? Easy way to convince yourself to not get it :P

      Seriously, the Real Virtuality engine hates everyone and everything.

      I caved. You people can't do your job very well. I know I was asking you to go against the TAY Marketing Machine. but still, you could have tried harder :)

    Morning TAY.
    Unlike all you other people I don't have much to report this morning.
    Meated (?) up with some TAY people on Saturday for Game Masters, Dinner and that Batman thing people keep talking about. Moment of the night going to Doc What for spilling 70% of his popcorn all over the stairs even before he sat down in the cinema.
    Many people saw it, many laughs were had.
    Games masters was pretty cool, although a bit short and I didn't learn too much that I didn't already know. I was surprised that DOOM didn't feature anywhere. I consider it a very iconic game of my childhood. Either way it was still fun.
    Sunday was my fiancée's birthday so we ate out lots and went shopping and visited family and went to the Chill On ice bar at southbank.

    Well look at that, seems I did have something to write about. Also I'm glad the steam sale is over, I've bought enough games that I won't play for now....

    so a video of the guy who did the shootings at the batman movie in colorado being introduced at a university has it saying he likes "strategy games"

    media shit-storm in 3, 2, 1...

      I hope they stop showing his mug shot all over the place soon. Makes my skin crawl every damn time.

        there have been a few articles linking him to games already.
        Apparently he like Guitar Hero lots.... figure that one out.

          Guns. Movies. Games. Maybe it just comes down to the guy being fucked in the head? There's no scapegoat here, just a psychopath.

            He was messed up. Otherwise we'd all be doing the same thing.

    Just went upstairs to drop off some stuff on someone's desk, there's a good chance that I'll be working up there from next week.

    A rather sulky lady that nobody gets along with saw me up there, said something or other, I joked that she'll might be stuck with me soon enough. She threatened to move down here if I did.

    If only the world was so kind. That'd be the perfect situation for me. Move upstairs, have her move out of the way. Would suck for everyone on this floor though.

    Morning everyone!
    The Melbourne meat was awesome! Everyone was so nice =D

    Also, if anyone sees Techie, tell him I need to speak to him.

      Yes, human? What can I do for you? :)


        I just remembered this morning about you saying you miss playing Sonic on the Sega controllers.
        Then I remembered there's something like that at Kmart. Thought you may be interested.
        You can buy a Sega mega drive there for $49 with 15 games built in.

          Oh wow that'd be glorious. I'll look into it, thanks! :D

            Yes I have one of those controllers. They are great, they have all the classsic megadrive games like Sonic and Altered Beast.

              See I've got the original Sonic series on my PC as a more emulated version that I got from EB a while ago, but it's just not the same :'(

                I tried to get it from the website so you could buy it straight away if you were interested, but they took it down.

                I actually have my Mega Drive hooked up to my monitor at home. I also have Sonic 1, 2, 3 and Sonic and Knuckles.

    I decided to play through Fallout 3 and Fallout NV last week. I played about 1/2 way through Fallout 3 and gave up. I then forced myself to play Kew Vegas and am really enjoying it now. I have no idea why I previously like Fallout 3 over New Vegas. It improved on EVERYTHING from the previous game.

      I like the story and setting of Fallout 3 much more, but there are a great deal of improvements (gameplay-wise) in NV.

      New Vegas was amazing, I think Steam says I've put 120 hours into it. Just loved the post-apocalyptic, rat pack-like Vegas era. I freakin' loved the companions, but I guess that comes from my love of BioWare RPGs. :P

        I played the previous Fallouts and there are so many references to them. Like I was talking to some lady and she said she used to fly vertibirds and she crashed one over Klamath. I remember finding a crashed one in Fallout 2 near Klamath. It made me remever the good old (horribly gorey) days.

    So I now have tickets to see Nightwish in Brisbane January 4th, and Nightwish with Sabaton in Melbourne on January 14th.
    The tickets for Sabaton's headliner on Saturday 12th January haven't gone on sale yet but assuming I manage to score one...I'll be in Melbourne that whole weekend.

    Soooo who wants to hang out with me in Melbourne on Saturday 12th or Sunday 13th of January next year? It's plenty of notice so even you Melbourneers should be able to get something organised by then. :P

      We're a disorganised bunch but i think we could wrangle up something resembling a Melbourne Meat :)

        Not every day the first lady comes a visiting. :D

      You'd be surprised

        Hey, what was that awesome rib place you were talking about once? If we're down that way for a while my husband will definitely want to go there.

          Was it you?
          Or am I confusing you with Puppylicks or someone? My old lady brain is fuzzy.

      hmm nightwish... sounds good. How much are tickets?
      I hate missing bands I like coz it's so hard to keep up with all the tours/dates.

    Tickets are $78.50. Pretty good for Nightwish alone, but with Sabaton as well? Bargain. :)

      Reply failasaurus. Responding to Inquisitorsz.

    /o\ So I've made 28 purchases to the Steam Store in the past 10 days, not including gift purchases.
    The only way I can repel buyer's remorse is by telling myself that it still only cost as much as two AAA releases for a console.
    *wipes brow*
    I'm never partaking in a Steam Sale again >.<

      I'll beleive that when I see it. Hell, I'm not a PC Gamer and I've spent like $40.

      That's what Steam sales feed on, the misery of your wallet.

      I've resisted buying any thing... triumphantly... until I went to JB yesterday and bought Rayman Origins and Spec Ops. Still, not Steam sale related. :P

      Ahhhh the old "I'm never taking part in a steam Sale again" line. It is the gamers' equivalent of the alcoholic's "I'm never drinking again" line.

        I've spent a quarter of a week's wages on gaems alone /o\

        Admittedly, I can simply remain a sober hermit for 3 weeks, and be back on budget, but that's not the point >.<

        Except we don't have a problem.
        O_o What're you lookin' at?!?

          Wow, way to ruin the joke, forced formatting changes...

      Wait until the Christmas sales :D

    I've managed to avoid buying anything related to Steam Sales!!! \o/

    ...But spent my money, instead, on modeling products like needle file, paints and pigments instead... /o\


      Oi loopy face where you been at, i have missed you and your body. also your lack of SPAUCE MARUICE has been disturbing. Everything K buddy? You are like the heart and soul of TAY :D

        I'm now shouting SPAYSH MAUREEENN as i paint them.. then making 'pew pew' noises.

        And yeah, just been busy man - then when i come back after a few weeks i just feel a little outta place, so posting at a minimum :) lol

        I also just read it was your birthday last week?!?!


        You get anything especially shiny?

      Like sands through the hourglass, such is our finances to geekdom

      I hear you, man!
      Painting miniatures was so damned pricey when I had no moneys... I guess that's why I never got into it :P

        It's a real killer - aint it?

        Problem is i had a few unpainted items sitting around from a couple years back, and once i finished reading the Gaunts Ghosts novels it kicked off the bug again.. now i'm a slave to painting!!!

          Admittedly, I only tried my hand at a Space Ork Hellbike or whatever it was, my friend gave it to me for my birthday. My father then had to buy all the paint for me afterwards :P

          It was a lot of fun, though my hands are far too shaky to do it any more :P

          I assume you already know about this Loops, but if not.
          Discount Games Store on Ebay has a lot of plastic squad kits for 40-50% off Australian retail.
          The prices in the US are broken.
          Makes the hobby a lot more affordable when a squad of marines costs $27+ postage instead of $65 or whatever it is now.
          They don't do many individual models but have most plastic box sets. I think if you contact them directly they can get you anything you want. I asked about the new rulebook on their facebook page, they said something around $58. Again much better than $120 here in OZ.

            Yeah man - i found out about them maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago.
            Absolutely mindblowing - and the fact you can tailor what you get for the price when you bu multiples is blind mowing!!!
            When i'm done with all these models, it's my first port of call for sure!

            Didn't know they could do custom orders htough - cheers for the heads-up man! Much appreciated.

    Melbourne was cool!

    Got to meet Neg Zero and Jordi again as well as Klutar, Scree, Techy, Beavwa, his lady friend, Tigerion & wife, Greenius and Inquisitorsz (who awesomely picked me up at the airport) and everyone was super cool. Some drinks were had (I arrived super late due to airline shenanigans) and then it was off to...

    Game Masters! It was pretty interesting. Wanted to smash the glass and steal that FamiCom! There was a section with the Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword. No Link to the Past though. Went around and looked at art and played some games. Watched the video with Tim Shafer talking about things and junk.

    After that, Sarcasm Fairy and I went to check in and Jordi came too! We then got sum foods and met up with the guys again so we could see...

    BATMANG! AKA Dark Knight Rises AKA What did I just watch? General consensus was that the film wasn't as good as The Dark Knight and most people thought it was pretty boring at parts. Klutar fell asleep. Then he woke up and yelled at the cinema screen for a bit, possibly to keep himself awake, possibly because he was just THAT unhappy with the movie.

    V gbgnyyl org lbh gubhtug guvf jbhyq or fbzr fbeg bs vzcbegnag "guvat" jurer V gnyxr nobhg gur Qnex Xavtug Evfrf svyz naq gryy lbh nyy nobhg jung V sbhaq fb qvfnterrnoyr ohg vg'f abg. Vg'f whfg fbzr enaqbz whax V'z glcvat naq fuvg. Gbgnyyl jnfgvat lbhe gvzr, naq zvar ol qbvat vg.

    Ohg frevbhfyr, gur snpg gung Oehpr Jnlar pbhyq tvir hc orvat Ongzna vf whfg fb bhg bs punenpgre gung vg'f abg rira shaal. Gurer jrer n ybg bs bgure ceboyrzf V unq, ohg V'yy fnir gurz sbe jura zber crbcyr unir frra gur svyz.

    Nznmvat Fcvqre-Zna unf fbzr synjf, ohg ZNA jnf gung fb zhpu orggre!

    The next day SF and I went to watch The Amazing Spider-Man (She agrees that it was way better) and then we wandered round. Went to some comic shops and got something to eat/drink at the lindt cafe! SO MUCH CHOCOLATE!

    then I went home.

    now I'm VERY tired and feeling kinda sick.


      You forgot the bit where you spilt lots of popcorn all over the cinema stairs.

        Oh, so I did!

        "I stumbled on the way into the cinema and dropped the popcorn box which spilled about 80% of it's contents all over the floor... People thought it was most amusing... Thankfully Klutar gave me some of his! WHAT A GENT!"

      That scene was like 45 minutes of talking. I woke up from a nap and they were still talking.

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