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    Guild Wars 2!

    Mornin' TAY!

    Everyone excited for Shameless Gaming Month?

      Dragon's Dogma month?

        Mannn i can't wait to start that game.. i have wayyy too many games on my list :(

      HAI RIZE

      In all seriousness, i am going back and gonna play some games that i started and never finished. Deus EX human Revolution
      Pokemon Black (im at the elite 4, but my team was terrible)
      Super Mario 3d LAnd (4th world last thing needed like 50 coins and i only had 30 cause i wasn't collecting them)
      Super Mario Galaxy 2 ( i fucking loved this game, i have no idea why i stopped)

      If i can finish all of them i will be happy. They are all really enjoyable experiences that i just stopped playing for some reason.

      Whats on your list?
      Actually whats on everybodies list?

        I need to finish Skyrim. Right after I've downloaded every single mod that is more than likely to crash my game. Also, Xenoblade and Zelda.

      I celebrated by playing like 4 hours of Xenoblade, then spent the rest of the day playing Dragon's Dogma. Damn that game is addictive / good!

      Generally unprepared, but for the first week of the month I'm hoping to finish Medal of honor.

      I think a one game a week schedule should be workable, maybe even two if I can squeeze in a shorter game.

    Good morning TAY... Busy weekend was busy... Barely any gaming time at all due to puppy school and visiting family in law :(... On the upside, finally bought a nespresso machine so I can have tasty coffee at home \o/ and not just at work

      Caffinated pixel is best pixel!
      How is Melbourne frond?

        Cold and wet mang... And busy... I barely have had any spare time to myself since the move :P... Hoping things will settle into a rhythm soon so I can be more active online :P

          I like the feeling of being busy, it makes me feel good. I hope you get some free time soon to buddy :)

    Can I postone my Shameless Gaming month to next month on account of the fact that I'll be in the US for pretty much all of July? :)

    Also I met Tim Schafer on friday night, he said he liked my moustache.
    I will never shave again.

      When you leave this realm for the netherworld, preserve the moustache.

        Well I just got my drivers license re-done, so now the moustache is preserved for the next ten years at least :)

      my god.. that's like a handshake from god!

      sooo jealous!

        I shook his hand and he wrote "My milk is delicious" on my psychonauts poster. My life is complete.

    I LOVE the smell of cordite in the mornin'! 
    Screw Territory Day, and screw explosives being sold to the general public for exorbitant prices.
    How was everyone's weekend?

      I went shopping and bought nothing, watched a amazing french movie called Amelie. Ate steak topped with bacon. Went home and played some Amazingly fun LoL games with the TS people.

        You haven't seen Amelie before?


    Dammit I made the mistake of looking at a GAF thread about their favourite Demon/Dark Souls bosses and now I REALLY want to play Dark Souls again.

    I started my Shameless Gaming Month by attempting to play more of AssRev and failing miserably, playing through some more of LA Noire and coming back into the middle of a case after a few months is incredibly confusing when you can't remember what the guy did.
    This morning being the first day off in a while I'm going to pick up Dragons Dogma and see what else there is.

    I don't seem to be very good at this Shameless Gaming thing.

    Heya TAY. Dunno if anyone noticed Ive been away. But I'm back today. Shameless gaming month you say.

      I noticed
      But not really.

        Look at this kid, thinks he can pull off my lines. Ha.

          I can pull off anything

    Morning all!

    There are builders at my house, so I'm afraid to leave my room. This is slightly awkward, as I need to urinate.

      Why are there builders at your house? Is your mum and dad back home?

        Nope, parents get back tomorrow, and the builders start, umm, building (knocking things down) the day after. They're just measuring stuff, and preparing, and stuff like that.

      Are they wearing black & white striped sweaters and carrying a white sack with a "$" on them? because they might not be builders.

        I don't know, I haven't actually looked at them. But they've done a lot of hammering, so unless there's a secret safe in my house that I don't know about...


    I'm probably late to the party and can not be bothered reading TAY from last week.

    This PSV SUPER SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in the PS Store is actually not too bad. There's some significant savings on some games, like TiTS, Ogre Tactics, etc.

    Good Morning TAYbo's!

    If you were paying attention to Twitter last night, you'll know that I finished off Bioshock! It really was a great game. I avoided it for so long because I always assumed it was some sort of horror game (which I guess it technically is, but that's not the focus). I did end up playing through on Easy though because I was having more fun listening to the story than it being a challenge (and because I'm a wuss and was scared to move at the beginning haha).

    Also, I played some Pokémon Conquest yesterday as well (I caved in and bought it at the JB sale). Unfortunately it's really making me want to buy a 3DS XL. The 3DS has become so uncomfortable lately. It wouldn't be so bad if I could rest the unit in my palms, but I end up holding it in my fingertips so I can use the buttons. Though I think that's just me trying to rationalise buying a second 3DS, heh.

      My secret to keeping the 3DS comfortable is to have really small hands. Make everything easy.

        My hands aren't even that big! I never had a problem with the Phat DS (though that system was immense). Curse my spindly fingers! Actually, somebody called them "Piano Fingers" the other day which confused me because I was shocking at piano.

        Though I'm pretty sure I'm only complaining about the 3DS now because I know there's another option coming, hah.

          Piano fingers really just means that they're long and spindly. I was a decent pianist a long time ago, despite the fact that I had to cheat on some songs because I physically could not do some chords...

    Morning TAY!

    Spent the weekend helping a fellow Nexus member with his mod. Also spent some of the weekend buying a new computer chair for @asheleah and playing Red Dead Redemption.

    OH, and for the Zelda fans out there. Hit up the following Link (no pun intended).

      Thats how i know her, all the pieces are falling into place. LIke a game of tetris. :)

    Morning everyone.
    My shameless gaming month is off to a great start!
    I completed Uncharted due to the fact that my ps3 was hooked up to my computer monitor. (thanks Bunny!)
    Next on the list is skyward sword. Wish me luck.

      Even though people said Skyward Sword wasn't good, I actually REALLY enjoyed it.

        I enjoy it, but I'm at a boss that gives me the shits.

          Which Boss?

          The secret is to either a) Use the equipment the dungeon just gave you. Or b) Flail wildly with the wiimote!


            The octopus one. Mainly because my wiimote doesn't want to recognise that I'm trying to attempt a skyward strike

              Ahh, yeah, that guy. Important thing with the Skyward strike is that it doesn't really require you to point the controller straight up, if you point it kind of upwards, and just hold it still, it will do the charge thing. It's a very odd implementation.

        People didn't like it!? I don't like THEM!

        But seriously, it's one of my favourite Zelda's.

          IKR, I have heard people say "worst Zelda" and I feel like "Rocketman"ing them in the face. It's not my favourite though. Wind Waker was my favourite. I loved that game so much, such a nice looking game.

            The main reason people hated this Zelda was because it wasn't the Hi Def one they wanted

            I'm glad you didn't see my thoughts on Skyward Sword then.

    I just realised I have to finish compiling my Shameless Gaming goals tonight...I have a bunch of obvious games on the list (Skyrim!) but don't have a set goal.

      heh, My goal is Xenoblade and the two Batmangs! If I have time I will try and finish the two Witchers as well.

      I'm in the same boat (The S.S. Shame?) for compiling goals.
      On the plus side, I technically haven't bought any additional games yet, although I did pick up two on Saturday from JB.

    morning TAY

    - school holidays = no students at work = good times.
    - no co-workers at work either = better times
    - shameless gaming month! only got one goal at the moment, & that is to get through Amnesia. Dunno what will follow that. maybe Bastion, or Space Marine, or Dragon Age Origins... like I said, I dunno.
    - Living alone for two weeks so far = boring
    - Dot point posts is best posts.
    - I would like a coffee.
    -how are you guys?

      No students in one of my schools, then none in any for a week, then one with student for a week.

      Bloody Queanbeyan.

      Also, a coffee sounds pretty great. I'm tempted to vanish from work for 30 mins to get a good coffee...

        Queanbeyan; the one place worse than Canbizzle.

          I live there, you jerk.


          Yeah, I can't even pretend to care. Carry on!

        "then one with student for a week."

        I'd say that sums up Queanbeyan quite well.

      I am well thank you, #35.

      And I love living alone, it turns every day into pants-off Friday!

      Though I imagine that with a job that would be a less than stellar plan for you to implement.

      - Need moar coffeh
      - people being made redundant left and right
      - slightly worried 'bout that
      - explosions goin' off left and right. Damned fireworks.
      - slightly more worried 'bout that
      - need MOAR coffeh
      - Shameless Gaming Month is gonna be slow progress, if any

        yay for redundancies!, wait. the other thing. SCREW redundancies. our resident IT guy was given a forced transfer last week coz his position no longer exists. & due to a campus merger taking place in the near future, coupled with the premier's planned 10000 job cuts, means theres gonna be a hell of a lot more cuts made here pretty soon.
        & due to the "everything is online & people dont use physical libraries any more" mentality of our management, I'm pretty sure I should be looking for alternative employment right now.

      Problem with school holidays is that it means students will be everywhere else. It's nice for you, but now I can't go to a shopping centre without drowning in a sea of adolescence.

      How was your Amnesia night?

        you dealing with students in shopping centres for two weeks every three months, is the price you pay for schools keeping them locked away for the remainder of the time ;)
        also, Amnesia is great. got such a good atmosphere to it, which is just made all the better with headphones & total darkness. quite looking forward to getting back onto it tonight...

          I deal with them on buses on a regular basis, thank you very much. :P

          One day I will play Amnesia. But I don't imagine I could ever play it at 2am like you are.

      - Cool
      - Cooler
      - That's nice
      - But liberating?
      - True. It's not bad
      - I'm drinking water, which I'm okay with
      - I'm fine

    Someone from my company phoned me asking about my opinon on uni (just finished it a couple of months ago). Half way through talking about it I realised I was making hand gestures =/.


      All the hand gestures? I'm sure they don't care =P

        I think it was more the people sitting near me at work thinking "Why the hell is he making hand gestures?". It's funny because (I think) I sounded completely professional when talking to him so the guy on the other end of the phone probably thought "wow, this guy is giving well, thought out answers, he must be completely professional / normal" but in reality I was waving my hands around like a madman. =P

          I see people on mobile phones walking and gesturing like a madman. Doesn't help they're quite loud, so you're already doing better in comparison.

            Just had my General Manager SCREAMING down the phone at the IT guy from his previous workplace, because he couldn't manage to find the login credentials (which he's hidden on a post-it under his keyboard)for his new position here.
            ...what the hell is wrong with people?!

              It's easier to blame someone else then to admit that you're wrong

    So, is anyone else kinda over drama around the gaming community?

    I think I hit breaking point yesterday when people started complaining because Felicia Day got support from her bff Wil Wheaton and all her fans because some writer over at Destructoid called her a glorified booth babe.

    Now I'd never heard of this writer. I'm not a huge fan of Felicia Day though I do follow her on Twitter. Outside the Guild and generally being a nerd icon (much like Wil Wheaton these days, I'm sure being Wesley Crusher makes it hard to find acting work) I have no idea what Felicia Day does.

    Nevertheless, what the writer wrote on his personal Twitter was a bit dumb. People are saying Destructoid fired him, he's saying he approached them and said it was best if he was no longer associated with them, for their benefit (not his). Naturally on the back of this, people who Jim Sterling has been mean to came out of the woodwork to demand he no longer be allowed to write for Destructoid. If Ryan Perez, why not Jim?

    It was about here I just threw up my hands and decided I'd had enough. After the constant stream of sexism and rape culture discussion lately, I am dismayed at the irrationality of people on the internet. The main problem with the internet is that too many people have access to too much information to be able to use it constructively.

    Take Penny Arcade for instance: when they put out their comic about RPG tropes where you rescue SIX slaves from a camp and NO MORE, you have to wonder at the plight of that poor seventh slave. That was the punchline. Tragically they decided the best way to encapsulate the plight of the slaves by suggesting that each night they are "raped to sleep by the dickwolves". How dare they joke about rape. Except they weren't making a rape joke. They were maknig a video game joke. The rape part is supposed to be horrible. There was backlash heaped upon backlash and one would assume Penny Arcade learned their lesson.

    Unfortunately, now, it can be constantly thrown back at them. They decided the Hitman Absolution trailer wasn't that bad. "OH", the internet cried out "well you wouldn't UNDERSTAND, because DICKWOLVES, you insensitive PRICKS." It may as well have happened yesterday, because as long as you can read it on the internet, it's brand new to you. It takes a quick google search to dig up the dirt on someone, and use it against them.

    Yet at the same time Mike Krahulik (aka Gabe) was among the first calling for internet justice, for e-blood to be shed when Katie Williams wrote an article about the way she was demeaned when a male PR person took control of the game she was supposed to have a hands-on with, because in his eyes her slow, methodical style of investigation-through-play was interpreted as unfamiliarity with videogames in general, despite her position as a writer for a well-known video gaming publication. The call for justice was dismissed, because this was not the action of one man, it is a disease that permeates the industry, from the people teabagging you in Halo, to the people who make the games themselves who think Lara Croft can only be tough if she endures physical abuse and hardship first.

    I think this was the right call. Think about the enemies to gaming. Jack Thompson. Michael Atkinson. The ACL. Paul Christoforo. The unnamed PR rep. Now we've got Ryan Perez, joining the ranks of millions of people who every day post thoughtlessly sexist comments for no other reason than they have the ability to. When we've engaged these people we might take what we think is the high ground, but they think they have the high ground too. We're on completely different ground, oftentimes forgetting which battle we're even fighting.


    Being reactionary to all of this horrible nonsense accomplishes nothing, at least not in the long term.

    I am not diminishing the seriousness of the issues at play here. I think sexism in gaming is a serious thing. I knew it when I was in high school, playing Counter-strike over LAN in netcafes in high school. I knew it when I was playing Halo over Xbox Live. I know it now, via my exposure to gaming journalism. I experience it second hand almost every time my wife plays online multiplayer - hell, someone my wife assumed to be a friend once confessed after the fact that he masturbated to her voice while they were talking via Xbox Live party chat, because he'd been single for a year and was feeling lonely. No word of a lie. She didn't know how to react. She wasn't even mad. She felt sad for him. But after a week of agonising over it she removed him from her friendslist. She was a victim in that regard, and was only even aware of it because he at least had the courtesy to admit his wrongdoing.

    So, I will continue to stand up for the rights of anyone in the gaming community, male or female. I am particularly interested in improving the issue of sexism so women no logner have to feel victimised. I am all for equality but we are so much further away from that in the electronic world than we are in the real world, where people can suffer real repercussions for this misbehaviour.

    I will continue to monitor my behaviour, and those of the people I know directly. I believe that the fight against these issues, as with any social issue, starts at the bottom. Start with yourself. Move to your peers. Let the influence spread among the community. Refuse to backslide on your principles and be an example. We can't go to the top and demand a change, an artificial installation of new values. It won't stick. It would be like your body rejecting a piercing.

    As the consumers, we are at the bottom, the broadest, strongest part of the social pyramid. Nothing lasting can be built without a strong foundation. This is how we're going to make things happen. Being outraged, we have succeeded in nothing. It's possible we've accomplished some very negative things, the ruining of a career or two.

    Be mad, sure, but this vicious mentality we have as a community has to stop. I know we don't like being threatened by outsiders, but at the same time it seems like we're isolated from each other, ready to turn on ourselves as soon as there's any type of dissent in our ranks. We're so desperate to have our hobby treated seriously as mature, responsible, that instead of treating our diseases we cut away the infection, over and over, whittling away our community with an Us vs. Them mentality - lest someone mistakenly lump in our good with our bad and develop the wrong impression.

    We like to think we're not bad people. But our hobby links me to a lot of people who are. We can't pretend sexist, racist and generally awful people aren't part of our gaming culture. We can't just disavow them and pretend the problem has gone away. We have a problem that isn't just going to go away.

    Let's just try and apporach these issues more rationally. Lend support to those who need it. Stop giving a voice to people who'd only abuse it. I know it's in our gaming mindset to have an enemy, but let's stop creating them. With one exception, everyone I named above has a larger voice, a larger following, more support, because our community engaged with them and villainised them. The exception? The unnamed PR rep. Maybe he now knows what he did. Maybe he doesn't. What's important is, no one is abusing him on twitter. No one is sliding notes under his door threatening his family.

    Most importantly, no one is sympathising with him.

      Why isn't this an article?
      I've been really lucky. Everyone I've played with has always treated women with respect. My local game stores know me and know not to treat me like a moron. I mean, they even ask for advice sometimes.
      I think the whole attitude that it's okay to be racist, sexist or just plain horrible and it's accepted.

      I'd argue you're taking a responsible approach by being aware of what you're doing.

      Too many aren't.

      Well said. Well bloody said. I think this should be promoted to a proper article.

      I am so fed up with the dramas in this industry, I know there are problems with certain tropes and perceptions and I do want them to change, but to me it feels like a lot of people just use outrage to get attention. It just seems so much easier for some to demonise someone or something than to write something objective, constructive or even inspiring.

      Matthew K, you are should get a job writing articles this was really good.

      I am also fed up with all the rubbish that goes on.

      That was why I was glad she didn't name him.

      He (maybe) knows who he is. But he gets the chance to grow and change without being vilified. And that's what I want every time I get asked to "tits or gtfo" is for people to actually realise they're making me uncomfortable.
      If they won't change after that, well, they're fucked anyway.


    Spoiler alert on Kotaku. Mass Effect 3 stuff. Apparently in the article has spoilers for Prometheus, too.

      A semi-spoiler since if that didn't happen the Alien films couldn't either I think.

        Man, I want to read it now! I've seen Prometheus, but not finished Mass Effect 3 :/

    Howdy Tayberinos!

    I had a productive weekend- went and saw Brave (fantasy Scotland!), knocked off a bunch of my course, played Saints Row 3 and Borderlands and made a sweet hat.

    Saints Row is definitely on my shameless gaming list, as is FFXIII, Motorstorm Apocalypse and Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath.

    So, a Monday Morning Question- we're now almost at the 4th of July, which the Americans celebrate, and the 14th is two weeks away, which is the national day of France (Bastille Day). So who would win in a fight- EA representing America, or Ubisoft representing France?

    My money is on Ubisoft, they're doing a lot more interesting stuff with IPs.

      More like Ubisoft representing AMERICA with all the redcoat killing, amirite??

        ... Now that I think about it, the only French dude in Assassins Creed Brotherhood was a total dick

      I'm kind of curious why you picked EA to represent America.

      Well, I'd also have to say Ubisoft. Between Watch Dogs and Splinter Cell: Blacklist, I'm pretty sure EA would be completely screwed. :P

        Solely because they're the Gorilla- you think there's a better option?

          Activision? Or are they not actually American? Or do we think EA is bigger and more capitalist than Activision now?

            EA's bigger, although I cede your point- EA's presence is a bit more global

      I only found out Ubisoft was French this year. For some reason I always thought they were a Japanese company.

    Awesome weekend was awesome!
    Finally got my anniversary present from Bee, as our car is now all payed off!
    My god it looks so amazing - that picture doesn't do it ANY justice.
    The big 20% off sale at popculture means i got him at a really good price too! :D

    Also, after saving my $20 weekly alowance for a few weeks - i now have a Playstation Plus membership!!! :D
    So many awesome new games - although i don't think i'll be downloading Darksiders or Infamous 2, as the file sizes are just wayyy too big for my monthly limit :(
    It's ok, though - they're cheap enough to buy online anyway.

    How is everyone doing today? :)

      side note - i have no milk for coffee at work... may god have mercy on us all...

      I'm going to start to get back into mini-painting tonight!!!

      This could be interesting!

      Hi Loops! That figurine looks nice! I thought I should mention to you that Space Marine is ridiculously cheap ($15 I think) on Steam at the moment, in case you wanted to yell SPACE MAUREEN!! spread the word.

      I am recovering from a fishing trip, during which I managed to catch no fish, hook my cousin in the arm, pull a muscle in my back and entertain myself on my dad's pain medication. Was an interesting trip.

        Sounds like a pretty standard fishing trip, by anyone's standards, to me.
        In fact, i don't think fishing is anything to do with actually catching fish...

          My first fishing experience consisted of waking up at 4am, driving an hour, and sitting amongst mosquito-infested mangroves whilst my stepfather proceeded to get drunk and sunburnt for the duration of the day.
          I caught a leaf.

    I decided upon and made the purchase of Dragons Dogma (PS3), Metal Gear Solod Collection and Fable 2.

    This isn't helping my Shameless Gaming Month.


      11/10 would read again!

      Yeah, I'm having a hard time not finding games I want that are cheap as hell the past 2 weeks. This'd be the only time in the year I'd complain about it, too.

        Can i hate you all? I can't afford games.

          I've only been able to buy stuff I want for the past 9 months, so I'm living it up while I can :P

          In short: Yes.

          Look on the bright side, if you can't afford new games, then your pile of shame can't grow!

          Are you a PC gamer? Its hard to miss out on games when they are 5 bucks or less on steam sale!

          If you are a console gamer they don't get much cheaper than 20 bucks each :(

    @ Greenmang / other people who have Xenobladed.

    How long does Xenoblade take to finish if you skip most of the "non-story" quests? So far I have been doing all the quests ever! But I think if I want to finish (and enjoy) Xenoblade and play other games this month I might need to skip some collection / non-story related quests.

      I've heard like 40-60 or so. The 400 or so side quests take up the bulk of the time :P. You might be underleveled though so I suggest going for the easy side quests like "collect x amount of y" or "kill z amount of a" etc. things you can do on the way.

        Oh yeah, I'm not going to actively avoid combat / quests. It's more of the collectable items thing. I spent like an hour just running around looking for one item.

      Oooh, me!

      I think that if you skip too many side quests then you might have a bit more trouble later because you'll be under-levelled from missing out on all that experience. There's probably no problem with skipping the simple fetch quests you get from non-named people though (but you may as well accept them anyway because you might complete them by accident :P).

      If you want to get through it quickly, I'd say just do enough so that you stay around the same level as the monsters/bosses. I wouldn't want to skip too much though.

      Just skip the cut scenes, I hear that is how Greenmang gets through it so fast

    Morning all. Despite what I said last week about replaying the whole of ME3 after seeing all the articles and posts about the extended cut I couldn't help myself and played through it. I made the same choices I made first time around and I like what they've added to it. It's still bittersweet but it feels a lot more sweet than before. Still a bit disappointed they didn't add a super happy ending though.

    I intended to start shameless gaming month this weekend. That didn't really work out. Instead I spent my time playing The Secret World. I'm still early into it but I like what I'm seeing so far. It still falls back on a lot of the standard MMO stuff such as kill x collect y but the way those things are presented combined with the modern day setting helps make things feel fresh. The combat is still standard actionbar/hotkey combat but with no auto attack, a limit to seven abilities on your bar and the ability to roll out of the way of attacks helps make it feel more actiony and fun than a lot of other MMOs. Also references. I can't remember the exact line but one of the characters said something along the lines of "we're achievement driven, like Xbox but more hardcore".

    Also, my mum and sister are in New Zealand so I've got the house to myself for the weekend.

      One of those ME3 endings comes across as the closest you're gonna get to a super happy ending. I will label it S! It gets a bit cheesy but there's a few lines towards the end of the extended cut character monologue for it that tug at the heartstrings. :P

        Yeah, I picked the S ending. The reason I think it's still tainted by bitterness is because Furcneq qvrf. Gb zr, gung'f ernyyl fnq. Gur havirefr vf fnirq naq ragref n arj ntr bs crnpr naq cebfcrevgl ohg Furcneq'f fgvyy qrnq. V thrff vs V jnagrq Furcneq gb yvir V pbhyq unir cvpxrq gur qrfgebl raqvat ohg gung nyfb jbhyq unir orra ovggre orpnhfr bs nyy gur yvirf ybfg. Cyhf vg jbhyq unir orra n znwbe oernx va zl Furcneq'f punenpgre. Gur Furcneq jub jbhyq pubbfr gung raqvat vf abg gur Furcneq V'ir tebja gb xabj naq ybir.

          V pna'g oevat zlfrys gb pubbfr qrfgebl orpnhfr RQV qvrf va vg. Vg'f jnl gbb pehry gb fcraq gur jubyr tnzr pbaivapvat ure gb svaq n checbfr va yvsr bayl gb guebj ure gb gur fvqr evtug ng gur raq. Juvpu znxrf zr qrcerffrq jura crbcyr tb 'shpx RQV,qrfgebl vf gur bayl bcgvba, V jnag Furc gb or nyvir naq erhavgr jvgu ybir vagrerfg!'
          Gung'f cerggl zhpu jul V yvxrq Flagurfvf fb zhpu. :C Sryg yvxr n pbapyhfvba gb ure punenpgre nep. Rira gubhtu Furcneq unq gb qvr, vg jnf rknpgyl jung zl punenpgre jbhyq unir qbar sbe uvf sevraqf.

      Am I the only one that liked the bleak original ending?

        I like everything bleak. The darkness sustains me.

        Kermitron enjoyed them as well, as I remember. I think Strange wasn't too hung up about them, either.

        It was fine with me. Wasn't perfect, didn't quite measure up to the quality of the rest of the game, but it was enough for me to go, "well, that's the end, cool."

    Gosh darn it. I emailed Mark about something important, and I pestered him a bit on twitter but he seems determined to ignore me D=

      He's probably asleep!

        I've been waiting for a response for an hour. I KNOW he's not asleep.
        I know I'm demanding but how else can I give games away

          calm down, he is a busy man scree scree, pester him again in a few hours.

      This could be part of the problem Miss Scree

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