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    Awww yeah, it's MONDAY!


        How was your weekend?

          Pretty good. I made a cabbage, walnut, fennel and apple salad.

            Sounds good.
            It would go perfectly with the Chili Dogs I'm making for my Meat on Saturday. You should come to the Meat and bring your awesome salad! :P

    The weekend is over /o\

    I finished Shadow of the Colossus \o/

    Turns out the last few were actually rather simple. Time consuming but simple. So much for those warnings of the game getting more frustrating towards the end.

      The most frustrating part for me was the last colossi. Dodging his shock attacks was kind of tough the first few times I played against him.

      Also, how cool is Colossi number 14(Lion) I like how he runs and jumps around chasing you.

        I had a really easy time finding the safe path with the last one. Just got to remember the combat roll :p

        The only annoying bit with him was the bit with his hands.

        Number 14 was pretty fun. There was some good variety in how to tackle each of the Colossus and I quite liked the solution to this one.

        Something I did notice is that my issues with being constantly shaken were based entirely on where I was on the weak spot (for all of them). There are some spots where you will be shaken almost endlessly, with no chance of getting an attack in. Repositioning slightly and the Colossus doesn't move at all, letting you kill them amazingly quickly.

        Really weird and it doesn't really make sense. Especially when repositioning yourself can be a complete crapshoot thanks to the camera and how Wander positions himself. Feels more like a glitch in the AI than anything else.

        I quite liked the last one. Not so much when I fell off though. :P
        Dodging the shock attacks was fine once I figured out there were tunnels. Took me a few shocks to discover them though.

          I died the first time trying to rush to it. Basically fell into the tunnels the second time and got straight through :p

      Heh... We prepared you well then. The time consumption was the most annoying part once you know exactly what to do.

        I know what I'm doing but the game just won't let me do it!

        Definitely a frustrating "feature" there. Had a lengthy staredown with one colossus (12?) where I had to wait for it to do a certain action to reveal its weak spot. Literally nothing I could do but wait for it. The ninth was easily the worst though.

    Announcement? Announcement! :P
    Unless you've already done so, can everyone who will be at my Meat next Saturday please DM me your email address on Twitter, or email me at my gamertag(look it up in the TAYNames doc) at
    Just need an idea of numbers so I know how much food to grab, and also need your email addresses so I can send you details like time/place. :)

      Piggy backing on this.

      After playing Duels of the Planeswalkers, I have a bit of an itch to play Magic: the Gathering. If anyone is keen, maybe people can bring their old decks (more than a few of us have old decks lying around somewhere) to the meat.

      Or we can do something crazy like have a mini-sealed deck tournament. Can either do a booster draft (we each bring 3 booster decks and make a deck using the cards from all of them) or a more traditional sealed deck (two booster decks and one of those starter pack ones). Probably a little complicated and time consuming but possibly worth considering.


      I will flick you an email when I get home Strange. Stupid work blocking Kotaku ... *grumble* ... kids and their rock and roll and "the face book" ... *grumble*

    Good morning all :)
    Hope eveyone gets thru the week and not b one of the(up to) 6000 aussies who may lose their internet after 2pm today due to a cyber virus.
    good luck and be safe everyone

      Buhwah? I believe my machines are clean, though can you point me in the direction of some news on this stuff?

        Go here and check, it takes less than a few seconds.

      I should probably have checked that.

      Going to bet that all of the work computers are infected though. Just seems the sort of thing that'll happen.

        Not infected!

        Probably should have checked my home computers as well. Oops. Guess I'll just have to test my luck and hope I have net access this evening.

    Good morning TAY! My weekend was fairly decent (if uneventful)! Just gaming, really.

    I wasn't too keen on it earlier, but Pokémon Conquest has really sunk its claws into me somehow. The gameplay is still fairly simple, but I do find it fun. I can't believe I've already invested 10 hours into it and I don't feel I've done much (in a good way, I guess). The time just slips away :P Also after much effort I finally got one of my Warlords' Magikarp to evolve. Gyarados is an absolute beast in this game.

    I'm also still chugging along with Mass Effect 2. Playing it in 'episodes' really does help. I actually had fun playing it for an hour yesterday. Unfortunately I pushed my luck and tried playing it again at night and didn't fair so well :P I'm sure I'll get through it slowly.

    In non-gaming news... there's nothing much to say!

    Also, happy birthday MAASSSSSHHHHAAAA!


        Thanks Bish. I wish I could have some of your delicious cake though. Apparently I can get a free Sub at Subway, I guess that's a good consolation prize :-)

      Thank for the bday wishes Powalen.

      I have Mass Effect 2 unplayed as well. Good to see you're at least making some progress

      I've got my Magikarp, but still trying to get the jerk to evolve!

        Yeah you've got to get its attack stat to 16. It took me about 2 in-game years for it to evolve. :P Totally worth it though, it destroys everything now (it's got a 100% link with the warlord as well, so it'll be unstoppable eventually!)

    Good Mooooooooorning TAY!
    What up?
    Had a preety good weekend, went to a mates place for a poker night and one of my friends from high shcool was there, hadn't seen him for about 14 years, so it was cool to catch up.

    Plus I have finally got a game of Minecraft I am sticking with. It had seemed everytime I started a game, after building a hut or tower and doing some mining, I would grow bored and start a new world, but I finally have a game I want to keep playing so I am now really enjoying it.

    Plus Dragon's Dogma ROCKS! I killed my first Drake/Dragon thingy (not sure of its official description, but a big dragon... thingy) Epic battle, raged for hours (actually about 5-10 minutes but felt like hours) and I emerged victorious.
    Just a shame none of my equipment at the moment needs dragon parts for upgrades, oh well I am sure something will come along.
    Stupid takes forever to get cool new euipment system... thingy.
    Heh... thingy, my word for the day.

    Anywho, how is everybody else?

      I'm going pretty thingy today myself, actually!
      I ticked Trials HD off my list (and only have 2 tracks remaining on Evo now), so while the Pile may not be getting smaller, I've managed to stem the bleeding temporarily. Silver linings, right?

      I miss having the odd poker night, they're always a great time! I've never won, but then it's never really about that, is it? Sure would be nice to recoup some of the costs I've incurred though :p

      YESSSSS. Dragon Dogman-thingie is awesome. Last night I killed a gryphon and then fought and killed a golem. Man they take forever to kill (i think them being immune to magic and me being a sorcerer didn't help).

        You cats have really gotten on to this Dragon's Dogma thingie in a big way! Hmm....sounds like it's worth a shot!

        And...greeting and salutations this July 9th!


    Also, check out
    They're onto us, I tells you.

    Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and the working week doesn't drag on too long :D

    PS: I've not tried Rekorderlig (SP?) but I managed to drink some Bullmer's cider last night. It was wonderful!

      I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that it's a reference to Psych?

        I was more going for the Shameless Pineapple on the front :p

    OMG! I'm in the first 100 comments :D

    Hey Kotaku Readers! My team and I are developing an indie game. We all work full-time in other jobs, and are doing this as a labour of love. I'm considering putting some time into documenting the process of making the game.

    Would any of you be interested in seeing a week-by-week behind-the-scenes on the development of an indie game as it happens?

      Indeed I would, good sir. You should consider asking Mark to post about it for you too. :)

      Sure. Feel free to do so, I wouldn't mind reading about the process. A link to your dev blog wouldn't hurt as well. I'm even willing to be a participant in a possible beta if there is one.

      Good luck on the game.

      Sounds awesome dude, would love to read it. What language/engine are you guys using? Or should I just wait for episode one? :P

        As much as I would have loved to do it as C#/XNA, we went with Unreal Engine (UDK) because it would benefit the artists way more than it would detriment me (the programmer).
        For similar reasons, I am focusing on getting as much of the creation process able to be done in the editor as possible, so that nobody else has to touch the code.

          Man, I need to get back into the UDK. I used to play around with it about 10 years ago, but got too busy with school stuff.

            The changes, even over the last 2 years, have been amazing. Making UIs in Flash is fantastic!

      I'd be interested in it :)

      I like seeing "before-and-after" type things no matter what it is. Would this be more text, picture or video based? I prefer the two latter as I'm more a visual person but a good mix of all 3 would be awesome. I've always liked behind the scenes stuff so this'll be awesome.

      Good luck with it :)

        Combination of mediums. Use what is best suited for the current task. Things like developer diaries will probably be rich text + images, where as showing off features would be video.

    Mornin' TAY!

    Got some Shameless Gaming done over the weekend, including finishing Darksiders. Played some MW2 Spec Ops with a friend and discovered that that game will no longer run properly on full graphics on my computer. YAY, FAILING COMPUTER!
    Current estimates for a replacement (a decent one) are at $2100 approx., with $1000 of that coming from the GTX680 and the i7-3770k/2700K. I think I need to be more careful with my money for a few weeks...

      Are you just going to be using it for games?

        Games and video editing. Emphasis on games :D
        The video stuff isn't anything major, but it'd be nice to not have to wait an hour between jobs...

          In that case, I'll leave your i7 decision as is :p
          As for the GTX680, can I have one? PLEASE?!

          I was actually contemplating the purchase of another HD6970 on Saturday, though apparently they're supremely difficult to find, along with my particular one no longer in production :(

            Wouldn't mind getting a GTX690, but I don't have a spare $1500 and probably not going to use 3 27 inch monitors :P

              I've got 3 23" monitors currently, just waiting on the Mini DisplayPort adapter.
              The 690... oh man, the things I would do to that...

                My 3x27" say hi.

    Morning guys and dolls,
    just this week and then i am jet setting of to a foriegn land.
    This week is gonna be long on purpose . :P

      A 'foriegn' land huh? Sounds dangerous. Where are you going anyway?

        The locals pronounce it SID NEE
        it will be dangerous, so many kung fu experts and math geniuses.

          Why are you going there? Why aren't you coming to my party instead? *throws tantrum*

            I have a hot date,
            Bish doesn't know we are dating yet, but he will, Oh he will.

              Bring him on a date to Brisbane. You can give him to me for a birthday present! :P

                Asians aren't slaves in big cities strange i can't just give him to you. If you were to come to my town i could but we have different laws here.

    Dear Masha,

      Aww. Thanks Lambo. For that I will keep the clothesline at bay :-)

        Happy birthday frond have a delightfully amazing day :)

          Thank you rockets.I gather your bday is in July as well. so \o/

            Happy Birthday Potato Masha!

            For your present I'll play Dead Nation with you today :)!

              Ha Ha. Thanks Greeny. I hope you can play games with me any time not just on my bday :-)

                Happy birthday Masha! Have you any special birthday plans?

                  Not really. Being broke on your Bday kind of limits one's options. Good news though I got a free subway voucher because it's my birthday so free lunch \o/.

                  I might buy myself a game, so I'll see.

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I am Batman.

      Is this about the voice?

      Damn that voice is annoying :/

        No, no it's not. Adam Jensen's voice is amazing and sexy. Batman's voice is kind of annoying though....

        I liked Adam Jensen's voice, at least he didn't sound like he was grinding his voicebox on a cheesegrater like Batman's does.

        I'm playing it just like Batman. Non-lethal takedowns, stalking and picking them off one by one. Only thing I'm missing is the mask and cape.

      Oh man that voice, it's so awesome.

    So yeah I played a few shmups over the weekend, did some Jamestown and Ethervapor (I got to playing it Scree!) and I've been enjoying the hell out of both. So many cool explosions and bullets flying EVERYWHERE! I'd write a little review for Ethervapor once I've gotten further into the game, but so far I'm enjoying the hell out of it, with multiple different firing styles each having their own uses and gorgeous graphics at a constant 60 FPS, no chugging or jittering of any kind. :)

      If you're into shmups, Bug Princess 2 just came out on iOS. It's by Cave, so you know it's gonna be good.

        Well I always loved going to the arcade to play Raiden 2 when I was little. I don't use any iOS devices so I stick to PC. Thanks anyway though :)

    I got into a big funk over the weekend and didn't feel likep laying anything until the early AM yesterday, so I didn't get a lot of shameless gaming, but once I got rolling on Prototype 2 I was fine. I think I was jsut too bored to do anything interesting but Prototype 2 is so stupidly fun that I snapped right out of it.

    I reckon I can finish it on Hard but for the purpose of shameless gaming month I'm gonig to just finish it and chase the rest of the achievements later - I'm confident I will come back to it this time. I'm tempted to go back and finish Prototype 1, but that might be for another time. I think once I finish Prototype 2 (which I can probably do tonight), I'll surprise my wife by actually playing Alan Wake, something she has been pestering me to do for aaaages. Again, I'm going to go for finishing the story and not try to match her 1000/1000 gamerscore on it, but I think she'll be glad since it was one of her favourite games of this gen. Also, it had the featured music from Potaku a few weeks ago which is like 75% of the reason I was compelled to add it to my to-do list for this year's Shameless Gaming month. :P

    Ah the fresh scent of a new TAY. Hello gang!

    I spent most of my weekend housesitting for a friend, which meant limited gaming time and I had to take care of their dog. She was sweet, but I've learned I'm not the best with dogs. Had to raise my voice a lot because she kept barking every time I got near the back door, and instead of properly playing fetch with me she would bark at the ball and look at me until I walked over to her to throw it again.

    Suffice to say I am glad to be home again with my two cats who are very quiet. Today I hope to have another go at Skyward Sword, which I'm really enjoying so far, but I seem to be constantly having to realign the wii remote with the screen, which is actually starting to get a bit annoying.

    Anywya, next week Rocketman comes to visit! That's gonna be fun!

      I'm dogsitting currently, too! He's a vicious thing until you've been in the yard for 10 minutes, at which point he apparently loses interest. Go figure. He's got "fetch" down pat too. You throw the ball/stick/frisbee, he watches. You go to pick up ball/stick/frisbee, he watches.
      I should probably just use a boomerang, huh.

      How are the newer LoZ games? I haven't played anything after Majora's Mask, and I didn't even finish that one. LttP and OoT will forever be my favourites, I believe :D

        I think these dogs are taunting us, dude.

        I've never finished a Zelda game (got lots of shock reactions on Twitter about that) so it's all pretty new to me. I love the art style of Skyward Sword, but the motion controls are a bit picky and I can see that being a bit of a problem down the road. But I'm still enjoying it a lot.

          I've never finished one either! I almost finished Wind Waker but got distracted by another game and never got around to finishing it. I started it again and did exactly the same thing, too.

            Well, good thing it's shameless gaming month!

            Don't worry it's not as bad as the few people WHO HAVE NEVER PLAYED ZELDA BEFORE!!

            As for more recent Zelda games I assume you mean SS and TP? TP is my least favourite 3D Zelda and SS is either 3rd or 4th (swaps with WindWaker) so it's not too bad. Combat was actually challenging and a lot of fun but overall it felt lacking (still awesome though!). As for TP... Well... Yeah...

              You really don't like me Greenman :(

        I'm going to burst in with my opinion! TP is my favourite Zelda, SS comes second, OoT is third. It doesn't help that I played them in TP, OoT, SS order, and the dungeon design of OoT has not aged at all well. If it weren't for Fi being Navi levels of annoying(if not worse), I'd probably rank SS higher than TP.

    Work computer has crashed twice this morning. The normal IT person has taken the day off, meaning that it's my responsibility to fix it.

    Bugger that, I'm calling the help desk.

      Have you tried turning it off and on again?
      (I'm sorry, I'm so sorry...)

        By crashed, I mean spontaneously restarted.

        So yes.

        It did that for me. :p

          Try turning it off with a hammer. It never seems to fix the issue, but it makes me feel better about it :D

            I find that throwing it out the window will do wonders. It will stop your immediate issues from continuing.

            Just might cause a few new ones.

              I has no windows :(
              I suppose with enough force, I could throw it through the wall?

                Stuck with Linux eh?

                  Har har, I see what you did there ;)

                  No, I use windows machines, but they coop me up in the corner, under the warming, familial fluorescent glow and hum of the magic light-tubes, with naught but the company of computer components and the quoll which resides in my wall.
                  Much like at home, I guess.

    Ok, I need some help people. I have just been given a PS3 from my brother in law who was 'bored' with it, and after looking at his choice in games, I can see why!

    I need to know what PS3 exclusives are worth playing, I say exclusives because I have a PC gaming rig, and a 360 (the 360 was just for RDR and a media centre extender) and I'm sure there are some good games out there that I can't play on my PC and I want to know what they are!

    I've signed onto PSN and purchased the HD remaster of Beyond Good and Evil and am absolutly enthralled with it, but what else should I be looking at?

    -ve points for anyone that suggested NBA games or COD et al

    I really wanted the console so I could play Ni No Kuni when it comes out locally in Jan, but what else should I be looking at? I've been considering God of war and Dark souls, but am open to other suggestions!

      The Uncharted series is good value (you can get a bundle with the first and second games packed in as well). And if you don't mind anime-style, Valkyria Chronicles is an awesome strategy game.

      Can't wait for Ni no Kuni, either!

        Ok, I think someone below also suggested Valkyria Chronicles, so I'll check in on that one as well.

      Demon's Souls, Uncharted (the whole series), Journey and Ico/Shadow of the Colossus are all rather good exclusives.

      Valkryia Chronicles might be good if you're into turn based strategy RPGs.

      - Uncharted Series
      - LittleBigPlanet
      - Ratchet and Clank series

      What sort of games do you usually play?

        My PC Collection Ranges through ArmA series, to take is Half life and portal, through Bauldergate and NWN, stopping off for a breif visit to the hospital to console a friend who took an arrow in the knee, driving past Project CARS with stops for final fantasy, Assasins Creed, Sins of a Solar empire and a good SINGLE PLAYER FPS experience. Multiplayer FPS just shits me to tears now adays, back in they beta CS days it was all good, perhaps I've just gotten too old and you all need to GET OFF MY LAWN.

      Uncharteds, LBPs can be fun co-op, MGSs, GoWs, Ratchet and Clanks, Journey, Flower, Wipeout HD, Ninja Gaiden Sigmas

      Games I haven't really played but heard are pretty good: Killzones, Resistances, PixelJunk games

      Have you played the main PS2 exclusives? If not then HD Classics are obvious choices. Like Jak, Ratchet, Okami, GoW, SoTC, Ico and PoP.

      I think that covers everything :)

        Yeah, I was tempted by little big planet, I don't really see myself with enough time to use the level creation stuff, but I do like a good platformer!

      COD is a good series but mostly better on the 360 so I won't suggest it.

      Anyway good PS3 games:

      1. Ratchet and Clank:Tools of destruction
      2. Ratchet and Clank: A crack in time.
      3. God of War collection 1and 2 and God of War 3.
      4. Resistance 3

      1. Closure
      2. Flower

        Ratchet and Clank, roger that, they do look quite fun! But I'll have to finish beyond good and evil first. I'm really surprised by that game, it hooked me instantly, which is quite hard for a game these days. Probably because I'm quite jaded.

      God of War Collection and God of War 3
      All the Uncharted games (I've only played the second one, which is amazing, but I've heard the first and third are decent)
      Both inFamous games
      Heavy Rain
      Demon's Souls and Dark Souls (I know Dark Souls isn't an exclusive but still)
      Killzone 3 is a decent shooter if your into shooters. It's multiplayer's pretty fun.

        Ok, so I looks like god of war gets a look in then, also I'll check out uncharted as I do like a good action adventure!

      inFamous was excellent. Really great.
      Valkyria Chronicles is underrated and should be a system-seller.
      Uncharted is good if you're after a movie with patches of gameplay in between.

    Howdy Tayberinos

    I spent most of my weekend being social and the like, and not focusing on important things like my pineapple. I did get to ask Terry Pratchett a question via Skype, and even managed to do that without fanboying out.

    So a Monday morning question: Which fictional world deserves a modern video game treatment? I would love a living, breathing Discworld to explore.

      Oh my stars, YES!
      There was an older Discworld game for PC years ago, if I recall correctly?

        There were three- two Rincewind ones and one with new characters. I'd love an RPG where you play as a watchman, take orders from Vimes, patrol with Detritus...

          I started thinking about an RPG a few years ago, set primarily in Ankh-Morpork, with it kind of being a mash up of the Elder Scrolls style do everything, with different starting things a bit like Dragon Age Origins, but way more in depth than it ever did. It would have been glorious. Well, it was glorious, in my mind.

    Morning everyone.
    Nothing is really happening here except the only thing we have for breakfast is Weaties and they give me heart burn ;_;

    @Techie YAY! Glad you're enjoying it. Maybe try the eXceed demos also.

      I think I need glasses o.0
      I misread the first part as saying that weaties give you heat bum :s

      Perhaps it's time for a new cereal?

        I usually eat ones that are full of sugar, no problems with those =D

          I don't think I've eaten cereal (or breakfast at all) for a good few years now. For some reason, I feel ill at the thought of eating something before 11am.

          You could always go buy sugar-filled sugar cereal?
          OHHH!!! M&Ms in a bowl of milk! DO IT!

            Fruit loops, Crunchy nut and coco pops are among my favourites

      I think what's really drawing me in is the combat and the soundtrack. It's the best sountrack for a shmup I've ever heard, especially those boss battles. So much adrenaline!

      Oh yeah! I've gotten up to scene 3's boss now but still died. I like how it gives you just a little more each time you finish playing just so you can go that one step further.

        Does it? I didn't even notice. ^^;;
        From what I've heard the soundtrack is very hit and miss. Some people love it, some people hate it

          The demo didn't but the full game does, you get far enough it'll give you an extra credit, and my last try of it getting to that boss got me 3 shields instead of 2 now. Well I think the soundtrack fits the setting very nicely to be honest. When you look at Jamestown's, that's got a very army-like soundtrack when it comes to the levels and bosses have like a scary theme like a "whoa big scary monster!" vibe to it.

          The point is it's going to happen anyway, people hate it when others such as myself love it.

            I have the full game but I still didn't notice.

              You get the messages after you lose all your credits and lives just before going back to the main menu. I think the first one came after the first 2-3 attempts.

                I think because I had a debug version I didn't notice it XD

      HEY SCREE!!!

      How did your card making thingie go? You were down to 1 more card last I heard.

        FINISHED! I just have to assemble them, but I'm being lazy =P

          Woooo Lazy! Also did you get any time to play more skyward sword?

            I did, I'm up to the third trial but I keep missing the pearls on the ramps

              Cool, I remember that bit. It can get a bit tense trying to collect all the orbs while avoiding basically everything.

                Yeah, i kept missing which was making me frustrated. So i gave up =P
                I'll try again tomorrow. I think because I'm trying to avoid the sound water I keep missing it

    CLANG got funded! Accurate sword fighting \o/

    For those that haven't seen it, it's worth watching the video:

      It's a nice idea but really all he's making is an engine, and I'm wondering what it's going to cost for this custom motion peripheral that will enable his realistic 1:1 swordfighting.

      I really hope Valve or Bungie (who seem to be involved in/support of) take it and make an actual game with it. Hell, maybe they can make a Snow Crash game. Or maybe this is step one to making a proper Metaverse. Next up: truly realistic facial animations.


          Ouch. Yeah, I'll pass until there's a real game that uses the CLANG engine.

    Hi all, just thought I'd jump in and say that.

    I finished two games over the weekend so shameless gaming is ON! Stacking and Amnesia. Both great games. I suggest you play them both. Amnesia really sucked me in and as a result I was quite jumpy throughout. There were a few puzzles where I would have appreciated a bit more of a hand but apart from that I loved it.

    Next is RAGE I think then I move onto something else.

    Also I made this last night and im quite proud. Its a map of the Trials Evo world. It comprises 138 unique screen grabs and took me ages. Still looks bad in parts but its good enough.

      Holy CRAP!

      That's amazing! I wasn't even aware it was a single area!

        yeah if you go into the track editor you can see it all. Its approx 2km X 4km at sea level and every in game track was built on top of the same 'world' but with changing the lighting and locations etc ou can make it loo quite different.

    FInished Limbo on the weekend. I'm pretty late to the party on that one. It's a great game. I'm sure you've all played it but incase any of you are like me I'll rot13 this, Jura V tbg gb gur raq V ubarfgyl gubhtug gur tnzr unq guebja zr onpx gb gur svefg yriry naq gung jnf jung gur raq jnf, gung gurer jnf ab raq naq gung lbh jrer qbbzrq gb ercrng gur fnzr guvat bire naq bire ntnva sbe rgreavgl. Gura V jnyxrq yrsg n ovg naq sbhaq zl fvfgre. V guvax V cersre jung V bevtvanyyl gubhtug gur raqvat jnf tbvat gb or. Vg whfg srryf yvxr vg jbhyq unir svg jvgu gur tnzr n ybg orggre.

    Also, I was feeling nostalgic so I played some Jet Set Radio Future. Such a great game. The soundtrack is awesome. Even birthday cake, which is an awful song, is strangely catchy.

      That was the only reason I wanted an Xbox originally. JSRF was such a great game, does it still hold up?

        Yep. I actually think I'm enjoying playing more now then when I was a kid because I actually understand it a lot better. It's got some flaws that you wouldn't see in todays games, such as not being able to control the camera, but it's still awesome.

          Yeah, I must say that when I played, I had no idea what was happening.
          ...not that it mattered in the slightest. There was rollerblades, graffiti and bangin' tunes. Who cares about plot devices?!

            I LOVE JSRF! One of my favourite games of all time =D

    Damn, finally finished Albion (BlueByte Software 1995) Pretty cool RPG, thoroughly satisfied :)
    Its been on my pile of shame since about 1997. Also finished Bubble Bobble with my brother on the master system... :)

      Such a good game. I remember watching my cousin playing and just smashing everything at the start as thinking he was the best at it. Turns out he was just getting the pistol at the start, which I didn't know about at the time.

    Something that I came across last night:
    Dell 23" LCD ultra-slim monitor for $159 + postage.

      I recently purchased a 27" WQHD (2560x1440) LED monitor for $300, including expedited shipping. It's called the Yamakasi Catleap, and people over at and Whirlpool go nuts for them.

      Tempting, but I've decided that the next monitor I buy is going to have a crapload of HDMI inputs. This has one via a.... yuck... dongle.

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