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Last night I stayed up to watch the tennis — Andy Murray won, hurray — and it made me quite nervous. Lots of tense action, epic rallies, tie breakers, etc. I always wished that I was absolutely amazing at a sport — not just good but world class. So my question today is this: If you could be world class at any activity (a sport, a trade, anything) what would it be and why?

Strangely enough, despite the fact I haven't played in a while, I would still choose football. I can't help it. When I was young, I used to play all the time, and it always felt like the most 'important' sport to me. I'd watch tennis when Wimbledon was on, and I'd play golf during the British Open, but football was always this permanent fixture in my life.

So if I had to choose to be world class at anything, I'd still choose football.

What about you guys?


    you shouldn't have said anything cos now I want to write "making money" hahaha.

    Ok I've thought about it for a few minutes and I'm going to say the thing that captivating me most as a kid: Illustration.

    If I could be an amazing, well-respected comic book artist I would love it.

    I would say videogames, but then I'd be everything I hate.

    I'd like to be world class at my job of being a Liability Claims Specialist. I want "social justice" firms like Slater & Gordon, Brydens, and Shine to tremble when they see my name at the bottom of a letter. I want their Senior Counsels to hesitate before picking up a file, because they might find out they're up against ME.

    Realistically though, insurance is never that exciting.

    When you say football, Mr Serrels, do you mean soccor, rugby, Aussie Rules or Grid Iron?
    Seriously football is a very generic term that every continent, almost, has its own version of.
    For me, I want to be world class at field hockey, my chosen sport, because Australia is already an international powerhouse and it will take you to the olympics and around the world without being a household name.

      He's Scottish, he of course means the world game. Nicely disguised troll? :P

        Nah. Which football is the correct football is one of those discussions that just pops up online. Just like trying to sort out metal genres, you don't necessarily expect it to get heated but it will eventually get heated after someone makes an effort to clear up a minor miscommunication.

    I reckon being world class at being the Lord Emperor Supreme of Earth could be rather fun.

    On a more likely note, probably writing. Being able to create worlds and immerse other people in them. Making up people that others care about. Taking something familiar and making others rethink it. Basically, I'd like to be Neil Gaiman.

    Yup same here Mark. Football for me. Always dreamed of playing in Europe when I was a youngin and unfortunately at the age of 30 I don't see that dream coming to fruition anymore :P

    Ice hockey player playing in the NHL. Sucks there's no snow down here lol

    There is a DC comics character, Mr Terrific, whose 'superpower' is described as "having an natural aptitude for having natural aptitudes". Basically, he has able to rapidly learn anything he sets his mind and body to. Science, Arts, Athletics, it's no problem. I'd have that.

    If I have to go more specific, Engineering. The ability to build gadgets, write code and solve problems is massively appealing to me

    It's been a dream of mine to be a world class 3D artist, one that you look at his work and go: "that's got to be by that guy". I've been on my way to it for some time but each year that goes by I only edge closer and see so many younger than me who are so much better. But I'm not giving up, I'm just working my way up.

    NBA pro. I'd be swimming in $$$...

    Predictions for the Wimbledon semi-finals Mark?

    Kinda what Jordaan Mylonas said. Iwannabe Tony Stark :P

    But then, I'm also indecisive. I also wish I was better at piano. I wish I could write music, rather than just play it. I wish I was better at piano-accordion. Both my great uncles played it at a world-class level, and I've always admired them for it. Would be awesome to even be half as good as them.

    I wanna be I wanna be I wanna be like Mike!


    Snowboarding... unfortunately though I struggle to stand up on moving trains let alone be any good at snowboarding. I must say 1080 on the 64 fueled this desire. It was possibly the only time I was good at snowboarding. Do <3 that game.

      Heh, this reminded me of another thing. Ever since playing Unirally as a kid, I wanted to be able to ride a unicycle :P

      Sister got me one last christmas, so now I *can* ride one, just not very well. Turning is hard.

        Hahaha! Well at least we both get an A+ for effort!

    I'd have to go with Golf, it's really quite fun to play, I guess I see it as a nice way to spend a weekend also.

    Double Bass! Then I could be a standup guy.

    Playing the guitar. I can do it now but I suck at it (which I guess is kind of like not being able to do it). So yeah. I'd like to be good at that.

    If I could be world class at anything...
    It would be living as a dark lord...

    I'd be a world class golfer. Any sport that requires precision, ability, and finesse WITHOUT needing to run is perfect for me. So, lawn bowls, golf, darts, ping-pong, snooker. Any one of those.

    Not one, 'world's greatest lover' comment yet. For shame.

    Mine would be rally driving. Going sideways at 100 clicks through a gate with just inches of room on either side is just too skillful to comprehend.

    That or Zombie killer.

      No such comments because we don't need to aspire to be what we already are? 8-)

    I've always thought it would be cool to be a world class singer. But what I want most is to be one of the best game makers in the world.

    I think my dream would to be a professional rockclimber/boulder or snowboarder (more backcountry then park). I think being able to spend my life outdoors making the most of what nature has to offer would be awesome.

    Hows your climbing going with the sleep experiment? Are you doing any exercising other than your late night walks?

    F1 driver

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