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Today I want to ask the simplest of questions: who is your hero?

It's a bit embarrassing, but my hero was always my dad. Honestly. But people you might actually know? Well, I grew up as a teenager being really fascinated with Eric Cantona. Not just the fact he was an incredible football player, but the way he was: pretentious, aloof, insane. I loved that.

What about you guys and girls? Any heroes growing up? Any heroes now?


    Wikipedia kills childhood heroes.

    I discovered mine had a drug habit and 8 kids to 7 different women.

      I'm sure that there's a game to be had here.

      He just became my hero then. ;)

    Fictional: the Doctor
    Real: Jesus

      inb4 atheist trolls

        Jesus was by all reports a pretty awesome guy, regardless of whether he was actually the son of God.

        Please lets not derail this thread this by turning it into a religious flame war though.

          This. I think we can all agree that none of us were there at the time. And we should leave it at that.

      Hmmm...I think maybe "Fictional" and "Real" could be interchangable here, depending on the person. :)

        I thought the existence of Jesus was historically proven. His deeds are up for grabs.

          Shhh! Stop ruining my silliness with your rationality. :P

            Besides I was more alluding to the fact that The Doctor is real. He is, isn't he???????

              Of course the Doctor is real, otherwise we'd have been destroyed by now for sure. Can't believe Gusman would troll you like that.

                Haha :P Can't wait till I hear the Tardis noise nearby!

          You'd be wrong.

          There was a man at the time they say who's name was probably something close to Jesus.

          That's how I have always interpreted it, to be honest.

          Upfront: I'm an atheist. However, to answer Shane's specific query as accurately as possible:

          The existence of Jesus depends on which historian you talk to - a lot of the events depicted in the four gospels don't match up with other historical records (e.g. census dates don't much up), so he probably wasn't a lot like his depiction in the bible. There weren't any contemporary sources either, but that's far from unusual.

          The fact is, its a bit hard to 'prove' any specific person existed 2000 years ago - I think even most non-Christian historians work from the assumption their was a guy who was the basis of the story. You can actually say the same thing about a lot of accepted Chinese history from the same period.

    Paul Keating.

    Love him or hate him, he was awesome, and we need more politicians like that around on all sides.

      And although I didn't agree with him, at least he stood by what he said and had balls to say exactly what he thought. Not like our current PM. I think John Howard was Australia best Prime Minister.

        I'd strongly disagree with you there.

        While there have been some decent Conservative leaders in Australia, John Howard is likely the second worst ever, beaten only by Downer.

    "It’s a bit embarrassing, but my hero was always my dad. Honestly." Thats nothing to be embarrased about. It means you had a good parent!

    I wouldn't really call him my hero, but Carl Sagan helps me when i'm stressed. He really has a good way of making the simple irritations in life meaningless.

      +1 for Sagan (although your dad has a special spot in my heart too. I miss the big bear)
      Sagan was a poet who happened to love looking up.

    I've never really had any heroes as such. When I was growing up it was always kind of the hero of whatever book I was reading at the time was my hero. But now I find instead of a single hero, almost every person I connect with is my hero. I learn so much and get so much inspiration from my day-to-day contact with people.

    Wow...reading back that, it sounds kind of sappy. :P
    It's true though.

    I'm gunna go all sporty and say Adam Gilchrist (cricket). A champion on and off the field.

      Ooh, good call. Gilly is pretty fantastic.

      If we're going sportspeople then Roger Federer is the number one guy that I *admire*, but I don't think his actions affect the way I live my life or anything.

        I could watch highlights of Gilly all day. And also two people from TV i love the work of are Shaun Micallef and Jon Stewart. Both smart, funny as hell and highly underrated by popular media.

    I'm not sure I've ever had a hero or someone I've looked up to.

    Honestly I'm not sure I could even say my dad, he chose booze over his family (Although I still did spend heaps of time with him, and he was never actually a bad father, just an idiot)... I miss him terribly now that he's passed, but not because he was my hero.

    I was also very anti social growing up, I didn't watch sport (still don't), and my favourite pass times were movies and video games.

    If I had to pick someone that I looked up to I'd probably have to say Luke Skywalker....

    Definitely my Nonno (grandfather)
    If I can be a man half as decent as him, I'd be happy. Even my mum said he only ever yelled at them once when they were growing up. He still gets out and works now. He is really sick and had to go to hospital and all he kept saying was how he wrecked Easter for everybody. My Nonna is also really sick and he still looks after her.
    I named my son's middle name after him, even though it's quite Italian.

      Thinking about it a bit more, I would say that I do try my best to emulate my Grandfather, so that probably does make him my hero.

      When I was younger I was just scared of him, but as I grew older I learnt just how amazing he is. He believes that life needs to be an even balance between family, community, work, sports, and religion and has definitely followed this path:
      - He has 7 children who all still form a close knit family and get together on every family occasion (Christmas, Easter, Father's/Mother's day, brithdays, etc).
      - He was a first grade rugby league player up until he lost a leg in an accident his late 20s. Yet he would still go swimming at the beach at 6am every day until his 80s
      - He spent many years as national president of the St Vincent de Paul society, and club president of the football club he used to play for.
      - Even now, in his mid-80s, he goes out to visit the refugees in the Villawood detention centre every week, and handles religious education classes for school kids.

      He's not perfect - nobody is - but he has the conviction to try and make a difference to the world. If I can be half the man he is by the time I reach my 80s, I think I'll have succeeded in life.

    Julian Lage, cause he's sooo damn good and sooo damn young.

    And of course Chris Thile

    If you're into music in any way click those links, seriously!

    Well, I'd have to say my father as well, because basically he was the one that inspired me to have an interest in software engineering and computers from a really young age. Though, to be honest, I've never bought into the whole "hero" thing. There have just been people whose views and achievements have strongly influenced various aspects of my life and perceptions of reality.

    Mark Serrels

      I would have agreed with you if he turned out to be Superman. But I ain't having no Sleepyman as my hero.

        He does a fairly decent Clark Kent impersonation. That's good enough for me.

    Eric Cantona? Really Mark? Better stay away from you then or you might spontaneously kick me in the chest.

    I thought Saturday was your birthday, cause of the meat and all xD But instead HAPPY BIRTHDAY STRANGE!

      Oh come on seriously? I pressed reply to Strange and it does this to me...

        And I reply in the wrong article, fuck this I am too tired x.x


            I rule do I not?!

              In an efpost ad sorta did make me Lol thou :p

    Ayrton Senna was my childhood hero, and then he died
    Steve Irwin was then my adulthood hero because of his enthusiasm and passion, and then he died

    I am now scared to idolise anyone

      Idolise someone you don't like and wait to see what happens.

    RL: my Dad and Grandfather
    otherwise Dr Who (Tom Barker version)

    The heroes of my childhood were Optimus Prime and Batman. Both fictional characters. But as I’ve grown up, I’ve found many modern day heroes that I look up to.

    Christopher Hitchens, for his passion, his mind and his dogged determination to fight for the ideals that he held dear. Neil degrasse Tyson, also. I think he is a counterpoint to Hitchens in that he sees his role as an educator, not a combatant, but still brings that same passion and energy to any conversation he is a part of. One of his inspirational quotes is something that I try to live by:

    “I am driven by two main philosophies, know more about the world than I knew yesterday. And lessen the suffering of others. You’d be surprised how fat that gets you,” - Neil degrasse Tyson.

    Also, Stephen King and Matthew Reilly. Without going on a dual-writer binge in high school, I never would have started writing myself. Matthew Reilly especially. Something he said to me when I met him in graduation year also stuck with me; “Don’t ever call yourself an aspiring writer. You are a writer.”

    It’s those human beings that restore my faith in the human race that I tend to look up to.

    It tends to change, but at the moment it's comedian Rob Delaney. Very funny bloke who has an awesome outlook on life, and very intelligent in spite of his silliness.

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