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So I'm on the tram this morning, eavesdropping on casino workers. "I spent my holiday playing Xbox." "With your flatmate?" "No, not this time." So he's a repeat vacation gamer. I'd never waste a holiday like that, I thought smugly to myself. And then I remembered.

Rather more years ago than I care to recall, I took a few days off and headed north with a friend to her parents' holiday house. In theory, we were there to enjoy the surrounds. In reality, I spent most of the time working my way through the original Crash Bandicoot. And it was a great holiday. Thinking back, I've rarely felt so relaxed.

So tell us dammit — have you ever taken a holiday with the express intention of doing nothing but playing games, or found yourself drawn to your console even when other activities beckoned?

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    A good game is like a good book, people read them on holidays. Nothing shameful about it. :P

    I went to a friend's 21st down at Jervis Bay, and I spent the whole time playing EBA, and ignoring all the other people there.

    But that's not really the same thing, is it?

    In general though, no, but that's because most of my holidays tend to be to skifields, and I'm not going to spend time playing games when I could be skiing.

    Went to Mt Buller with the family skiing for 4 days last year. I had to have minor surgery that stopped me from being able to ski and since the holiday was already paid for, i bought my PS3 with me and played uncharted 1 and 2 for 4 days. I did get out and see the sights but if your at the snow your either skiing or getting drunk in the hotel room playing videogames.

    I took two months long service leave around the time that the Icecrown Citadel raid patch came out. Suffice to say, I did a lot of raiding.

    I always try to add an extra day or two of leave to holidays for gaming. I tell the missus that it's 'to rest and get back in the swing of things before going back to work' ;)

    Even weekends I spend just gaming and not sleeping. I've taken time off to play games specifically.
    Almost related: broke my wrist the day before The Burning Crusade came out. Couldn't work for 6 weeks. Didn't leave the house for 6 weeks. Didn't really leave my computer for 6 weeks. I was like Bart Simpson when he broke his leg and everyone else was outside having fun in the pool.

    In May 2010 I set off on a 1-month European vacation. But when putting in for the leave at work, I added an extra week prior to my departure.

    I spent that WHOLE week playing Red Dead Redemption. It was so goddamn awesome.

    *this is how we do it*

      sorry, the holiday was in June. I departmed like the 29th. (RDR came out... 21st I think?)

    With the ammount of time life is leaving for games at the moment, holidays are the only chance I have for games, although I haven't dedicated a good deal of time to them in a while,
    When I get a day off, however, I sometimes dedicate the day to gaming and avoiding chores.

    Repeatedly... Took time off for Halo Reach, Gears of War 3, and unintentionally for Mass Effect 2 (took the time off work, the release was coincidental)... Also taken time off for Starcraft 2, would've taken time off for D3 (but couldn't) ... kinda glad now I didn't given the first week stability.

    Also went on holiday to Port Douglas recently, Fiance and I wound up just playing Pokemon the entire time.

    I have the day booked off for fall of cybertrons release. Should have booked today off for batman but ill see it tonight anyway

    Too many years ago than I care to recall, I spent 2 weeks in a beach house playing games, and visited the beach once. In my defence:

    I was a teenager
    I had a brand new copy of "Street Fighter II" that had only just had its first console release.

    Since then I try to be conscious of my addiction and at least have a litte balance. :-P

    many years ago, back in highschool, I spent an entire weekend, barely sleeping and playing Maple Story nonstop with my then gf

    Took my Xbox up to my grandparents' farm last year to play Portal 2 on their HDTV. Still got a CRT at home. Did holiday stuff during the day and played games at night.

    I just finished a week's leave with the wife where we spent the majority relaxing with games. Was great. Done it before and will again.

    I used to repeatedly take days off in highschool with a 'cough/cold/flu/migraine/anything' and play Day of Defeat all day from about 8AM.... 5PM when parents came home I hadn't moved, expect for maybe a bathroom break haha.

    Also took two weeks off work to play Skyrim, Borderlands and COD as I'd neglected them immensley.

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