Tell Us Dammit: What Is The Worst Thing You've Done In A Video Game?

I don't know about you, but I've done some pretty terrible things in video games. Things I'm not proud of. Just the other day, in Dark Souls, I totally backstabbed a knight who gave me a whole heap of incredible items — all because I liked the look of his helmet and I wanted to practice my parries. Seriously. I am a sucky human being.

What are some of the worst things you've done in a video game?


    I've lost track of the number of torture chambers I built in The Sims when it became boring to play 'properly'.
    (BTW, if you've not already, read The Legend of Chinman

      That link is worth clicking.

      Just a warning that link gets pretty NSFW a bit further down the page :p

      That was brilliant. I've not played The Sims in such a long time.
      Also this

    Last night I killed some poor bar-man and a woman in Max Payne 3 for no reason other than to see if I could. Power, you see, corrupts....

    Every time I go to assassinate a guard in Assassin's Creed and Ezio decides to randomly stab two civilians in the head instead, I feel pretty awful.

    That's probably the extent of the horrible things I do in games - killing random civilians. I was gonna say something about killing companions in the Mass Effect series, but I never actually did that myself!

    Joining in with the Russian terrorists killing all the civilians in the MW2 level at the Russian airport. I felt so dirty after!

    I still have 3 boxes of hatched Eevees in my Pokemon Storage that never made the cut to be evolved.
    Can't release 'em to the wild because they were born and bred in captivity so will be eaten in the wild world of tall grass, so I have to forever keep them in stasis as digital data.
    It's a horrible burden.

      That reminds me of when I tried to breed Pokemon.

      Generations upon generations of incest. As soon as a new child was born that was superior to their parent, the parent was jettisoned and the child was enslaved.

        New blood joins this earth
        And quickly he's subdued
        Through constant pain disgrace
        The young boy learns their rules
        With time the child draws in
        This whipping boy done wrong
        Deprived of all his thoughts
        The young man struggles on and on he's known
        A vow unto his own
        That never from this day
        His will they'll take away...

        Dude. You've totally started your own timeline of "Unforgiven" by Metallica!;p

      Poor Eevee #34. All they ever dreamed of was to be a Flareion, now all that keeps Eevee #34 comfortable is the hope that one day that dream will come true. Dreaming for days, dreaming for months ... dreaming for years.

        Or how about Eevee #18. Every day hoping to meet their parents. Every night they dream of meeting their parents. Every night A dream of a reunion between parents and child, a bittersweet embrace. But all Eevee # 18 can do is hope. Hoping for days, hoping for months ... hoping for years.

    Heavy Rain. Jayden. A suspect's apartment. An unfortunate gun shot. Then the guilt, man. The guilt.

      I stopped playing at that point and still haven't gone back (watched my brother play instead). One of those perfect times where the game developer understands how you could accidentally panic and shoot someone and has translated it perfectly into the game.

        I felt so damn bad, I reloaded the chapter and made things right. :P

      yer :P

      As soon as his hand went into his jacket, I pulled the trigger.
      I think the sound effect they played may have been the main reason for my quick reaction.

    "What Is The Worst Thing You’ve Done In A Video Game?"

    Duke Nukem Forever: I pressed start and selected 'New Game'.

    I totally hit people with my axe in Animal Crossing....I'm so evil.

    I haven't fed my Nintendog for 7 years.

      First, Wrongly sent that little girl's father to jail in L.A Noire. the game yelled at me for 5 minutes. Felt that bad i havent played the game since.

      Second would be getting Yoshi killed in Yoshi's Story, scared the shit out of me when i was young.

      Lastly, sending that female doctor to that slavery place right after i saved her in Fallout 3. Went back and destroyed the whole business, i never ended up getting that achievement for collecting all the slaves, but i saved the doctor, took the neck clamp off and she returned back to her town. Also saved the merc in that shipwreck city that i also enslaved, though i didnt feel bad about enslaving him in the first place. Its been a while since i played so i forgotten the name of the towns and everything else.

      Oh and i havent touched my Animal crossing game in ages. All those weeds.

        i killed every one in megaton draged thier bodies to the nuke and hacked of all their limbs

    Kagero: Deception 2: Lured a knight to his death and later when his wife and child looking for him, lured them to their deaths as well.

    Trauma Center: Under the Knife.

    There's no "restart" option. If you want to start a mission over when trying to get a better score, you have to deliberately fail.

    This poor little girl, all she wanted was a new valve in her heart. I slashed her to death over and over and over again.

    She got better.

    I killed Dwayne in GTA IV.

    Dude only wanted a friend. I'm a monster.

      That was an easy decision for me.
      I chose respect over money and killed Playboy X

      The worst part is when you check your emails later, and there's one from Dwayne talking about how much he thinks you're a great guy.

        Ahh see I killed Playboy X and Francis McCreary without a second thought - yet I let Darko Brevic live. I think they made Playboy and Francis too unsympathetic as characters for me to care about them, even though the otherbrother was a junkie - I liked him better than Francis!

    Committed genocide in Sim City when I get bored. I was a wrathful, economic god.

    In the original Mafia, I would see how many car explosions I could chain together. I would pull up on a busy street, blocking traffic. Then proceed to headshot the drivers in the cars that were stopped. Then shoot the first car in the engine block until it exploded.

    And the other article about some of the things people do in Lara Croft games... yeah there were some juvenile moments. Lara an crouch/crawl on all fours. There's a butler in her house....

      Lock the butler in the fridge?
      Had to be done

    Killing a child's guardian Fallout 3 and then going back to talk to said crying child who says she is all alone in the world now etc. A smile crossed my face knowing that was because of me.

    Honourable mention to renegade option Tuchanka Mass Effect 3. Hands down my favourite part of the entire series. As someone else put it there should be a sign flashing at the bottom of the screen flashing 'you're a bastard' while that scene plays out. Seeing the consequences both immediately and a little bit later in the game were some fine moments of the stakes getting higher.

      im on my second playthrough of ME3 and doing a renegade run. holy balls i was struggling to keep playing that way after that scene. so sad

    Laughing like a maniac while coming up with new and exciting ways to execute misbehaving dwarves in Dwarf Fortress. I've created complex plumbing water flushing systems which let them fall into lava pits with great piles of water & turn them into obsidian, I've catapulted them from a tower atop the fortress at invading hordes of elves, I've created complex arenas filled with trapped trolls & other local fauna to drop them in to via strange trapdoors, I've locked them in their bedroom with a group of trained attack dogs + peacocks + livestock & waited for them to go crazy only to be eaten by their only friends.

    My favourite is to chain them up next to the archery targets & while my crossbowmen are doing their training.

    The worst thing about it is I feel no remorse at all. Stupid filthy misbehaving dwarves.

    Pretty much all of the really grey moral choices presented in Dragon Age: Origins. Every single one of those decisions was hard to make. Dragon Age 2 was a bit of alet down just because only a couple of those choices ended up mattering.

    But I think the worst thing I ever did was blowing up Megaton in Fallout 3. I felt like such a bastard.

      Oh man, some of those choices. I think at one point I broke up with Alastair and his face was the most distressing thing that I had to reload and go back on it :/

        I still think about that one choice where the kid is posessed by the demon. And my last playthrough, I was playing as a female grey-warden who was in love with Alistair. When that final set of choices came about at the end of the game... there was no way I could have had a positive outcome. I felt so bad after the credits rolled.

    Other than the story of inFamous 2, where *spoiler* you either kill every, innocent, conduit on the planet or you destroy an entire town of people, I'm a horrible person in video games.

    I've tortured and chased creatures in Reach, the Moa I hunted down an entire map, just to punch it in the face
    In Prototype I killed thousands of innocent people, just because I was bored
    Pokemon I left countless wild creatures to bleed to death or drown after deciding not to help
    I blew up Megaton

    That's just a small list of horrible things I've done in video I a horrible person?

      trust me theirs allways some one worse *maniacal laugh*

    Original Xwing... I kinda feel bad for all those people on the NebB Frigates I blew up..... I just hope that I didnt hit one on "bring you kid to work day" :(

    Jack Marsten wasn't a good samaritan like his father. He would shoot those innocent looking girls on the side of the road with a broken down cart as he rode past. His horse never even slowed down.

      My John Marsden was not so nice at times, he hogtied the nun, place for on the tracks and sat and watched her get cleaned up by a passing train. Who knew that would be an achievement, gamerscore for killing a nun.

    Melting all of the Wright children in Fallout 2 with my Gatling Laser.

    Their puny thrown rocks didn't even dent my Advanced power armor Mk II.

    In KOTOR as a Darkside character I forced Zalbar to kill Mission near the end of the game

    Well I won't count the times when I deliberately picked the "evil" option in games on a second playthrough just for the sake of doing so, I don't really think that counts - though admittedly some of the alternatives in Spec Ops are going to be tough when I go achievement hunting on a second playthrough.

    I can't think of anything I've done by choice that actually bothered me afterwards because I was a bastard for choosing to do it. I sometimes agonise over stuff I HAVE to do, but once the choice is made it hasn't had a lasting impact on me because it was just me pressing a button to progress the game's story.

    OH, wait, I just remembered one: WALKING DEAD EPISODE 2 SPOILERS FOLLOW
    I killed a guy in Walking Dead episode 2, and Clem saw me do it. I had spent the whole time being really nice and protective to her and I immediately regretted it because they really did a fantastic job of making her look crushed as her perception of me (Lee) was changed. It'll be interesting how that plays out.

    In fallout 3 I think there was a moment... **spoiler I guess*** where you have to chose to either kidnap a baby, and I mean like a 6mth old, from its loving parents, but this would save an entire group of people or leave the baby but condemn a bunch of people that were helping me to die.. I actually can't recall the story now as its been a while, but I remember looking at the options and pausing the game for about 5 minutes while i considered them. I really didn't want to make either option. Kidnap an innocent child or allow my friends to die? crazy.

    I chose to kidnap a child on the whole greater good thing, but as I walked up and picked the baby up I was seriously reconsidering my options. So hard when you are invested in a game like that.

    Not sure if that was fallout or something else now, but whatever it was, awesome.

      That was The Pitt DLC for Fallout 3, definitely.

      didnt think twice bout taking the baby i wanted to be able to drop it and use it as bait for the trogs

    Spoiler alert!!
    At the end of Spec Ops: The Line, instead of handing over my weapon & returning home with my fellow soldiers I turned my gun on them and took them all down.....Damn that just felt wrong

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