The 1980's Shooter We're Not Getting Until December 2012

In April, we showed you a game called Vektropolis, which caught my eye because it looked a lot like those awesome "future graphics" sequences from flicks like Running Man and Escape From New York.

It looked great, but then, there wasn't much to it, either. So it's lovely to hear the game has a release date (December 21) and a new gameplay clip (above).

In addition to a PC release, it should also be out on Mac in early 2013, with possible PS3, Vita and phone versions to follow.

Arriving Doomsday: Vektropolis [IindieGames]


    Needs a cool sound track a la daft punk on Tron.

    Reminds me of Descent...i miss that series.

    Coming Doomsday? Isn't that tempting fate a little?

    This one gets a solid meh from me. I'm already annoyed at the 'warning: proximity alert' and the giant numbers that pop up and block your screen, and this is just from a short trailer!

    I am pretty sure the scenes from Escape From New York were done using a model set with glow in the dark sticky tape on the edges of all the surfaces... Interesting how they did that stuff back in the day.

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