The 20 Games People Want On Ouya First

The folks behind the March 2013 Ouya console — that's the $US99 hackable Android console that has generated more than $US4 million in pledges — have been asking people which games they'd like to see on the machine.

They put up a survey and got more than 45,000 replies, according to an update on the Ouya Kickstarter page. Here are the 20 games that people asked for the most:

  • Assassin's Creed
  • Bastion
  • Battlefield
  • Battletoads
  • Call of Duty
  • Dungeon Defenders
  • Fez
  • FIFA
  • Final Fantasy
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • League of Legends
  • Limbo
  • Mass Effect
  • Minecraft
  • Need for Speed
  • Skyrim
  • Super Meat Boy
  • Terraria
  • Timesplitters
  • Torchlight

I don't see any Super Mario Bros. in there. Either the Ouya people cut it, or potential Ouya consoles owners no there's no (non-emulated) chance in hell.

They're now asking people to vote on which of those 20 games they'd most like to see.

A few days ago, Ouya was operating only on angel funding, donated money from optimistic investors, but not venture capital. The reason, Ouya CEO Juli Uhrman had told Kotaku, was because VCs were sceptical about new hardware.

The Kickstarter was presumably an effort to prove that people do want the hardware. But the Kickstarter, in generating $US4 million in pledges (in just two days), has earned promised financial backing from just over 31,000 people. If that gives Ouya enough money to make hardware, great. But game developers and publishers will only bring their games to the console if there is a big userbase. Game creators will want to be able to sell their games to more than 31,000 or even 300,000 people.

urveys like this new one today appear to be part of Ouya's next wave of crowdsourcing: the crowd-sourcing of enthusiasm, ideally generating enough to convince the makers of everything from Mass Effect to Minecraft to put their games on the box.

Of course, all the desire for Mass Effect won't break the laws of physics. This Tegra 3 console will have to have the muscle to run these games. Minecraft? Sure. One of the Grand Theft Autos? Probably not the next one.


    I want to see the RTS genre make an appearance on a console, yes its been done before but the controls were always pretty bad, hopefully with this console adding a keyboard + mouse would be easier and more supported.

      If you have a look at the kickstarter, you'll see that they've already taken this into account. In the middle of the controller is a touchpad, which would lend itself perfectly to RTS games. Playing Civ3 while lounging on the couch in 1080p on a flatscreen would be magic.

    Android game console will get the games that are... guess what.. on the Google PLAY Store..
    NOT the likes of Assasin's Creed, COD, Skyrim and Battlefield etc.
    Do I see those games manufacturers porting the likes of these top Console/PC games to yet another device NO.

      This list is so unrealistic. At the moment they have 31, 000 supported, but they'll need at least 100 times that before developers will start developing for the console specifically.

        Nobody needs to develop for this console directly, that is part of the appeal. It is a quad core Android 4 box, HTML 5 games, Flash games and android games will work on it.

    I must be getting old,, I dont see the appeal of this at all! What am I missing that's got everyone excited? Help!! Lol

      You're not getting old. I don't see the appeal in the Ouya either. :|

        the idea is that its more then just a console. Because its android based and is completely open you can do everything you could want 1080p movie streaming, gaming and all other kinds of stuff. best part is its only $119 to get it in australia. much cheaper than building a mediacentre box.

    "Ouya consoles owners no there’s no"


    RTS's would be fantastic!, it's pretty simple to set up existing android hardware as a remote, which means some fantastic controller options on your pad or phone. Not sure how far this could go using other hardware functions for a controller but the possibilities are rather fantastic.

    Not too bothered about current AAA games on the console, was hoping for more of a creative burst from all the interesting indy/solo developers. Still, can't grumble, the variety will be rather grand.

    Wonder how this will effect the Linux gaming community?, surely the leap between programming for android/tegra can't be that far from Linux/Nvidia (not too tech savvy in these respects).

    Umm, how do they plan to get the license to put these games on the console?

    The Ouya has me intrigued. It seems to fit somewhere between the pc market and the console market and I think there is plenty of room to move (just look at the excitement people had about the Valve box). Sure, the CPU seems underwhelming, but I am assuming that it will be more than capable of handling browser games. I’m assuming that there will probably be some sort of streaming service included, or at least be able to access what you would be able to access on your PC. This is $99, this is actually great value for what you are getting. As far as AAA games go, well part of the appeal of Ouya is that it’s supposed to be extremely easy to upgrade. For $200 you’ll likely get a CPU that will compete well against current consoles. So for $299 you’ll get a console that can handle AAA titles and will likely give you access to mods, user-based servers and a lot more indie titles (we in Aus don’t even have access to the xbla indie titles) and you have an interesting controller to boot.
    I’m not saying this is a must buy – people with PCs hooked up to their tv are still better off – but there is definitely potential.

      They are more then likely using an existing board from a tablet, or something that already walks off the production line into another device. By adding more bits and pieces or chopping and changing, the production cost shoots through the roof. By utilizing an existing board the printers are ready and the robots know how to build them, this cuts the price down to next to nothing. This will help them avoid what happened with the Open Pandora.

    I don't see any of those games making it onto the console. The biggest doubt I have with this is that due to its hack able nature, no big AAA publishers will support it. Sure, people may develop emulators or something to run the bigger titles but nothing official will be developed.

    Everyone's just excited to mod it and put emulators on it. This list is ridiculous. The thing will be used for piracy only.

    I'd like a shitload of indie games, please

    Assassins creed is so overrated and boring


    I voted for Portal 2 and other source based games. I'm sure this console would be powerful enough to play source games.

      my TI-83 can play source games. source engine is that awesome

    'They put up a survey and got more than 45,000 replies, according to an update on the Ouya Kickstarter page.'
    Right now there's about 34000 backers, meaning that a portion of gamers are still probably going to buy the console, either through retail or after the Ouya has launched.
    Last I heard, the console needed about 100 000 players to be taken seriously by some of the AAA games developers.

    As if a $99 Tegra 3-based console will support games like Skyrim, Mass Effect and Battlefield, the whole concept of it is to play indie games on the TV basically, among other things like streaming. Seriously, it just seems like people want a cheap 360.

    As if a $99 Tegra 3-based console will support games like Skyrim, Mass Effect and Battlefield, the whole concept of it is to play indie games on the TV basically, among other things like streaming. Seriously, it just seems like people want a cheap 360.

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