The $99 Ouya Games Console Just Hit $5 Million On Kickstarter

The $99 Ouya Games Console Just Hit $5 Million On Kickstarter

The $US99 Ouya console sure is popular. It’s already the highest funded project on Kickstarter but now it’s getting crazy, as this week it surpassed the $US5 million-mark in funding with 21 days still left on the clock.

As of right now, the Ouya project has 39,973 backers who have donated a whopping $US5,098,656. To put that in context, Ouya only wanted to raise $US950,000 in 30 days. It did that in just eight hours.

So far, 6 people has donated $US10,000 or more. It’s the highest reward tier and it gets the lucky 6 people their names and backer numbers engraved into the back of every single Ouya that ships in the first round (that’s a lot of engraving), as well as an invite to a private dinner with Ouya’s “inner circle” of game devs and designers.

By far the most popular option though is the $US99 option. 33,310 people have selected that one, and when the project is funded they’ll be getting their own Ouya console and controller before it ships to stores.

So much cash, but what is the Ouya? First of all, where have you been if you don’t know? Secondly, it’s a $US99 hackable gaming console powered by Android and designed by One Laptop Per Child designer, Yves Behar. It’s slated for release in March next year, but it’s not without issues.

Read the in-depth feature here about the potential problems posed by the $US99 Ouya.


      • I would not even be slightly surprised to see a Karaoke game – the only roadblock would be licensing.

        On the other hand, we are unlikely to see Angry Birds on it, as it is made for TOUCH controls, which if you think about it is the main issue with many gamers have with phone games (along with very simple gameplay and graphics to play on the go on a tiny screen).

        • “…we are unlikely to see Angry Birds on it, as it is made for TOUCH controls.”

          NOT true. If you click through and read the Kickstarter brief, the controllers for the OUYA actually feature a small touch pad in the middle, specifically designed for games like Angry Birds that require a touch interface to play…

    • It will be insanely easy to install Karaoke software/videos. I did something similar for a karaoke bar in the city

  • thanks for linking to the in-depth article, I’ve been looking for info because I’m on the fence at the moment.

  • I pledged $120.

    People have to realise that only because its powered by Android it doesnt have to limit itself to the constraints of a mobile platform, it doesnt have to sacrifice graphics in favor of battery life, it doesnt have to share resources with apps that run in the background so games can take full advantage of its hardware specs.

    I personally cant wait for it and to see what games and apps devs make for it.

    • I’m still cautious… Not sure how good Android games will look on a big screen. You blow up Infinity Blade and it looks like barf.

      • I think it will look just fine, if not better, but only if the games support 1080p (tablet optimized games). Some games like Shadowgun already is 1080p right?

    • +1

      It’s amazing how many people do not realise this and make uneducated comments against the console.

    • actual game and app devs are quite happy making games and apps for ecosystems that are controlled, safe, profitable, curated and well supported.

  • I would love for something like this to succeed but my inner skeptic won’t be convinced until after it proves itself. The PA Report article pretty much summed up what I was thinking about it.

  • Wasn’t there a lot of press end of last week about comments the lady in charge made that the Kickstarter funding was great, but was no-where near what they needed to make this a goer? And that they’re now using the Kickstarter activity to shop around for corporate backers?

    Just don’t remember seeing an update about that here.

    • That’s because that was a misquote and she has refuted it in detail. They may get more investors later for bigger plans like producing large quantities for sale in stores, but they don’t need any more money to fulfil KS backer console rewards.

      • That’s fair enough, but if they only have enough money to produce 35K consoles, it’s going to be DOA.

        The Nokia N97 has more active users than that.

  • I’ll be here to remind those backers of how this console failed, spectacularly! Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo must be quaking in their boots.

  • It seems like a cool idea, assuming this thing is actually built and shipping on, what, 8 mnoths time, but I don’t think it’s the thing for me.

    I’m sure it’ll make a nice toy for people who want to hack it and tinker with it though.

  • Smartphones will contribute to the casualisation of games in the long run, and so will this. I see nothing that this console could possibly offer to me that my current console or PC will offer.

  • This console is the kind of reson why the industry sucks. All there making is a PC WITH ANDRIOD ON IT STOP WASTING MONEY.

    • Really, Jagji?

      Compared to the proprietary nature and -ultimately- outdated hardware of the current gen consoles, this is a breath of fresh air. This is designed to be affordable, and I dare say not to compete with the heavy hitters immediately in terms of graphical or processing power.
      It’s simple, it’s cheap, and it’s open.

      You’re right, I personally see no need for one, but when has that stopped something from coming to fruition? If it works, this isn’t such a bad thing to happen.

  • I’m cautiously optimistic. I’m yet to see how AAA titles could possibly come to it. Big publishers would need to change their business model, and in the past they have not been very keen to let go their draconian DRM. A fully, legally hackable console may be something they will shy away from. Without those, its not going to be in the same league as the PS3/360 or their successors.

    I’m interested from a developer standpoint. I am developing games for iOS and Android and would be interested in developing games for it as well. Hopefully MOAI will add support for it.

  • I’m hoping it does well, but im holding off buying one right now because I have too many consoles right now, when i move out and need a media centre and karaoke box ill definitely get it =D

    • By adding a new incredibly small market, on a hackable device, with no word yet on store curation or discovery?… It will have a thriving enthusiast community, be happy with that.

  • I think that more noteworthy than the console hitting the 5 million mark is how long did it take it to reach it from the over 4.5 million it got in the first 4 days. After those first days, criticism started hitting hard and enthusiasm dropped overall like a rock. I’m plenty sure that it won’t reach 6 million in spite of having over the 2/3s of its ongoing duration ahead of it.

    It is extremely surprising they got this far without stretch goals. I’m plenty sure if they had a starter stretch goal of 5 million from the beginning, they would have hit it long ago.

    • I think more noteworthy than your analysis of how long it took them to reach $5 million in pledges is the fact that they’ve reached $5 million in pledges in the first place! I mean, the goal was $950,000 over 30 days… they hit $1 million in 8 hours. Even reaching $5 million is so far beyond the terms of the initial kickstarter further speculation is moot…
      I think the interesting thing now will be what they do with the technology in response to the massive amount of supporters (and, potentially, instant fanbase)…

      • But you misunderstand me. We all already marveled at how they raised 4 million in a few days. 1 million more in 7 days is not much of an achievement next to that and it’s telling of the point I was trying to communicate.

  • I hope you people know that the Ouya’s spec are no where near that of the PS3 or the Xbox360.

    Stop counting the cores and the GEEBEE’S of RAM.

    A discrete GPU is the vital component when building a gaymen system.

  • Does anyone feel a bit weird that a console has raised over $5M from the public, and yet there are so many other causes out there that desperately need help.

    I really don’t want to be ‘That guy’ at all, but it just struck me as a huge amount of money to be raised so quickly for a console.

  • i don’t know if anyone here has ever heard of Wizard101 (popular family game) but if you have do you think the Ouya may have games similar to it?

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