The Awkward Charms Of A 1984 TV Show About PC Gaming

This is an episode from Computer Chronicles, a dusty old TV show about...computers. This one is all about games, and features appearances from guys like Atari legend Chris Crawford, EA founder Trip Hawkins and even a guy from Activision.

What's great is that, being a show that's normally about computers anyway, it doesn't have the same simplified (some may even argue condescending) tone you'd find in most reports from the time on a mainstream media program.

1984 TV Show about Computer Games [YouTube, via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    omg i played that space sim I forgot it till now

    Hearing these guys talk is great. Everything they're getting passionate about would get them fired today. The president of EA talking about how creativity and new ideas are the key to the future is priceless.

    used to watch this show all the time until late 90's

    stay for the very last news story, hilarious robot bartender story

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