The Best Horrible Instruction Booklet The Sega Saturn Ever Saw

From what I remember, the 1990s were a good time. We didn't really have the internet then, but we had good music, good movies, and good video games. This isn't about any of those — especially the good video games bit. It's about a Sega Saturn booklet that is so awful, it's awesome.

The game is Hop Step Idol, and it's an idol simulator for female gamers. As a producer at a talent agency, you rear your hunky idols. That's right, it was like a female version of Namco's Idolmaster idol simulator way before there was ever an Idolmaster.

Hop Step Idol was done up in that late 1990s style of Japanese anime — a style that I like and that, in game, looked a million times (well, not a million times) better than its charmingly awful instruction booklet.

1997年には既に「女性向けのアイマス」が出ていたことが判明! [はちま起稿]


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