The Best Part Of Waking Up Is A Super Nintendo In Your Cup

This "Super Nincoffee Jr" case-mod won't brew you the perfect cup of coffee, but apparently it will play Super Nintendo Games.

This appears to be the creation of a kid named Tyler and his father. Yes, I scoured it for clues that this could be a trick, that some other console playing Super Mario All-Stars could be hooked up to the TV off-screen. But back in January, the duo made a full-strength "Super Nincoffee" in which they show more of their work — including the difficulty they had in finding a good location for the console's reset button. That feature was solved in the slimmed redesign of the Super Nincoffee Jr — whose carafe was glued onto the hotplate.

Pretty neat father/son project. When Tyler turns 21, I expect him to build a Kegorator PS2.

Originally seen via Video Game Headquarters of Springfield, Ore.


    but it doesn't make coffee -_-
    That would be the whole point of having a coffee machine console, so you can do both at once. Same concept as the reclining toilet chair, so you can take a dump in style while watching TV.
    Still, kudos and awesomeness but it had so so so much more potential

    This is what happens when parents don't buy their children new consoles.

    But it does not make coffee? This make it such an amazing waste of time.

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