The Brilliant Game Of Thrones Mod Gets A Very Wildling Update

It's not like I wasn't in love with Crusader Kings II enough as it was, but ever since the wonderful Game of Thrones mod for the grand strategy title turned up, it's been destroying my social life.

Having been first released in May, a major update has just been made that not only fixes a bunch of bugs and crashes (the mod is still in beta, remember), but also introduces playable Wildlings, and a beefed-up Night's Watch to combat them.

A few less exciting changes were also made, including some improvements to the mod's visuals and the addition of a few new quests.

[RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v0.2 [The Citadel]


    The game and mod are excellent but certainly aren't for the light harted.

    OK I think I'm going to have to get this game in steam now

    I couldn't get version 1.0 of this running with my steam version.

    I've literally played this non-stop for days.

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