The Dark Knight Trailer Recut Using Footage From Batman: The Animated Series

I guess Batman Week is more or less official at this point, huh? In an effort to prove the unending amazingness of the internet, the folks at Hub TV have recut the entire Dark Knight trailer using nothing but footage and voice-over from the classic Batman: The Animated Series. It's a promotion for their upcoming Batman: TAS marathon this Friday.

How in the world? I guess when a show is on for as long as that one was, there's a chance that all of those lines are going to get spoken. Still... this is pretty darned cool.

[Thanks Matt!]


    Wow! Can't believe those lines are actually spoken!! Would be great with a side-side comparison of the actual trailer too.

      There not. I first thought that but Bane has a spanish accent in the show

    Wait, Matt sent that?

    man i loved that show... series are like $8 on itunes too!

    I think you'll find that's the Dark Knight Rises trailer, not the Dark Knight trailer.

    OK. It freaks me out that all those lines arwe in the tv series. But the scene where the gridine field blows up - Thats in the animated series. WTF!

    Looks like they got the VAs to record new lines for the promo. I think some of the footage has been edited too. The football field collapsing definitely wasn't in the show.

    Still, nice job.

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