The Day Z Fight For Survival -- The Recruiter's Perspective

If you haven't checked out yesterday's post 'An Innocent DayZ Bus Ride Turns Into A Fight For Survival', then you totally should. It details a crazy experience where a player is 'recruited' into what is seemingly a community led refugee camp within the game. The 'recruitment', however, is actually for a brutal Thunderdome-style 'two men enter, one man leaves style' battle to the death. The above video shows things from the recruiter's perspective. If you wanted to know how these guys recruit their victims, then you have to watch this.

Man, this game. It looks amazing. I'm ashamed to say I haven't actually checked it out yet, but these videos have tempted me more than anything I've read/seen about the game so far.

Thanks Lev!



    Its people like this that make the game brilliant. Where some people may see trolling, people like myself see true immersion and creativity :D Well done guys!!!

    What is that song from in the beginning of the vid? too late

    I been playing it for a few weeks now, hard to get on a server with good ping, but once your on its one of the best Zombie Apocalypse games ive played, NIGHT is NIGHT!, GUNS are NOT RECOMMENDED! and RUNNING is KEY!...well thats just some of the aspects!

    WOLFCREEK the movie. Laughed so hard even though it's SICK, SICK, SICK!
    Scarier than any zombie attack. BRAVO

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