The Dorkly Weekly: This Is Why You Don't Invite Doctor Eggman To Your Wedding

Sonic finally mustered up the courage to make a proposal to Amy, and friggin' ol' reliable Robotnik comes in to ruin the event.

Come on, Eggman. Even after that heartfelt, slightly cheesy speech, you're still gonna cause havoc? Well, yeah. Cause he's the villain after all.

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    stop posting dorkly videos. they are unfunny, annoying and completely unrelevant to videogame news

    then again, so is all of tina's other articles

      Oooooo! Them's fighting words!

        ok. go away

        woops that was for jason

      I enjoy them, so, shut up!

        Same here. Don't like em? Don't click on em!

    pfft as if sonic would do that

    "Don’t Invite Doctor Eggman"

    ...I hate those born after Sonic came out. They have no idea of the difference between the two.

    EVER SINCE 1991:



      Not anymore, Certifiable. Eggman is now canonical everywhere, and has been for some time. Dorkly actually got this one right.

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