The Dorkly Weekly: This Pokémon Journey Begins With A Bad Decision

Today marks the debut of a new Dorkly original series, Pokémon Rusty, in which a brave would-be professional pet owner sets off to catch 'em all with his trusty Kakuna at his side. True Pokémon fans are falling over laughing at this point.

For those of you not in the know, Kakuna is a transitional state between Weedle and Beedrill, with a power set that should make it pretty much impossible for Rusty to catch anything at all. Its one power — Harden — is purely defensive. It couldn't hurt a Venonat.

Oh just trust me, this is funny stuff.

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    Actually, that was kinda funny. Not ultra funny, but funny.

    it's not as funny/smart/memorable as their other ones :(

    Can't Kakuna, and Metapod for that matter, learn tackle?

      Kakuna/Metapod don't learn anything until they evolve to their final form. If you evolved them then they will know tackle from their previous evolutions, but not if you caught 'em.

        Kakuna can actually know Poison Sting, String Shot, Bug Bite and Harden. Metapod is pretty much the same except with Tackle instead of Poison Sting.

        With the right items backing it up, it can actually make it through the game perfectly fine. But guess that would ruin the hilarity of this whole post.

    I hope they have enough jokes to last them a series.
    That said, I enjoyed this like I enjoy all their originals.

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