The Final Fantasy VII's PC Re-Release Won't Have Microtransactions

The upcoming PC re-release of Final Fantasy VII will not use any sort of microtransaction-based system, publisher Square Enix told me today.

Last week, when Square Enix announced the upcoming Final Fantasy VII re-release, the company said it would introduce a new feature called the Character Booster that allows players to boost their characters' stats and finances "all with the simple click of a button".

The vague wording led many reporters — myself included — to speculate that it could use some sort of microtransaction-based system. So I reached out to Square Enix for clarification.

"No, the Character Booster will not cost real money to use," a Square Enix representative told me. "We'll have final pricing info on the game to share soon, but we can confirm that there will be no microtransactions for the upcoming rerelease of Final Fantasy VII on PC."

There's no release date for the upcoming game yet, but Square Enix has said it will also include achievements and cloud saving. Feel free to insert your own joke about cloud saving and/or Aeris saving and/or Cloud cloud saving.


    Doesn't require real money... Gives in game money... Uses in game money yo give in game money... Some kind of 100% win poker machine?

      ...maybe they're officially supporting the W-Item duplication?

      Perhaps there will be two editions of the game for sale, one that costs more and boosts your levels?

    Any word on whether or not it'll be on Steam?

      I read this on the escapist article "It also states that the new release will only be available from the Square Enix store, quashing rumors that the reboot might be coming to Steam."

      But I don't know how official that is.

        Didn't the first hints that it was even being released come from some Steam files?

          I will get it either way, but I do hope it lands on Steam, I like having all my stuff centralized as much as I can.

    Simply put if they release it on steam with any type of non intrusive graphics upgrades I will buy it. Even though I own the origonal pc version.

    It won't have microtransations? I thought we knew this.

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